Screen Addiction – A New Age Challenge
Date: 27th October 2018
Resource Person: Dr. Yatan Pal Balhara
Participants: Parents of classes VII, VIII & IX
Venue: Audi 1
Dr. Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, Psychiatrist and Associate Professor in Psychiatric department, AIIMS has been working in the area of substance use disorders for the past 10 years. He has also been associated with ‘Behavioral Addiction clinic’ related to ‘Internet Addiction’ among young generation.
Dr. Balhara discussed about how students who are glued to internet and social media can slip into serious psychiatric issues and might require help. He highlighted how addiction can be prevented, identified and treated.
It was a highly interactive session where parents addressed their queries to the expert.
SPACE Explorers Workshops 

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Workshop on “Child Abuse and Sexual Violence- Inter Personal and Digital World”
Date:  31st August ’2018
Resource person: Ms. Tanvi Khurana, Judge/Secretary, DLSA, South-East, Saket Courts
Participants: Students of Class X, XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)
An awareness-cum-sensitization programme was conducted and Ms. Tanvi, Judge at Saket Courts and Secretary, DLSA South East addressed the students.She introduced the topic of sexual abuse through lectures, PPTs, Videos etc. She spoke about different types of abuse like Emotional and Physical abuse. She also talked about stalking, eve teasing and dating violence. The provisions and protections provided to children under the POCSO Act were explained.
Ms. Khurana also warned the students about not disclosing too much information on social media as it leads to cyber bullying and cyber violence. At the end of the programme, students addressed their queries. Overall it was a very informative workshop, in which the children enthusiastically participated.
 Workshop on Story Maps
Date:  31st  August 2018
Resource person: Ms. Dipti Chawla
Participants: Students of Class VIII, IX and X
Venue: TIS, EOK (Computer Lab.)

The speaker for the session Ms. Dipti Chawla, was from an organisation called ESRI, Delhi NCR.  ESRI has an online tool, ArcGIS software, which is used for creating maps. Students were taught how to use this tool. ArcGIS is a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information. It is used for creating and using maps, compiling geographic data, analyzing mapped information, sharing and discovering geographic information, using maps and geographic information in a range of applications,


All India Asteroid Search Campaign , a unique and exclusive international platform created by SPACE  for Indian students and amateur astronomers across India since 2010.
SPACE  conducts this campaign across India as the coordinator, in association with International Astronomical Search collaboration(IASC, Hardin-Simmons University, Texas, USA).
Under this campaign, participants get exclusive access to images of the sky taken at observatories and analyze the data with specialized software provided during training to look for asteroids. Objects reported by students could be potential discoveries. All observations contribute to the Near Earth Object (NEO) data compiled by NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Students get the exciting opportunity to work with professional astronomers, get access to real astronomy data and are exposed to research in this field, all of which is usually only available to post graduate students.
Aruni Kumar Jha of class IX-D and Kriteesh Madan of class IX-D participated in the programme from July 6 and August 3, 2018 and have successfully made three preliminary discoveries. Preliminary discovery is the first observation of asteroids found in the main belt located between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.
Students have been awarded certificates.
“Cyber Crime and Cyber Addiction”
Date:  6th August, 2018
Resource Person: Dr. Yatan Pal Singh Balhara and Inspector Rajeev Kumar
Participants: VIII, IX & X
Venue: Audi 1

For youngsters the internet offers entertaining and informative escape, but too often they forget that online world has the same risk as the real one, hence to spread the awareness towards the safe internet usage, a session was organized for students to enhance their existing knowledge about cyber etiquettes and cyber crime.

The key speaker for the session was Dr. Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, Psychiatrist and Associate Professor in Psychiatric department AIIMS. He is closely associated with a project “Behavioral Addictions Clinic” (BAC) related to “Internet Addiction” among the young generation. He guided students how to prevent and control addiction to internet games and social media. He also highlighted the impact of internet on today’s youth.

Inspector Rajeev Kumar, presently heading District Cyber Cell for the South also addressed the students and provided them valuable information on cyber safety. He discussed various situation and incidents where students need to be cautious.    

“Sexuality Education”
Date: 1st August, 2018
Resource Person: Ms. Jaya Aiyappa
Participants: Parents (classes VI & VIII)
Venue: Audi 1

The key speaker for the session was Ms.Jaya Aiyappa. A counsellor, corporate trainer, sexuality educator she is a post- graduate in Social Work from the Delhi School of Social Work. She practices the humanistic and cognitive -behavioural approaches of counselling, enabling people to deal with their various interpersonal, intrapersonal and emotional issues. With more than 2 decades of experience under her belt, she is an expert in her field. Some of the areas she specializes in include marital/relationship counselling, adolescent issues, workplace issues, stress, parenting, premarital, sexuality counselling etc. She has worked extensively with a number of NGO’s where she strengthened her skills in counselling and understanding of human behaviour. As a trainer Ms Aiyappa has conducted workshops for schools, colleges and corporates on a number of topics including life skills, relationships, sexuality, pre-marital awareness, behaviour skills and self-growth.

The session provided the parents a glimpse of the information that was planned to be shared with the students in the following sessions, their queries were answered and they were motivated to discuss various issues with their children.

Date:  1st, 2nd and 3rd August, 2018
Resource Person: Ms. Jaya Aiyappa
Participants: classes VI & VIII)
Venue: Audi 1

The sessions were divided and planned according to the classes; the students were shown a power point presentation and their queries were resolved during the session. The students were also briefed about how to protect themselves from any kind of sexual abuse.

