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Trips & Picnics

A Visit to Lodhi Garden by students of class Kindergarten on December 13, 2016

A Visit to Bal Bhavan by students of class II on September 16, 2016

Educational Trip to Qutub Minar by students of Class V on September 15, 2016.

Educational Trip to Places of Worship by students of Class II on September 14, 2016

A Visit to Lotus Temple by students of Class Nursery

Visit to Quila – e – Mubarak (Red Fort) by the students of class VII on 19 April 2016

Visit to Firoz Shah Kotla by the students of class VI on 12 April 2016

In an endeavour to supplement the teaching-learning process, students of Class VI were taken for a heritage walk to Feroz Shah Kotla on Tuesday, 12 April 2016. The facilitator from ITIHAAS briefed the students about the fort, the mosque, the construction pattern of the baolis, the Ashoka pillar and various other parts of the city ‘Ferozabad’ before taking them for a walk through the ruins of the same. Students asked interesting questions pertaining to the architecture of the fort, language and means of transport and communication in those times. The facilitator also shared valuable information about the ruler Feroz Shah Tughlak, his personal habits, hobbies and interests and also about the lifestyle of people 550 years back. Students penned down their views and experience in the worksheet provided to them. Overall, the walk ignited curiosity among students and enhanced their knowledge with some lesser known facts about the heritage of Delhi.


Visit to Mozambique for IFLC 2016 from 22 March to 27 March 2016

Muskan Arora a student of class XC, Tagore International School, East Of Kailash represented India at the 14 th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) 2016, the largest and most prominent organization for promoting world languages and cultures. Muskan was accompanied by her teacher, Ms. Mamta Sinha.

IFLC is an organization dedicated to cultivate and educate the youth and create a platform to share their cultural heritage with their peers around the world. The programme was organised at Mozambique between 22 March, 2016 and 27 March, 2016. It gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in presenting the culture and traditions of their respective countries. Muskan Arora’s performance on the Hindi song ‘Des Rangilla” was well appreciated by everyone there.

The weeklong programme saw over 14 countries participating in the festival. Young people from all over the world had a unique opportunity to come together and share their cultures. The festival gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in presenting the culture and traditions of their respective countries. Students tried to engage with the visitors and the local community through initiating and participating in social, cultural, and educational activities. It was indeed one of the most enjoyable experiences for the participants because it gave them an opportunity of exchanging their cultures and build relationships. The children of the participating countries also visited the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Sports for their good wishes.

The hospitality of the natives of Mozambique and organizers of IFLC touched the hearts of all participating students. It was an experience of its kind that could not be ever forgotten.

An Educational Art Trip to Mandawa Shekhawati on March 24, 2016

Seven students of Tagore International, East Of Kailash, accompanied by the Art teachers, Ms.Anju Jetly and Ms. Kavita Chopra went for an art trip to Mandawa.

A visit to the Poddar Museum (a haveli converted in a museum), in Nawalgarh gave the team a chance to acquaint themselves with one of the best specimens of Shekhawati’s art and architecture. An interaction with Mr.Bhairun Lal Swarnkar, an acclaimed miniature painter and a recipient of an award by the President of India, taught the team about the technique of making natural colours and the art of the restoration of work. On their way back, the team visited the Nawalgarh fort and clicked pictures there. A cultural program in the evening specially arranged for the team by the hotel staff was the added attraction for all that evening.

On the 27th, the team left for Fatehpur to visit the Haveli Nadine Le Prince, Cultural Centre and Art Gallery, bought and restored by a French artist, Nadine. Students from all over the world flock there to paint and explore the local culture. At the haveli the team was guided by Mr. John an artist and caretaker of the haveli, students asked him questions regarding the restoration work and the history of the place. The team interacted with the French students working there and sketched and photographed the beautifully restored paintings. They also visited the art gallery for some beautiful paintings and sculptures created by Nadine and the visiting artists. On the way back to Mandawa the team enjoyed the dramatic landscape of the desert and captured the local flora and fauna in their cameras. The same evening they went to see frescos encrusted with Belgian glass and painted in real gold .The students clicked pictures of the sunset from the haveli. The team finally left for Delhi soon after dinner. The trip was indeed a learning experience for one and all.

