Creating a Disabled Friendly Society

 India is home to 2.7 crore people living with one or the other kind of disability. Unlike the developed world, India’s disabled are made further socially vulnerable by lack of quality education, lack of women’s safety, and attitudinal barriers as they continue to grapple with the challenges of access, acceptance, and inclusion.

The students of Class X C have taken up the task of creating a disabled friendly society as a part of their NSS Activity.

The aim of this project is to :

  • spread awareness among the people about the importance of being sensitive towards differently abled people
  • change the existing mindset of the people towards the differently abled people
  • support community in living peaceful and dignified life.
  • promote moral values in society.


As a part of the project, students undertake activities such as Poster Designing, Article Writing , Slogan Writing, Street Walks, Seminars, Talk Shows to create awareness among the mass about the importance of supporting the differently abled people in the society.

They also presented a Nukkad Natak play in the school ground the students and parents. The motive behind this initiative was to spread awareness amongst the parents, teachers and students that it is not disability which is contagious but ignorance and disrespect for the disabled.