Winners of  Zonal


Football(Sub Jr. Girls)

   (First Position)

Table tennis(Sub Jr. Girls)

       (Runners up)

Badminton(Jr. Girls)
Runners up)

Juhi Singh(VII B)

Vani Bahel VIII B

Navya Ambast XI A

Lakshita Wadhera(IX D)

Hrdya Jain VIII C

Sanya Malkotia XI A


Jiya Rajwani VIII C

Tanishka Pawar XI A

Sanchita Jaha(VII D)

Shivika Gusain VII A


Tia Gupta(VIIIB)


Shivika Gusain(VII A)


Purvi Gupta(VIII A)


Hrdya Jain(VIII C)


Nitya Rana(VIII C)


Soumya(VIII D)

Winners at ‘Taekwondo Championship’ and ‘South District Taekwondo’.

1. Sarthak Pundora of  class VIII got ‘Bronze Medal’ in ‘Taekwondo Championship’ organized by ‘Sports and Child Development Association’.

2. Priyanjal of class VII got ‘Gold Medal’ in ‘South District Taekwondo Championship’.


Tennis Star of TIS
Hrishikesh Parashar of Class XI-B is an avid tennis enthusiast. He has gathered tremendous exposure and experience by participating in various tennis tournaments within and outside the country.
It is a matter of great pride for the school that  this year, Hrishikesh was selected as one of the top three players by the Delhi government, to be a part of the Tipsarevic Tennis Academy in Serbia, from 11 May 2019 to 9 June 2019, where he was trained for a month under one of the top ranked tennis players of the world.
Hrishikesh also played several tournaments organized by ITF, International Tennis Federation, in Chennai and Lebanon (Beirut) where he won several matches.
Hrishikesh will shortly be also going to Colombo on 9 September 2019 to participate in an international event. We wish Hrishikesh luck for all his endeavours.
Table Tennis Zonal
Date  -  19th-23rd August 2019
Venue  -  Blue Bells School
Winner(Sub Jr.Boys) Runner Up(Junior Boys)
1. Rishi Bihani  1. Aditya Chandani
2. Gautam Bihani  2. Dhruv Singhal
3. Soumil Garg 3. Madhur kunar
4. Devrat Sai Narang 4. Gokul Tekchandani
5. Atharv Singhal   
Football Zonal
Date -   5th August 2019
Venue - Chirag Enclave

Football (Sub Jr.Boys)

(Third Position)

Shujahat Hussain (X D)

Akshat Joon XI C)

Dhruv Khanna (X D)

Vishnesh Saxena (X B)

Ayush Sahoo (X A)

Arjun Jawa (IX D)

Pradyumn  Rawat(X A)

Keshav Tripathi IX C)

Sajat Kalra (X A)

Agustya Pradhan (IX C)

Yash Latwal (X A)

Ojas Aglawe (XI C)

Sambhav  Saini (X A)

Yatin Bhasin (X B)

Madhav Adlakha (X C)


Aryan Bakshi (X D)



Badminton zonal(Jr. Girls)
Date   -    29th July - 2nd August 2019
Venue -  Mata Gujri School  
Result -   runners up
               Navya Ambast  XI
               Sanya Malkotia XI 
               Tanishka Pawar XI 
12th South District Taekwondo Championship held at Tughlakabad Delhi on  27th July 2019
Udit Kunwar of class VI secured 1st place in U-14 “Sub Junior Baseball Nationals” held at Guwahati, Assam
Cricket Star of TIS

Shaurya Pandit of class V won “Man of the match” award against Spectrum Cricket Academy by scoring first century of his cricketing career. He made 101 runs in 78 balls in which he smashed 20 boundaries and 1 six.


Teachers Sports Star

Ms. Neelam Chhibber,Mr. Vijay,Ms. Anju,Mr. Chhibber and Ms. Neeru Sehgal participated in 'Dehli State Masters Atheletic Championship 2019' won several positions for their outstanding performance.


