About the school


Tagore International School was founded by Dr. Mrs. H. Sen in 1964 with the aim of creating a free atmosphere where children develop their personality to the fullest extent. It is an institution which constantly endeavours to excel in every field is strategically located in between the posh colonies of Greater Kailash , South Extension, Defence Colonry, Sadiq Nagar, Kailash Hills, and East of Kailash. The salubrious surroundings with the school sharing its wall with a nursery give it a conducive environment for the nurturing ofyoung impressionable minds.

The approach to the school is affable and effortless because of its easy accessibility through a wide road which is well connected with the outer and inner ring roads and Nehru Place. Its easy approachability and strategic location makes it one of the most acclaimed schools in the area.
Added to this, it is a highly guarded, harboured and protected school in the vicinity. High walls have been erected to halt any encroachment.The entry to the school is restricted as security guards have been posted at the front gate to immobilize any illegal entry into the premises.All these efforts have been put, to make it one of the most sought after school in the area.


Tagore International School endeavours to provide the finest education encompassed within state-of-the-art infrastructure. Artistic and academic pursuits are encouraged equally and students have ready exposure to global heritage and cultures. The school’s curriculum lays emphasis on concepts and skills, rather than on textbooks. Tagoreans gain a clear sense of direction paved by their analytical approach, critical thinking skills and creative sagacity. Effective interpersonal and collaborative communication shapes these global citizens and leaders. Tagore International School strives towards working with the parents and the community for preparing students to be responsible , productive, and compassionate members of a global community by placing the child at the centre of the learning process.

“A worthy Child at the Centre” is a vision that embraces the next decade of TIS’s future.


Education through interaction; self-development through education; exploring and fostering the force of ‘self’ within the individual to be a good citizen.


  • Make school a place where children love to come

  • Enable individuals to develop their full potential and confidence

  • Contribute actively to the process of learning

  • Encourage creative skills

  • Encourage excellence in intellectual attainment

  • Instills values of justice, honesty, integrity and human rights.

  • Build awareness of being part of a world community

  • Make students an integral part of Indian tradition and culture.

School Emblem



 The Tagorean Emblem represents three TIS. The centre I is the leaping flame of the candle, signifying everlasting knowledge, enclosed by T which formsthe  arms and legs of the child who is never tired in his quest for this knowledge or ‘vidya’. Like the light of the candle, the child is continuously striving to reach for  the  stars.

 ‘I am worthy’, says the child. This is a positive self-realisation and this belief guides the student on the path of true knowledge. It helps her / him evolve as a   self-confident, multi-faceted human being.

This is the simple Tagorean philosophy:Belief in Self.

I Am What I Am

I am the Truth and Joy Forever”

School Guidelines


Nursery and K.G. : 8.00 am to 11:45 am

I-XII : 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

The above timings remain the same throughout the year for classes Nursery to XII.


  • Principal: 9.00 am to 10.00 am on any working day.

  • Headmistress: 8.30 am to 10.00 am on any working day.

  • Class Teacher / Subject Teachers: 7.45 am to 8 am from Monday to Thursday with prior appointment.


Absence from school is viewed very seriously. Full or half day leave for any non medical reason will not be permitted. No student will be allowed to go home after a weekly test, for any reason whatsoever. If a student is unwell, she / he should not come to school.

Absence from school for four days or more, without prior permission /intimation will result in the student’s name being struck off from the rolls.


Since we are located in a residential area, it is imperative that we ensure that the residents are not disturbed by vehicles dropping and picking students.

You are requested not to park your vehicle at the entrances of the school or the neighbouring residences, as this hinders smooth movement of students, teachers and the residents.

Please do not blow your vehicle’s horn as it disturbs the residents.

If your ward travels by the school bus, please do not pick her / him personally from the school without prior permission.


Information is regularly sent to parents through circulars. You are also requested to visit the website

regularly for updates on various events.


The Year Book given to each student at the start of the session has information about all activities, assessments and other schedules for the ENTIRE session. Kindly refer to it regularly. It can also be viewed on the school website.


We encourage students to be responsible for their own belongings. When they forget to bring something to school with them in the morning, kindly do not send it or bring it in later. NOTHING will be sent to the students once school has started for the day.

We expect our students to have high moral values. Any kind of indiscipline or disrespect from any student will be viewed very seriously and action will be taken.

NO student below the age of 18 years is allowed to drive a vehicle to school. Anyone found violating this rule will be reported to the police.

No student is allowed to carry a cell phone to school. If found, the cell phone will be confiscated. In case it is imperative for students of classes XI and XII to carry a cellphone to school, their parents should send in an application addressed to the Principal.We discourage students from bringing/wearing expensive items to school.


We are a secular school and do not encourage either the propagation of a particular religion or disregard for any religion. We also celebrate festivals of all religions in our school. You are requested to avoid any conversation or deed at home that will create a bias in your child’s mind, as we would like them to grow up as secular citizens.

The children need to spend quality time with their parents and family. We recommend that the family should be together at dinner time and should actively engage the students in discussion of current and relevant issues.

All PTMs are compulsory. You are requested to meet all teachers teaching your ward.

Introducing the students to Indian Art and Culture is an important aspect of their education. The school arranges for them to visit museums and view SPIC MACAY performances. We would like parents to extend these experiences by taking their children to museums, theatre and cultural performances, fairs etc.

We have a psychologist cum counselor on our rolls who is available for the parents and students from 8 am to 1:00 am, Monday to Friday. Please call the Reception for an appointment with her.


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you inform the class teacher and office immediately if there is a change in your address and / or telephone numbers, so that we can contact you easily in an emergency.

HOME WORK. The school has a fixed schedule for homework. In case your ward reports that there is no homework being given according to the schedule, please contact the concerned teacher immediately.


Our school has been a No-Polybag Zone for the last 15 years. We request you to avoid using and / or sending things in polybags to school.