Workshop on Disaster Management

Tagore International School East of Kailash in collaboration with the District Disaster Management Authority, hosted a three day workshop from July 25th to July 27th, on Disaster Management for government, government aided, Municipal Co operation Development and private schools of South East District of Delhi. The workshop was inaugurated by SDM, South East Mr Saurav Sharma, who emphasised on the need of disaster preparedeness for schools. District officers Mr. Jugbir Singh and Mr. Ramchandra briefed all participants on the various facets of a disaster and the measures one can take to minimise the loss with a good mitigation plan. The programme was also attended by Additional District Magistrate South East Mr Rajeev Singh Parihar.

The programme saw the stakeholders deliberating and discussing on how to make a better plan to counter a disaster and make schools a safe place for students, teachers and its staff. The District Magistrate South East, Mr Navin S.L. emphasised on the role of schools in this endeavour. He said that schools have the power of training the future of the nation, the students and that it is important for them to educate students and have a robust disaster management plan.

Breaking Barriers (LGBTQI)
Date: July 7, 2018
Resource person : Ms. Sohini and Ms. Simran
Participants: School teachers
Venue: Tagore International School, East of Kailash
Workshop on POCSO Act
Date: July 7, 2018
Resource person : Ms. Rupinder
Participants: School teachers
Venue: Tagore International School, East of Kailash
OMG! Promoting Child Safety Online, Empowering Future Digital Citizens’
Date: 28th June, 2018
Participants: Ms. Arti Anand, Senior School Counsellor

UNESCO, New Delhi in collaboration with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) AND with support of other partners organized a one day conference titled ‘OMG! Promoting Child Safety Online, Empowering Future Digital Citizens’ on June 28th, 2018.  The key objective of the conference was to develop an action plan for interventions related to online child safety in India. The event brought together a wide range of stakeholders from the online child protection space, including Government representatives; representatives from UNESCO, UNICEF and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC); legal experts; civil society organizations; and technology companies.

Astronaut Workshop
Date: May 19, 2018
Resource persons: Mr.Matt Harasymezuk & Dr. Agata Kolodziejezyk
Participants: Principals, Teachers, Parents and students
Venue: NDIM Campus, Tughlakabad

NDIM(New Delhi Institute of Management, Tughlakabad) in association with Canada Research Centre organised an Astronaut  Seminar on May 19, 2018 at their Campus. 

Astronaut trainers Matt Harasymezuk and Dr. Agata Kolodziejezyk conducted the workshop.  From our school Shripat Nepak and Aryan Sharma from Class X and Parth Arora,   Punnya Bhatnagar and Tabassum Fatima from Class XII along with Ms. Punam Sood attended.    

 Some aspects that were covered briefly included Astronaut Training, Designing Human Habitat for Mars and Designing India’s Mars Mission. It also helped to clear the myth that a specialisation in Science stream is Not a pre-requisite to be an Astronaut these days. 

 It was a highly interactive seminar and all present thoroughly enjoyed listening and interacting with the Astronauts.  They were able to gain a better insight into this field and understand the Moon and Mars Habitation Project.

Joint Initiative to Strengthen School Counselling under 'Project Paradigm' 2018
Date: May 12, 2018
Resource person: Dr. V. S. Ravindran
Participants: School teachers
Venue: Tagore International School, East of Kailash

A session was organized by ICRTC in coordination with Tagore International School, East of Kailash for school teachers. There were over 45 teachers from Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar,  50 teachers from more than 10 schools from Delhi NCR, Noida and Gurgaon and 100 teachers from the host school TIS EOK.

Mr. Ravindran based his talk on ‘Guidance Based School Education –  The Emerging Concept’.  It was a   very enriching session which kept the teachers engrossed and on their feet. There was lots of learning with practical examples.

Friday, May 11, 2018 - Parent Orientation for Class X
Friday, May 11, 2018 - Parent Orientation for Class IX
Saturday, May 5, 2018 - Parent Orientation for Class XII
Photography Workshop
Date: May 5, 2018
Resource person: Mr. Rohit Suri
Participants: Students 
Venue: AV room, TIS EoK

Mr. Rohit Suri is a renowned artist, photographer and movie maker.  He was here on Saturday, 5th May 2018 to conduct a photography workshop on the school premises.  Ten students from Classes VII to XII attended the workshop along with some teachers.  The workshop was conducted in an informal atmosphere.  Mr. Suri emphasized the necessity of communication in photography.  Using real life examples and anecdotes he highlighted the role of light, at different times and locations.  He explained how photography involves an understanding of science, art and geography, the importance of visualization and perspective.  Students were advised to read the camera’s user manual thoroughly so they would understand their camera.


Saturday, April 21, 2018 - Parent Orientation for Classes VI to VIII
SKILLD Workshop (TGelf)
Date: 21 April 2018
Participants: Teachers
Venue: Sriram School, Aravali

Ms. Dimple Madan, Ms. Richa Bhardwaj, Ms. Preeti Chawla and Ms. Jaya Ralhan attended the SKILLD workshop organized by The Global Education and Leadership Foundation at The Sriram School, Aravali.

