Showing Care, Concerns and Commitment for Visually Challenged People

India has the highest population of blind people in the world. Approximately one out of every four individuals who are blind, live in India. The figure of those afflicted approaches ten million.

The students of Class IX C have taken the pledge to support  the visually challenged and disadvantaged group and become the representatives  for this mission.

Various activities are organised to sensitise all about the problem.

  • discussion on the hardships and the problems in the life of blind people are organised by the students.
  • information about the education systems in blind schools are collected and gathered by the students.
  • documentaries and films are shown to the students on the vocational training imparted to the blind people in order to earn their livelihood.

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The students visited the Blind School in Amar Colony, wherein they interacted with the visually impaired children and came to terms with how they managed their lives and realised the difference with their own lifestyle.