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Untouched World Foundation  in association with  UNESCO MGIEP, Pravah and TERI has initiated the Waterwise Otago Kindness  programme which aims to bring students together to collaboratively discuss and explore their understanding of four key issues pertaining to WATER i.e.; availability, use, economics and quality.  It is a leadership programme reaching out to young people who are exposed to all players in the water resource chain, from the primary energy players, through to the farming, recreation, cultural and conservation interests, all of whom are involved in sustainable water management in New Zealand.   

Tagore International School, East of Kailash students had been invited to participate in the ‘Waterwise Otago Kindness  programme’ and be inspired to lead the way in achieving a sustainable future through a 7 day residential training programme at New Zealand.

Angela Arora is amongst the three students who got selected from India for a seven day residential training programme -Waterwise Otago Kindness programme at New Zealand. The programme is sponsored by UNESCO, MGIEP and TERI.