The session was based on the theme- Introducing Leadership and Entrepreneurship and trained the teachers to conduct the TGelf sessions in their respective classes. The workshop covered various units from the TGelf manual and was highly interactive, activity oriented and informative. Various activities The value based curriculum of the manual re-inforced a global mindsetr among all the participants.

tgelf aravali sriram

Workshop on Creating Comic Strips that can be used as a Teaching Aid
Date: 21st  April, 2018
Resource person: Ms. Vandana Goel
Participants: Teachers of Classes I - V
Venue: Middle Computer Lab. TIS, EOK

Ms. Vandana conducted a demo. to show the teachers how they could log into Pixton.Com and create comic strips.  She showed them the different templates they could use , how characters could be added, how backgrounds, colours and expressions could be changed, how text could be added using speech bubbles. Teachers created short cartoon strips and left feeling confident that they could create and use more such strips for their classes.

(Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students) conducted by SPACE

Five students from the Astronomy club participated in the EarthKAM workshop held on Thursday, April 12,2018 at Abhinav Global School, Sector 13 Dwarka, New Delhi .

ISS EarthKAM is an international educational programme of NASA through which school students can select and take stunning, high quality images of Earth from a digital camera mounted at a nadir window in the Destiny lab of the International Space Station (ISS).

The workshop was from 9am to 12noon.It was a unique opportunity for students to control a digital camera on board the International Space Station. Students took photographs of desired location of planet Earth.  The students expressed their gratitude to Principal ma’am for this wonderful opportunity.

Saturday, April 07,2018- Parent Orientation Class II to V
Saturday , March 24, 2018 - Parent Orientation for Nursery and KG

The Astronomy Club students of classes VI –IX visited Astroport Sariska on March 20 and 21, 2108  as a part of their  club  curriculum. The group was accompanied by Ms. Punam Sood, Ms.Manjula and Mr. Ankush Kohli. The students received a warm welcome at the camp site. They were then taken for a nature walk. After that a cultural programme was put up by the people of a nearby village to entertain the group.

Students learnt about the night sky, where they observed some celestial objects. They  performed observations of major objects in the sky through telescopes. Students also learnt how to capture astrophotographs.

Overall the camp was indeed an exciting and a learning experience for the Astronomy Club students.

Workshop on the theme ‘Differently Abled’

Date: 17th March, 2018

Resource person: Counselors of TIS, EOK

Participants: Teachers (Nursery to class XII)

Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

“The problem is not how to wipe out the differences but how to unite with the differences intact”.                   – Rabindranath Tagore

The workshop Differently abled aimed at building awareness about the various types of disabilities and implementing methods to support learning in differently abled children. The key areas addressed were Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, ADHD and Autism. To make the teachers more empathetic towards differently abled children activities were conducted. They were also shown videos which presented before them the world from the eyes of differently abled. The session emphasized on effective and myriad ways to conquer the difficulties faced by teachers to ameliorate the learning of differently abled students within inclusive education in a classroom environment.

Date: 17 January, 2018
Conducted by: Astronomy Club students
Participants: Students of class V - IX
Venue: TIS EoK grounds

On January 17, 2018,  the astronomy club students of Module I and Module II celebrated Astronomy Day in  school as part of a club activity. Astronomy day is marked as the successful culmination of the astronomy club running in the school. On this day the students of astronomy club conducted various activities, observations and experiments for  the  students of class V - IX in the school where they showcased their learning from the club sessions they have participated.

Date: 21 December, 2017
Conducted by: SPACE Technology & Education Pvt.Ltd.
Participants: Students from the Astronomy Club
Venue: Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Six  students of the Astronomy Club participated in Project Paridhi Winter Solstice held at Jantar Mantar on Dec 21,2017. Timings of the programme were from 9:30am-1pm

Project Paridhi is a science experimentation project by SPACE to popularize hands on science.  Under this project students find the circumference of the Earth. Students measured shadows cast by the sun and using trigonometry they learnt how to deduce the circumference of the Earth from the measurement of sun shadows.

Students enjoyed the activity and expressed their gratitude to Principal ma’am for this wonderful opportunity.

Workshop on ‘Stream Selection’ by Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Director-Admissions & Career Services at NIIT University
Date: 16 December, 2017
Resource person: Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Participants: Parents
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

An interactive session was organized for the parents and students of classes IX and X on the theme ‘Stream Selection’. The speaker for the session was 

Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Director- Admissions & Career Services at NIIT University. The session began with a brief introduction to the various streams by Ms. Mallika Preman, Principal TIS EOK. The objective of the session was to sensitize the students and parents for various streams and subject combinations for their future careers. We strongly believe that having knowledge of possibilities helps the students take correct decisions for their future

Dr. Sharma apprised students of various career options available with different subject combinations. He provided detailed information about the scope and future under Humanities, Commerce and science streams. He spoke of the various conventional and non-conventional career choices and how different stream combinations can be used to make the best choices.

Open House at NIFT
Date: 22 December, 2017
Participants: Students of class XI and Senior School Counselor
Venue: National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hauz Khas
A group of students aspiring to take up fashion as a career attended an open house at one of the premier and oldest fashion institute – NIFT. The students got an opportunity to interact with the faculty and admission in charge. They got a platform to clarify their doubts about the various courses offered by NIFT, cracking the entrance exam and career opportunities in the fashion industry. With great zeal they went on the campus tour and their aspirations about joining NIFT got further strengthened.