An overnight trip to Jaipur by the students of Class III from March 11 to March 12, 2016

Students of class IV enjoyed their trip to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Fatehpur Sikri from 11 March to 12 March, 2016

A Nature Walk experienced by the students of class Nursery on February 26, 2016

An educational trip to Lodhi Garden by the students of Class Kindergarten on February 26, 2016

A trip to Children's Park by the students of Class Nursery on February 25, 2016

An educational trip to Qutub Minar by the students of Class VIII on February 18, 2016

An educational trip to Craft Museum by the students of Class I on February 12, 2016.

Students of class I went for an educational trip to Crafts Museum on February 12, 2016. They saw different crafts work on the walls of the museum. There were many types of handicraft things available for sale. People in crafts museum were doing craft work which children saw. Indian craft work, wooden carvings, paintings, mud huts with painted walls and thatched roofs were the things that add to the rural ambience of the place. They enjoyed seeing all this. After that they went to a park where they had their lunch. The trip was exciting and fun-filled for students as well as teachers.

An educational trip to Qutub MinarI by the students of Class 5 on February 10, 2016.

The students of class V went on an educational trip to Qutub Minar on 10th Feb 2016,Thursday. The students were briefed about the history behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site monument. They enjoyed being around the tallest tower in India and the world’s tallest brick minaret. The intricate urdu writings, architecture and construction that began in 1193 AD under India’s first Muslim ruler Qutb-ud-din Aibak was liked and appreciated by all. The Qutub Minar is notable for being one of the earliest and most prominent examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. The students enjoyed the tranquil surroundings and visual appeal of the several ancient and medieval ruins of the Qutub Complex. The trip came to an end with a lunch in a near-by park.

An educational trip to The Deer Park by the students of Class II on February 10, 2016.

The students of class 2 were taken to 'The Deer Park' on 10-02-2016. The students got to see the deer, peacocks and rabbits there. They had lots of fun spending time together , sharing their tiffins and also got sensitised toward taking care of animals and the environment.

An educational trip to National Museum of Natural History by the students of Class IV on February 9, 2016

Class IV visited the National Museum of Natural History on 9th February 2016. The museum introduced the students to natural history, ecology and environment with plenty of examples from nature and various aspects of conservation of forest, wildlife, land, water and air. This museum also has a large collection of stuffed animals and birds. Naturally it was an appropriate place for an educational trip for the students of class IV. The museum provided useful information to the students and were sensitized to explore nature, motivated to bring out creative talent and introduced to a sense of enquiry and scientific outlook.

An educational trip to Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum by the students of Class VII on February 3, 2016.

The students of class VII went on an educational trip to Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum, New Delhi, on 3 February, 2016. They learnt about the life of Mahatma Gandhi through different pictures. Also, they saw a movie on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It was an informative trip and students enjoyed a lot.

An educational trip to Nehru Planetarium by the students of Class III on February 3, 2016.

The students of class III went for an educational trip to Nehru Planetarium on February 3, 2016. The students saw the pictures related to Jawaharlal Nehru's life, the clothes worn by him and the gifts received by him from the people of different countries during his visit to those countries. They gathered lot of information about Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and enjoyed a lot with their friends.

