Delhi is one of the world’s great cities: on the surface bustling, vibrant, teeming with life. But the quality of life is very different, especially for the twenty percent of inhabitants who live in the slums. And within the slums are countless orphans, surviving in hunger and poverty; sleeping rough with little prospect of an improving future


Class IX A has undertaken  the project, Orphanage as a part of their NSS activity.

The aim of this project is :

  • to appreciate the facilities available in the orphanages.
  • to realise the hardships faced by the children in the orphan homes.
  • to sensitise the students the problems faced by  the children in the orphanages, through various Interactive sessions, organised.
  • to make students aware of challenges faced by these children in these homes, through online videos of these homes, shown.
  • to appreciate every single life in these orphanages and to remain happy and calm in every circumstance.

Various activities such as slogan writing and story writing, poster designing, street plays and walks are organised to create awareness among the students and to sensitise the mass about the problems faced by the children in the orphanages.