Workshop on ‘Positive Parenting’ by Dr. Roma Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & Max Hospital
Date: 16 December, 2017
Resource person: Dr. Roma Kumar
Participants: Parents
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

In keeping with our promise to pro-actively reach out in forms of workshops and seminars we had an enlightening workshop for the parents of primary wing on the theme ‘Positive parenting’. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Roma Kumar, a Senior Consultant at the Institute of Child Health at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, and at Max Hospital Gurgaon. She has over 29 years of experience and has been featured in prominent scientific national and international journals, in textbooks of Pediatrics and Psychology, newspapers, magazines as well as on Radio and TV Channels. The aim of the workshop was to encourage the parents to create a positive family atmosphere, believe in the concept of listening to their wards and to effectively meet up to any parenting challenge in today’s modern world.

Dr. Kumar highlighted the importance of setting a routine for children and striking the right balance between discipling a child and giving into his or her emotional needs. She emphasized that a more participative, involved style of parenting will build trusting relationship between the parent, child and the school and will make more secure and mature adults in future.

With many questions, doubts and dilemmas being clarified at the workshop, it turned out to be an extremely interactive session. The workshop left a grave impact on the minds of parents who already began planning to re-structure their home environments to benefit their children with a complete focus on positive parenting.

Workshop on ‘Bridging Learning Differences’ by Dr. Roma Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & Max Hospital
Date: 25th November, 2017
Resource person: Dr. Roma Kumar
Participants: Parents
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

A session was organized on the theme ‘Bridging learning differences’ on 25th November, 2017 for the parents of classes VI TO VIII.The key speaker for the session was Dr. Roma Kumar, a Clinical Psychologist, with over 29 years of experience. Dr. Kumar is a Senior Consultant at the Institute of Child Health at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, and at Max Hospital Gurgaon. She has been recognized by various communities and associations for her influence and growth in the field of psychology in India. Dr. Kumar has been featured in prominent national and international scientific journals, in textbooks of Pediatrics and Psychology, newspapers, magazines as well as on Radio and TV Channels.

Bridging learning differences was an attempt to help parents understand children through a psychological lens. The session focused on the various concerns in dealing with children with learning difficulties and developmental disorders. The importance, role and need of special education, speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral therapy were highlighted. Dr. Kumar resolved the queries of most of the parents and guided them by giving some valuable parenting tips.

Workshop on Career in Hospitality Industry by Mr. Abdullah Ahmed, Director IIHM

Date: 7th November, 2017

Resource person: Mr. Abdullah Ahmed

Participants: Students of Class X & XI

Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Mr. Abdullah Ahmed is presently the Director of IIHM Delhi. Hospitality Graduate from Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK he has a wide experience of 15 years in the field of Training and Teaching. Mr. Ahmed has contributed papers for UK Publication (SEDA) Staff and Educational Development Association in order to improve innovation in the field of Education.

He addressed the students and enlightened them with career prospects that the hospitality industry offers. He emphasized on the various skills essential to have a successful career in the field.        

The vast courses which come under hospitality umbrella were also discussed. It was indeed a learning session, where students’ knowledge about the industry was augmented.

Career Fest 2017

CAREER FAIR: 3rd November 2017

A kaleidoscopic perspective of the various career paths is indeed essential for the young students ready to embark their career journey, therefore; the school organised a career fair on 3 November, 2017.

The fair was organised for the parents and students of classes XI & XII and eleven industry experts who excel in their fields addressed the students. The day began with the address of the Principal, Ms. Mallika Premam, who stressed on the fact that making a career move is an important decision in one’s life. This was followed by a career guidance and planning session by Mr. Pradeep Narayanan. The other speakers for the day were Captain Surpreet Singh Taneja (Aviation Industry), Mr. Harpreet Singh (Studying Abroad), Ms. Rupali (Merchant Navy), Prof. Chirag Mehta (Associate Dean, ISBF) and Dr. Sunil Choudhary (Director, Senior Consultant & Chief of Plastic Surgery, Max Institute of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery).

A panel discussion was also held, the panelist for the session were RJ Addy (Host- Dilli Ke Doh Dabbang, Fever 104 FM), Mr. Naresh Sharma (Cinematographer & Director), Ms. Richa Jain (Artist Doordarshan Kendra, All India Radio and ICCR) & Mr. Saurabh Singhal (Stand-up comedian, voice over artist and cricket commentator). The panelist enlightened the students with their career journey and experiences.

A series of wonderful and informative career panels provided the students a glimpse into the various career fields. The following universities and organisations also participated in the fair and guided the students about the courses, eligibility criteria, scholarship etc.


  1. Admizzons Campus
  2. Ashoka University
  3. Benett University
  4. C.R.A.F.T
  5. Ecole, Switzerland
  6. Fountain coaching Centre
  7. FLAME University
  8. French Embassy
  9. IIAD
  10. IIHM
  11. ISBF
  12. Kings College London
  13. NIIT, Neemrana
  14. Pearl Academy
  15. Shiv Nadar University
  16. University College Dublin
  17. University of Technology, Sydney
  18. US Education Resource Centre
  19. USIEF

Workshop on Studying in Japan by Ms. Ridhi Gosar, Education Specialist – Ritsumeikan APU, Japan

Date: 31st October, 2017

Resource person: Ms. Ridhi Gosar

Participants: Students of Class XI & XII

Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Ms. Ridhi Gosar, an education specialist has wide experience in counseling and guiding students who are interested in studying in Japan. She guided the students about the various programs, scholarships, eligibility criteria and placements. The students were also acquainted with the culture and daily routine followed at a Japanese university. At the end of the session students addressed their queries and apprehensions about studying in Japan.

