Lab Mania

Lab Mania was a part of the Science Symposium held in the school, on 26 July, 2019. The students from classes VI-VIII put up a comprehensive range of scientific experiments, such as the elephant's toothpaste, the lava lamp, etc,. This gave them a hands on experience of what they study in the classrooms. The competition was judged by the faculty of science department of the school. It was an enriching experience for all the students.  The results were as follows:

First Position: Pragati House

Aadya Chawrasia & Kumantham Pathoba- VII, Rishi Bihani, Aditya Ojha, Aairah Usman & Soumil Garg- VIII

Second Position: Shanti House

Suhaan Raza, Md. Aleem Baba & Rudra, Parv Khuranna, Suyash Tripathi & Md.Ayaan- VIII

Third Position: Ekta House

Areeba Suhail, Angad Singh, Vedant Sharma, Akanksha, Divjot & Arnav

Scientific Shutter

Scientific Shutter was also a part of the Science Symposium held in school on 26 July, 2019. Participants from classes XI and XII, were faced with the challenge of incorporating their photography skills with the environment. The objective was to display scientific phenomenon, through the photographs. There was a wide variety of photographs presented, with equally expressive titles.  The results were as follows:

First Position: Shakti House

Om Sharma- XII

Second Position: Pragati House

Dewaansh Diwan- XII

Third Position: Shanti House

Pratham Dahara- XII

Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Machine was a part of the Science Symposium held in the school on 26 July, 2019. The objective of this competition was that students had to construct a working Rube Goldberg machine, an innovative machine which performs simple tasks in indirect and innovative manner. This competition brought about the creativity of the students on top. They were judged on criterions like complexity, number of steps, execution, etc., The results were as follows:

First Position: Shakti House

Parth- VI, Raghav, Archit & Ridhimma- VII, Shivangi & Pari-VIII

Second Position: Shanti House

Agastya Pradhan, Puranjay, Kairav Dixit &Samarth Saini-IX,  Dhruv Khanna, Lakshika Khurana & Vidit Om- X

Third Position:  Ekta House

Sindhushree Chowdhury, Khumanthem Catherine, Sarah Anwar, Ojas Shrivastava & Himani Madaan, Ahad nadeem & Aarush Agarwal- X

Radio Talk Show

The Radio Talk Show was held in  school on 22 July, 2019 for classes XI-XII. The students in a team of 8, were required to present a Radio Talk Show on the topic 'An inside scoop into the world of Indian celebrity culture'. The students were judged on their take on today's celebrity culture and how it sought to have an impact on them in particular and the wide population in general. The students presented prolific views on the same. They were judged on factors like, spontaneity, relevance to the theme, etc,. The results were as follows:

First Position: Shanti House

Lavanya Chetal & Akanxi Kushwaha- IX, Kalyani Jagadale,  Rohit Shukla & Dhruv Khanna- X, Sanya Malkotia & Dhruv sharma- XI, Pratham Dahara- XII

Second Position: Ekta House

Kunal & Samarth Rungta- IX, Hritik Verma & Rayma Wadhwa- X, Ayushi Gulati & Ayeesha Khan- XI , Sejal Juneja & Isha Kaushik- XII

Third Position: Shakti House

Latika Usmani,  Deeksha Pandit,  Swapnil Shrivastava,  Shahun Gupta,  Vidhi Chaudhary &  Baneet Pukhrambam- X, Arnav sharma & Devak upadhyay- XII


The Inter House Quilling competition for classes VI-VIII was held on 7 May,2019. The topic for the competition was ‘Flora and Fauna’. The participants had to create quilling projects on the given topic. Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The participants created beautiful projects and were judged on creativity, visual impact, technique and use of colours. The results were as follows:

First Position: Shanti House

Paarth VI A , Urjit Jetly VII D, Sahsaan VIII D

Second Position: Ekta House

Binish VI C, Kultar Kaur  VII D, Akanksha Mandal VIII A

Third Position: Shakti House

Aditi Bansal  VI D, Sehej Juneja  VII B, Jiya Rajwani  VIII C


The Inter House Board Designing competition for classes IV-XII is held every month. The topic for the month of May was ‘May: The International Month of Mental Health Awareness’. Mental Health Awareness Month (also referred to as "Mental Health Month") has been observed in May in the United States since 1949, reaching millions of people in the United States through the media, local events, and screenings. The houses were expected to spread awareness about mental health in creative and unique ways through their boards.  They were judged on creativity, originality, and relevance to the topic. The results were as follows:

First Position: Shanti House

Second Position: Ekta House

Third Position: Shakti House and Pragati House


The Inter House Comic Strip Designing competition for classes IX-XII was held on April 16,2019. The topic for the competition was ‘Wars, Politics and Superheroes’. A comic strip is a sequence of drawings, either in color or black and white, relating a comic incident, an adventure or mystery story, etc., often serialized, typically having dialogue printed in balloons.  The participants used the comic strips to narrate a short story, or to display brief humour related to the given topic. They were judged on creativity, skills, neatness and conceptualisation.  The results were as follows:

First Position: Shanti House

Kanak Gussain XII A

Second Position: Ekta House

Ashween Kaur Malhotra XII B

Third Position: Ekta House and Pragati House

Isha Kaushik XII A, Janhvi Singhal  XII C


The Inter House Word Power competition for classes VI-VIII was held on 23rd April, 2019. Participants were adjudged on their linguistic and vocabulary skills. The competition consisted of 5 rounds. The power of words is well known to everyone, but learning new ones is not always easy. So, the competition helped the participants as well as the audience to enhance their vocabulary. The results were as follows:

First Position: Shanti House

Purvi Gupta VIII A, Parv Khurana VII C, Daksh Chauhan VII A, Tia Gupta VIII B

Second Position: Pragati House

Pritish Gupta VII C, Harshita Ahuja VII C, Kritika Gupta VII D, Jiya Gandhi VII A

Third Position: Shakti House

Harshita Gupta VIII C, Jini Pukhrambam VII C, Srishti Karkara VIII C, Jaza Wani VIII C