Our Budding Chess Champion
Aaditya Mehta, Class VI has won 3rd position (Second Runner Up) in HARYANA STATE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP in U-11 category held on 4th-5th May 2019 in Gurgaon. He has secured 5 points out of 6 and awarded with a Trophy and participation certificate.
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Cricket Rising Star- Shaurya Pandit
Shaurya Pandit of class V D has won the following awards in the month of May 2019 
a) Man of the match award for 60 runs against Spectrum Cricket Academy. 
b)Fighter of the Match award for his performance of 1 wicket and 36 runs against Young Friends Cricket Academy at Lodhi Estate
c)Fighter of the Day award for his performance of 49 runs  against Team Red at Creative Stars Summer League. 
d)Man of the Match award for his performance of 68  runs not out  and 3 wickets in  Creative Stars U12 Summer League.
Shaurya's Achievements in June 2019
  • ‘Man of the Match’  award for 60 runs against ‘Spectrum Cricket Academy’.
  • He got ‘Fighter of the Match’ award for his performance of 1 wicket and 36 runs against ‘Young Friends Cricket Academy’ at Lodhi Estate DTEA School.
  • He got ‘Fighter of the day’ award for his performance of 49 runs against team red at ‘Creative Stars Summer
  • He also won ‘Man of the match’ award for his performance of 68 runs not out and 3 wickets in ‘Creative Stars’ U-12 summer league.
  • He won ‘Man of the match’ award for his performance of 73 runs against ‘Lodhi Estate’ cricket academy at DTEA school Lodhi estate.
  • Runner up silver medal and ‘Man of the series’ award for his performance of 182 runs and 4 wickets in Creative Stars U12 summer league tournament.
  • Best batsman of the series against Spectrum cricket academy for 149 runs, 4 wickets 2 run outs in 3 match series.
  • He got best bowler of the series award in BGN 3 match series held at Govt Boys School RK puram sector 3 for 7 wickets and 97 runs.

Shooting Star of TIS


August 2019

  • Gold Medal in 25m Standard pistol (Jr. Men)
  • Silver Medal in 25m Sports pistol (Jr. Men)
  • Silver Medal in 10m Air pistol (Youth Men) in ‘35th Delhi State Inter School Shooting Championship 2019’
  • Silver Medal in 10m Air pistol (Youth Men) in ‘23rd Delhi State Inter School Shooting Championship 2019’

July 2019

  • Silver Medal securing 2nd position in ‘ISSF- Youth Men Pistol Championship’ held at ‘Siri Fort Complex’.
  • Gold Medal securing 1st position in ‘DDA School Children Shooting Tournament’ held at ‘Siri Fort Complex’

Winners at Adaptive Athletics Meet held at Sanskriti School
  • Reet of class IX won gold medal in 50m run and another gold medal in soft ball throw.
  • Akash of class VII won gold medal in standing jump and bronze medal in 50m run.
  • Ishan of class IX won silver medal in long jump and bronze medal in 100m run.
  • Priyanjal of class VII won gold medal in 50m run. 
  • Dhruv of class IX  won bronze medal in shot put. 


Vedant Choudhary of class XI participating at the World Roller Games at Barcelona from July 4,2019 to July 14,2019
Teakwondo Champions

Sarthak Pundora of class VIII A won silver medal in Taekwondo Championship held at Arya Samaj Mandir, Green Park.

Garvit Batra of Class VII  won Bronze Medal in Delhi State Indo Kick Taekwondo Championship  and a Silver medal in South District Taekwondo Championship.

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Youngest black-belt of North-East India
Rakshan Takyar of class VII is the Youngest black-belt of North-East India.  He became Taekwon-Do instructor at the age of 10. He also won the following awards
a. Won bronze medal at 30th Delhi State I.T.F Taekwon-do championship 2018 on 10th December 2018, at Thyagraj Indoor Stadium, INA, New Delhi
b. Won silver medal at 4th International and 33rd National I.T.F Taekwon-do championship 2018 held at Thyagraj Indoor Stadium, INA, New Delhi from 28th to 30th December 2018.