 Space Explorers Workshop



Workshop on Career in Journalism by Mr. Anirban Roy, WSJ Journalist, Filmmaker, Multimedia Specialist
Date: 10th October, 2017
Resource person: Mr. Anirban Roy
Participants: Students of Class X, XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)
The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Anirban Roy, India Editor of Wall Street Journal. Mr. Roy has vast experience in the various aspects of television programming; producing, directing, editing,  documentaries, current affairs programmes, docu-dramas, fiction, live news coverage for general elections as a Line Producer, Live OB Producer and providing consultancy to various television production and post-production houses like BBC World, NDTV and Doordarshan.
A multimedia enthusiast, he shared with the students his journey in the field of mass media. He highlighted the incentives and privileges of being a journalist, the renowned colleges, the skills essential and the scope of the field. The session augmented the knowledge of students regarding the field.

Workshop on Parenting by Mr. Sushant Kalra, Director, Parwarish Institute of Parenting Pvt. Ltd.
Date: 7th October, 2017
Resource person: Mr. Sushant Kalra
Participants: Parents (Nursery to V)
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)
Mr. Sushant Kalra is a parenting coach and is committed to the creation, presentation and implementation of parenting education through interactive workshops. The workshop tried to address the common problems faced by parents – unhealthy eating habits, excessive use of technology, sedentary lifestyle, argumentative behavior, academic issues etc. The session began with an ice breaking games and ended with the queries of parents. An interactive session, which also gave the parents an opportunity to learn from each other.   
Workshop on career in liberal education by Ms. KarishmaBatra, Manager Outreach, Ashoka University
Date: 3rd October 2017
Resource person: Ms.KarishmaBatra
Participants: Students of Class XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)
The speaker for the session was Ms. KarishmaBatra, Manager Outreach, Ashoka University. She provided information about the concept of liberal education. Students were informed about the successful people worldwide who decided to choose liberal education as a career path.
She highlighted the fact that liberal education offers a broad knowledge of the wider world (e.g. science, culture, and society) as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest.It was indeed a learning experience for the students who got a broader picture about liberal education and how it can empower them to deal with complexity, diversity and change.
National Convention of school counsellors on Students at risk – Identification, Prevention and Intervention
Date: 22nd September 2017
Resource person: Dr. V. S. Ravindran
Participant: Senior counselor – Ms. Arti Anand
Venue: India International Centre
The session focused on three major areas- Students at risk –Perspective, Casual factors and consequences, Program and practices for at risk students. The key speaker for the session was a renowned Educational Psychologist, Counsellor Trainer and Teacher Educator Dr. V.S Ravindran. The session had many counselors across India participating in the event.



Workshop on ‘Career in the Creative Field’
Date: 12th September, 2017
Resource person: Ms. Preeti Srivastav
Participants: Students of Class X, XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Ms. Preeti Srivastav, Manager Education Outreach, Pearl Academy was the key speaker for the session. She accentuated the importance and relevance of the creative career options in today’s scenario.She alsoshared the success stories of a few people from creative field who had thought ofcreating something novel and who had dared to take the unconventional path. The session made students more inquisitive about the different creative career options available. 

It provided students with valuable information on various courses like Fashion Styling & Image Design, Communication Design, Interior & Spatial Design, Product & Lifestyle Design, Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management, and Global Luxury Brand Management


SPACE Explorers Workshop is a collection of one day programs which give students a remarkable opportunity to participate, interact and experiment to find answers behind the mysteries of universe.

It focuses on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to students through practical hands on experience, which help them develop their knowledge base as well as life skills.

The whole philosophy of the workshop is

  • I do - I understand
  • I understand – I learn


The workshop was conducted in our school on 12, August 2017 for students of grade 6 - 10.

The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes. 75 students  attended this workshop.

In this workshop, students investigated light as a messenger in the universe. They discovered, how, studying the light spectrum can be used to identify the materials that are emitting or reflecting light. They also observed and analyzed spectrum of various light sources and concluded that each spectrum is different because of different elemental composition. They were introduced to complex science concepts associated with star spectroscopy in the most interesting manner. They found spectroscopy as a scientific measurement technique important.


Astronauts! Can You Be One of them?

In this workshop, participants were introduced to difficulties that an astronauts faces in Space. They were also introduced to different types of tests that they need to go through to become an astronaut. Students enjoyed these tests and finally the winners got a chance to wear an astronaut suit.

The workshop was conducted at Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Delhi for students of grade 3-5. 109 students attended this workshop. The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.



Students were introduced to the idea of rockets as a space vehicle and its working principle. 54 students of grade 1 and 2 attended this workshop learnt about the principle behind rockets, i.e. Action- Reaction principle, through various activities.


