Book Week Celebrations from 7 May to 11 May 2018


                “ Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own”.

Tagore International School, East of Kailash organized the Annual Book Week from 5 May to 11 May 2018 in the school premises. The week commenced with the opening of the Scholastic Book Fair by school Principal, Ms. Mallika Preman. An array of competitions, workshops and activity oriented sessions were held to inculcate reading habits and promote a literary bent of mind among the students. The students benefitted from workshops that aimed at improving their skills in story telling and cartoon making. They donned their imaginative hats and expressed their creativity through various events which included Limericks, Monster Bookmarks, Character Portrayal, Story Mats, Burger/ Pizza Book Review, Story Nory, Twist a Tale, AdAge@TIS, Stage-a-Verse and Caricature Making.  The students also expressed their thoughts on books read by them through activities which included a book discussion on Gulliver’s Travels, designing book jackets based on the works of Roald Dahl, making graphic organizers on the stories by R.K Narayan and making comic strips on the short stories by Sudha Murthy. The entire school participated in the DEAR activity (Drop Everything and Read) wherein all students took to reading for about 45 minutes. The footfall for Scholastic Book Fair received an encouraging response from both parents and students. Overall, the week turned out to be a riveting and fulfilling experience for the entire school community.


Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Activity by Support Staff
Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Activity
Limericks by students of Nursery
Limericks by students of Kindergarten
Budding Poets - English Recitation by students of Class I
Bookmark creation by class I
Walking into the Wonderland - Character Portrayal by students of Class II
AD Age@TIS - advertisement enactment by students of Class III
Story Nory - pictorial story narration by students of Class IV
Stage a verse - poetry dramatization by students of Class V
Comic Strip Activity by students of class VI
Meet the Illustrator - Workshop by Mr. Ajit Narayan for students of Class VIII
An Activity on My Favourite Story Book Character by Students of Class III
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Book Week from 01 May, 2017 to 06 May, 2017

Inauguration of Book Week on 01 May 2017

Making Head gears by students of Nursery

Clown Decoration by students of Nursery

Collage Making by students of Nursery

Origami  by students of Nursery

Story Telling Session for students of Nursery and K.G.

Show and Tell by students of K.G.

Character Portrayal by students of class II

Paper Plate Craft by students of class II

Poster Making by students of class III

Costume Parade by students of class III

Be an author by students of class IV

Meet the author for students of class IV