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Cinematic Media Camp, at TIS, Eok( HT- Main, May27,2019)
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Himakshi Butan of Tagore International School,Eok, got 97.4% in Commerce(HT-Main and HT-Std. Edition, May14, 2019
Tagore International School urges citizens to vote(HT-Std. Edition, May10, 2019)
Shaurya Pandit  of Class V D got 'Man of the Match Award'(Sandhya Veer Arjun,May04,2019)
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Earth Day was celebrated at TIS, Eok(HT-Std. Edition, May02, 2019)
Women's Day celebrated at TIS, EOK(HT-Std. Edition, April26,2019)
Tagore International School bids adieu to class 12 Students(HT-St. Edition February 25, 2019)
Former British Prime Minister ' Mr.Tony Blair' visited Tagore International School, EOK (HT- Main, January10, 2019)


Winter Carnival Held At Tagore International School, EOK(HT- Std. Edition, January08, 2019)
winter carnival
'Friendship' a poem by Ajooni Kaur (HT- Std. Edition, January08, 2019)