Workshop on Career in Armed Forces by Col. Harsh Vardhan Singh
Date: 29thAugust’2017
Resource person: Col. Harsh Vardhan Singh
Participants: Students of Class X, XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)
The key speaker of the session was Col. Harsh Vardhan Singh. An alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer; National Defense Academy, Pune and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, he has witnessed several combat experiences in J&K in 1998-99, UN Peace Keeping Forces in Sierra Leone and on the actual line of control between India and China.
Col. Harsh Vardhan has also been an Indian representative in Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College, Singapore and, London. Apart from this he has been an instructor in Indian Military Academy, Dehradun and Defense Services Staff College, Wellington. He provided valuable insight into the life at NDA,training,his experiencesand the process of joining the defense forces.A very captivating and inspiring session it motivated our students to serve the country. The students had lot of queries which were resolved by him at the end of the session.
Workshop on Film Making as a career by Mr. Himanshu Singh Sabharwal, Chief Creative Officer, Tricolor India Schauspiel

Date: 22nd August’2017

Resource person: Mr. Himanshu Singh Sabharwal

Participants: Students of Class XI and XII

Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Mr. Himanshu Singh Sabharwal an alumnus of The Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Bombay has over fifteen years of experience in creating Ad films for Television, corporates, cultural organizations and mega theatrical productions. A photographer, lyricist, bilingual writer, actor, voice over artist, director and producer; he spoke passionately about how an idea is transformed into a film.

He emphasized on the fact that film making is a blend of creativity and technicality which involves creative people from various fields. Students were excited to know the process of film making; they also highlighted their concerns about the industry.

Workshop on Cancer and Lifestyle by Dr Devavrat Arya, Senior consultant, Medical Oncology, Max super speciality hospital, Saket
Date: 8th August’2017
Resource person: Dr Devavrat Arya
Participants: Students of Class XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Dr Devavrat Arya, a renowned Oncologist associated with Max hospital has presented his research work on cancer at various national and international forums. He has actively initiated cancer awareness programmes for different groups through camps, print media and television.

The focus of the workshop was to bring about awareness among students that cancer could be lifestyle induced. He emphasized on the fact that environmental and external factors such as smoking, drinking, high consumption of junk food, sun exposure and air pollution account for an increased risk of cancer. The workshop also highlighted the role of exercise and proper sleep in making cancer preventable.

Workshop on International Education by Mr. Saurabh Nanda
Date: 1st August’2017
Resource person: Mr. Saurabh Nanda
Participants: Students of Class XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Mr.Saurabh Nanda is an alumnus of NIT Jalandhar and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. His expertise lies in mapping the right career paths to the students interested in education abroad. The workshop aimed at providing an insight into the multitudes of career options available outside India. The students were informed about the various processes involved in education abroad.

The speaker discussed various issues like scholarships, exams, cost of living and placement opportunities.  At the end of the workshop various queries of students were addressed.

Workshop for teachers On ‘The various disorders and their management’ 29nd July, 2017 

A workshop was organized for the teachers; the key areas addressed were Learning Disability, Depression, ADHD and Autism. The key speaker for the session was Ms. Pooja Bakshi, Senior Counselor, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar. The session focused on the identification of these disorders and their management. To make the teachers more empathetic towards differently abled children an activity was conducted, they were also shown some inspiring videos.


 Workshop On ‘LAW as a Career Possibility’ 22nd July, 2017

The workshop was organized for the students of class XI and XII; it acquainted the students with the important ingredients of Law as a course and a career. The workshop accentuated that law further serves as a platform for plenty of other lucrative career avenues. The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Nilesh Shreedhar, alumni of National Law School, a CLAT mentoring expert, a political consultant and a legal aid activist.

The industry expert threw light on the various Institutes/universities offering law, pre requisites to enter these institutions, entrances involved (college specific) – CLAT, AILET, LSAT,SET, various other career options budding from law and information regarding placement opportunities were discussed.

Counselors Meet 20th July, 2017 
Counselors meet organized by the Australian High Commission was attended by Ms. Arti Anand (Senior Counselor). The resource person for the session was Prof. Phyllis Tharenou, Vice President and Executive Dean for the College of Business Government & Law at Flinders University. The meeting had representatives from various schools of Delhi and NCR. The session focused on the concept and need of having mentors. It also provided information about the various courses offered by Flinders University.        
Workshop On ‘Psychology as a Career’ 15th July, 2017 

The students of class XI and XII attended a workshop on the theme ‘Psychology as a career’ conducted by Ms. Madhuvanti Chowdhury, a psychologist. Ms. Chowdhury explained the various branches of psychology and emphasized on the various aspects of education and training in psychology. The workshop acquainted students with the various colleges offering courses in psychology in India and abroad.

Orientation session for parents of class XI students (15 July 2017)

Workshop On ‘Admissions in Delhi University’ 8th July, 2017

Career Competency Workshop for Class XI and XII was organized on 8th July, 2017 wherein the students were informed about the multitude of career options they have after school with an emphasis on the recent changes that have taken place in Delhi University in 2017-18. The guest speaker for the day was Mr. Anubhav Rakheja, a career counselor and a Vedic Math Trainer. The workshop provided brief insight into the courses and admission procedures at Delhi University.

Workshop on – Changes in the Curriculum for Accountancy

Venue – Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi

Date – 8th July, 2017 (Saturday)

Speaker –  Dr Vikas Vijay (Eminent Author)

Workshop on changes in curriculum for Accountancy was held at Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri,  on 8th July 20176 by Commerce Teachers’ Foundation.

Workshop was conducted by Dr Vikas Vijay – the eminent author of Accountancy Book.

Workshop was divided into two sessions. In Session 1, Dr Vikas emphasized upon three major areas – ( a) Unlash your true potential, (b) 7 secrets that toppers don’t tell anyone, (c) 7 strategies to enhance the performance of low achievers.

In session 2 , he gave guidelines about latest changes in curriculum for accountancy. Discussion was made on (a) Writing off Discount/ Loss on issue of Debentures, (b) New guidelines for Debentures Redemption Reserve, (c) Conversion of Debentures, (d) GST – basic knowledge of GST and its effect on recording transactions.