An educational trip to HT Press, Noida by the students of class XI on December 16, 2015

The students of class XI B, went for an educational trip to HT Press, Noida. It was very informative trip and the students learnt many new things. The HT Press not only prints newspapers but also different magazines. A few of the interesting things that the students got to know was that the data to be printed on the newspapers is first printed on an aluminium plate through a machine called CPT, i.e. Computer to Plate and only four basic colours i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black are used in the printing process. The paper rolls used in the printing process have around 40,000 sheets attached to them and with a help of a pasting machine new paper rolls are attached to each other so that the printing process doesn’t stop if the paper roll gets finished. Since the newspapers are joined to one another, there is a machine which cuts and separates them. Another fascinating thing that at the end of the machines, there is a lens which counts the newspapers printed and separates them into groups of fifty each. The educational trip, though short, was a great learning experience for all the students and the students enjoyed it a lot.

An educational trip to National Bal Bhawan Museum by the students of Class I on December 2, 2015

Students had a lot of fun watching different activity rooms like Painting Room, Paper Room, Wood Craft Room, Mud Room, Aquarium Room. The students shared a good laugh at the 'Magic Mirrors’ section. The sight of fishes in the aquarium made students ecstatic. The Solar System model helped raise inquisitiveness in the students. The toy train ride drew the excursion to a close.

It was a day filled with fun and frolic for the students.

An educational trip to the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art by the students of class IX on December 1, 2015

The students of class IX-A from Tagore International School went to an educational trip on December 1st, 2015 to Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Saket. The students were guided by Rajshree Gupta, their museum guide for the visit. The first fascinating sight that met the students’ eyes was an artwork by Manisha Parekh done on a jute sculpture on an orange coloured wall called “Murmur”. The students then witnessed the works of Seher Shah, Hema Upadhyaye’s bird eye view of a place called “Dharavi” in Mumbai, the Wooden Carpet by Sudharshan Shetty, Sculptures by Himmat Shah and the works of Nataraj Sharma on the theme ‘construction’. The students attended a workshop in the museum where they were told about the art form called “Warli”.

An Educational Trip to the Jantar Mantar by students of class V on November 24, 2015

The students of class V got an opportunity to visit Jantar Mantar, an observatory built to accomplish scientific purposes at the time when high performing, result oriented modern day instruments were nowhere in sight. It was an enriching trip for inquisitive minds. Students showed immense interest in the open air laboratory made by Maharaja Jai Singh and were surprised to know the importance of thee instruments made with stone and marble.

An educational trip to the Neighborhood Services by students of class II on November 23, 2015

An educational trip was organized for class 2 students to show the neighborhood services- The Fire Station and The Post Office. At the fire station they were shown the working of a fire brigade and the students had an interactive session with the officers on duty. After that they were taken to The Post Office, where they saw the working of various wings, performing different tasks.

An educational trip to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum by students of class IV

Students of class IV visited the “Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum”. The trip was filled with excitement as the students got an opportunity to witness a special cultural programme to commemorate her 98th birth anniversary. The children enjoyed watching a short exhibition that was organized to pay tribute to this Iron Lady who is an icon to women, not just in India, but all over the world. It was a trip with loads of interesting facts and findings.The children walked around galleries silently in awe, carefully observing the personal memorabilia of the late leader and saw a short film on her life.

A Visit to Post Office by students of Kindergarten on 6 November 2015

On 6th November 2015 K.G. went for an educational trip to the post office near Sri Niwas Puri. Children visited the post office and saw how letters are mailed, parcels are packed and stamped . They saw the letter box, post man and the logo of the Indian Post. They enjoyed the educational trip and it was really a learning experience for them .

Trip to Hyderabad - Ramoji Film City Tour

A group of seventeen students (classes VII & VIII) accompanied by Ms. Jayalakshmi and Ms. Shikha Shah (Computer Teachers) went to Ramoji Film City Hyderabad during Dussehra Vacations from Oct 23,2015 to Oct 26,2015. Ramoji Film City is a theme park. . They saw various film sets and parks at Ramoji. They also got chance to meet famous Director Mr. Rohit Shetty at ‘Dilwale’ film set.

Trip to Chail
Trip to Padampuri
Itihaas Walk (Purana Quila)
Astronaut Training Experience at Kennedy Space Center at Orlando, Florida, USA (NASA Tour)


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