Many doubts from the above mentioned topics were clarified in this workshop. This workshop was really an enriched program.

My sincere thanks to the Principal Ma’am Ms Mallika, who gave me this opportunity of attending the workshop. -  Minakshi Chaudhry, PGT (Commerce)

All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2017 

Rohan Sharma of Class VIII and Adwiteya Aich of Class VII attended a training workshop at The Indian Height School Sector 23,Dwarka from 9am to 1:30pm on May 11,2017.

 WP 20170511_12_08_53_Pro

 Workshop on Photography by Canon

“Phototalk by Canon” Imaging Partner at Digex2017

Date: May 13th, 2017
Resource person: Mr. Bharat Singh, Canon India
Participants: Three student and two teachers from Computer Dept. of TIS, EOK.

A workshop on Photography conducted by specialists from Canon for photography enthusiasts. The workshop was intended to give knowledge about the basics of Photography Like object, subject, positioning and visualization. It was covered various career options in Photography.

It was attended by three student and two teachers from Computer Dept of TIS EOK.

The workshop was highly interesting and interactive learning experience for the teachers and students as it equipped them to be better at Photography.


 Workshop on Communication skills

Date: May 8th, 2017
Resource person: Mr. Stephen Marazzi
Participants: Teachers of Primary School
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

A professional development workshop on Communication skills was conducted by Mr Stephen Marazzi, who has to his credit years of training students in theatre and staging successful shows. Mr Marazzi firmly believes that theatre is a complete tool and can fill the gaps in conventional teaching and learning. It was an interactive and activity oriented workshop which aimed at helping teachers communicate with their students in a better way.

The workshop was intended to improve the proficiency of teachers in all the areas of communication, i.e., sound, speech and body language. During the first session of the workshop, emphasis was laid on the minimum use of instructions in the class.  Activities based on grouping and line formation helped the teachers understand how instructions can be made clear to the students without raising the pitch of their voice.

The rest of the session was devoted to the interaction with the participants on speech and pronunciation. A lot of fun activities were conducted involving all the teachers. The purpose of this session was also to acquaint the participants with commonly mispronounced words and to help them learn how to put stress on the right syllable to pronounce those words accurately.

The session culminated with a few points on how values can be transferred to students by setting examples of good behaviour as the students tend to mirror the teacher’s behaviour.

Altogether, the workshop proved to be useful as the teachers gathered a lot of ideas which could be easily implemented in their classes and make the process of teaching-learning exciting and interesting.

 Workshop on ‘Law as a Career’

Date: May 4th, 2017
Resource person: Ms. Vaishnavi Rao
Participants: Students of Class XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

The students of class XI and XII attended a workshop on the theme ‘Law as a career ‘conducted by AB Tutorials, a CLAT preparation institute nestled in Hauzkhas, New Delhi. The guest speaker for the day was Ms. Vaishnavi Rao, a litigation lawyer. Ms. Rao explained the various branches of law. She highlighted the pros and cons of each law stream. The workshop acquainted students with the various law colleges in India and the process to get enrolled in them.

 Workshop on Career Counselling by Career launcher

Date: May 3rd, 2017
Resource person: Mr. Rajesh Mishra
Participants: Students of Class XI and XII
Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

A workshop on ‘Career Counselling’ conducted by Career launcher was held in the school premises for class XI and XII. The guest speaker for the event was Mr. Rajesh Mishra. He started the session with mathematical games. He discussed the various career options and their scope in today’s scenario. He offered the students free career mapping sessions at their centers. It was an interactive session and the speaker emphasized on the need for time management.

 Workshop on tGELF SKILLD

 Date: May 2nd, 2017

Resource person: Mr. Rahul Augustine

Participants: Ms. Kanika Rekhi, Ms. Kavita Bhatia, Ms. Parul Sethi, Ms. Puja Kohli

“Skilling and Knowhow Initiative of Lifelong Leadership Development (SKILLD)”, A Report

Four teachers from Tagore International School participated in a workshop on May 2, 2017, conducted by The Global Education and Leadership Foundation on Skilling and Knowhow Initiative of Lifelong Leadership Development (SKILLD).

SKILLD, a long-term sustained leadership intervention aims at cultivating life skills and leadership skills amongst young leaders by training teachers to work as facilitators in cultivating values, life skills and leadership skills amongst grade XI students.

The workshop, with Mr. Rahul Augustine as the resource person, began with a brainstorming session with questions like, ‘Who is a leader?’, ‘What all qualities does one expect in a leader?’ etc. He further engaged teachers in activities designed to equip teachers with skills to initiate a ‘Leaders Club’ in the school with grade XI students, where the students aim to achieve any one of the seventeen Global Goals for Sustainable Development at their school and community level. Thus empowering the students as leaders at school level and help them have a global mindset towards world issues.

The workshop was highly informative and an enriching experience for the teachers as it equipped them towards becoming effective facilitators of the process of making young student global leaders. 

 Orientation session for parents of class IX-X students.(29 Apr 2017) 


Date :  28th Apr 2017

Venue : AIIMS, New Delhi

Participants: Class XII Science along with Ms Aarti Kailash

The students of class XII-C visited All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on 28th April, 2017 as a part of an educational trip ,a workshop organized by the institution for classes X-XII for the biology students. The students were first shown well preserved human organs which included the heart, brain etc. and were explained about the working and analogy of the same. In another session, the students were imparted knowledge about various devices used for checking eyesight and to check the reflex action of a person. They were then showed various slides of the smooth and striated  muscle and told about the malaria causing vector. The also engaged themselves in an interaction with the medical students on the difference between venomous and non venomous snakes, all in all, it was a very informative and intriguing session.

 UPES Workshop

Start Early and Stay Ahead With Specialized Engineering and Legal Programs- Career Counselling Workshop

Date :  28th Apr 2017

Venue : Hotel Surya, New friends Colony, New Delhi

Participants: Class XII Science along with Ms Lipi Goswami

On April 28,2017 , thirty students of class XII Science along with a teacher attended the career counselling workshop “Start Early And Stay Ahead With Specialized Engineering and Legal Programs” at Hotel Surya, New friends Colony , organised by UPES. Experts like Mr. Anand Sahay (CEO Xebia IT Architects), Dr. Ajay Prasad (Associate Professor Advantage of doing specialized engineering programs) and Dr. Ashish Verma (Assistant Professor Advantage of doing specialized engineering programs) made an appearance to guide young minds towards their path of success. The seminar mainly focused on various career options for different streams. It included topics like law, cyber technology, business, different fields in engineering etc. An insight in the functioning of the outside world was also given. It proved to be quite informative for students seeking professional help in career counseling. All in all, the seminar was a big success. The students were also given complementary pen holders. They thanked Principal, Nandita Sahu, for giving them this wonderful opportunity



 Workshop on “Improving Performance In Sports & Athletic Activity”

Date :  26th Apr 2017

Venue : Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi

Participants: Ankush Kohli (Sport Dept. )

Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi organised a workshop on “Improving performance in sports & athletic activity” on 26 April 2017. It was conducted by Dr. Kamal Dureja (foot & ankle surgeon).  The aim of this activity is to educate the physical education teachers on the problems in athletes in schools and early detection which go unnoticed and how they can become greater issues at a later stage.

Max Ankush


Orientation session for parents of class VI-VIII students (22 Apr 2017)


 Talk on Gravity Defied: From potato asteroids to magnetized neutron stars


Date :  21th Apr 2017

Venue : Nehru Planetarium, Teen Murti

Participants: Class XII Science along with Ms Lipi Goswami

On April 21,2017 , fourteen students of class XI Science along with a teacher went to Nehru Planetarium , Teen Murti, to attend the talk “ From potato asteroids to magnetized neutron stars" by Dr. Sushan Konar, National Center for Radio Astrophysics, Pune. The session began with the planetarium show through which the various researches on stars and their evolution were explained. The speaker talked about the Neutron Star Physics with the Square Kilometer Array in an interactive session. The students  were apprised of the present challenge of neutron star research which is to find a unifying theme to make sense of a large number of disparate observational classes of neutron stars. They were informed about the potential applications include pulsar search and survey, pulsar magnetospheric studies, characterising gravitational wave candidates, detection of transient objects (like RRATs) and so on. Overall the students found the session to be highly informative and interesting. They thanked Principal, Nandita Sahu, for giving them this wonderful opportunity.

Nehru Planetarium_class12_22Apr




                                          Ms. MAMTA SINHA

DATE – 21 APRIL 2017

THE GREEN BRIGADE CLUB celebrated Earth day 2017 in the school in collaboration with Climate Change Reality Project , Paharpur business Centre and Earth Day Network

The Theme for this year Earth Day was Global Climate and Environmental Literacy

The guests of honour for the event were -

His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles Mr. PHILLIPPE LE GALL

Mr.Sarvadaman Taori from Prithvi foundation .

Mr.Vijay Tiwari President Indo – Euro Chambers of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

Mr.S.K.Singhal Civil Engineer.

A short programme was conducted in the auditorium and the guests were felicitated.

Later ten Ashoka trees were planted in the school compound. Pictures are attached.

Astronomy Talk

Visit to Nehru Planetarium for 'Astronomy Talk'.

VENUE : Nehru planetarium, Delhi

DATE : Apr 6th 2017

Participants: - Class IX Students along with Ms Shweta Gera

The students of class IX went to Nehru planetarium for the 'Astronomy Talk'. The students first toured the planetarium and looked at the various missions sent to outer space and also understood the role of light in a telescope.

The seminar was commenced with a foreword from the host and introduction to the chief guests (renowned professor) from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. They then had an enthralling interactive session with the professor. The topics discussed ranged from the evolution of intelligent life on Earth to the possibility of life on Mars and various planets. He also enlightened the students about various career options in astronomy and space sciences.

This was followed by a short film on Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and his work on quantum theory of hydrogen anion and white dwarves. Overall, it was an extremely enriching experience and the students really enjoyed themselves. 



 Workshop on Emotional Intelligence by Ms. Jayshree Mehta


Date: 14.01.2017

Venue: TIS, EOK (Audi 1)

Participants: Junior & middle school teachers

A workshop on Emotional Intelligence was conducted for the junior and middle school teachers of the school on January 14, 2017 in the school auditorium. The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Jayshree Mehta who has been associated with NIE, TOI for the last fifteen years. Ms. Jayshree has conducted several hundred classroom workshops on Personality Development and its various facets.

Ms. Jayshree initiated a discussion on positive and negative aspects of human personality to introduce the topic. She stressed upon the importance of self-awareness, understanding our own and others’ emotions and accepting our negative emotions in order to feel liberated.