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Project Drishti

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Tagore International School believes that ‘quality education is inclusive education’. This belief stems from the observation that classrooms are not only a place of learning but also an empathetic support system for the students with special needs and allow them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers by placing them in an environment which provides them the same opportunities to flourish as other students. It is from this ideology that Project Drishti came about. The purpose of this initiative is to enable visually impaired students in inclusive classrooms to reach their full potential and have enriching classroom experiences as their peers by providing them accessible books, educational tools, kits and devices, and create a system to help them solve any other problems they encounter in learning. 
We plan to take a three-pronged approach to ensure that these students too have a fulfilling classroom experience.


Digitization of Books                             
we have decided to tackle the large deficit existing in the availability of digitized books for the visually impaired. Nowadays, since they prefer to work on computers, they use audio books or e-books. The process of converting books from print to e-books is called digitization. We have not only conducted two 10 hour long marathons in our school, but have also trained students other schools and conducted marathons there in order to spread awareness and take this endeavor forward. Since November 2017, we have digitized close to 20 books i.e. almost 6,500 pages.

On 31st July our students with the help of the NGO Saksham organised another digitization marathon in school. Digitization of books refers to the scanning and editing of books online to allow printed books to be converted to various formats like audio books which are accessible and easy to use for visually impaired students.

The marathon began at 8:30am and went on till 5:45 in the evening. There were a total of 65 volunteers, all of which were students who enthusiastically participated in the marathon. Over a span of 9 hours the students were able to digitise 8 books i.e. 1897 pages. We have surpassed last year’s record of 1369 pages. We hope to organise many more such marathons within school and outside so as to make a significant contribution to the accessibility of digitised books for the visually impaired. 

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Videography done by:
Aaryan Kohli XI A
Tactile Tools
Through research we came to the conclusion that visually impaired students need variedtactile tools in place of the regular material that children use in classrooms and are working on creating kits for students of different ages with elements such as tactile geometry boxes sourced form WorthTrust, embossed maps and science diagrams along with tactile colour pencils to help them connect objects in daily life to different colours. We are also in interaction with the Centre of Excellence in Tactile Graphics, IIT Delhi, to develop booksand games specifically catered towards the visually impaired, while also learning about the latest technology and practices used in it. Quality education also involves co-scholastic activities, and to enable visually impaired students get a taste of art, we are developing a tactile 3D art installation on the NAB premises.
We seek your support to provide educational kits to 100 visually impaired students
The students working  diligently during stay backs and Saturdays working for this cause.
Kits prepared by students

Art Installation at the National Association for the Blind, Sector 5 RK Puram.

Technological Innovations
We are also aiming towards providing technological innovations in the fields of orientation and mobility, and also communication for the visually impaired. We already have two models in the pipeline. One of them is a navigation belt which uses infrared sensors to notify a child about his/her location while navigating the school, while the other is a real time speech to text converter which allows them to send messages and questions to the teacher, and receive responses.


IILM Young Citizen Award for Innovation & Social Impact
On 24 October 2018, V. Chaitanya , a team leader of Project Drishti  showcased the elements of the project at the IILM Young Citizen Award for Innovation & Social Impact. After impressing the 5 member panel of judges, the project won the first prize out of 60 others that were presented by different schools from all over the country. The prize distribution ceremony took place on  the same day  itself at the UN House in Lodhi Estate during UN Day celebrations where Mr. Yuri Afanasiev ,the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in India, handed over a trophy as well as a cheque for the amount of Rs. 1 lakh to Chaitanya.  The entire prize money has been donated by the project members back to school and will be put to use for developing more learning tools for the visually impaired and funding activities of the other We Care projects in school.  



Sale for Charity

Tagore International School,Vasant Vihar is always at the forefront when it comes to social work initiatives.Our school has a tradition of adopting social issues and making a difference in society through them.As a part of SEWA programme ,students organise  fund generation events during our PTMs where they sell articles made by students to raise money which is utilised to support these causes. Almost every child contributes by making beautiful book marks, folders, envelopes,paintings etc. They organise and man the stalls, giving their Saturday mornings up for this whenever there is a programme in the school, be it PTMs or Orientation for any class.

This charitable work has been much appreciated by the parents, who have generously supported the effort.

Sale of smokeless diyas on the occasion of Diwali on 19 October 2019
Students of Quilling club selling  handmade cards on 31st August 2019 at the PTM
Efforts made in the past

Safety Club

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The ‘Sentinels of Safety ‘ ,as the members of safety club like to be addressed ,formally  launched the safety campaign in March 2017 with an objective of preparing a team which is equipped with skills to handle themselves  and others during any type of disaster . The team was constituted to infuse a sense of preparedness against disasters among the student community in the school.  A core team of 25 members headed by Hardik Suri of XI-C and Saloni of X-C was created to conduct training sessions and workshops. The team has conducted various fire and earthquake drills in school. They also planned a new ‘Rainy Day Schedule’ system for safe and quick dispersal of students. The team was also a  part of the workshops being conducted at DLF Promenade. The team has played an important role in organising  the celebrations of  festivals in the school and has been taking part in various fund raising activities. The team aspires  to be   worthy of the name given to them.
School Band Performance on the occasion of World Aids Day at Palika Park, CP on 01 December 2019

Our school students performed a live band on 01 December 2019, celebrating World Aids Day at Palika Park, CP. The school band was invited by Impulse India to perform. The audience were left spellbound. They applauded the students for a grand performance and kept asking for more. The band members rocked the event where the school was also felicitated by Mr Vinay, Vice President of Impulse India.

A POCSO workshop was organized by Cyber Peace Foundation for all the teachers on 21 September 2019
Dr. Dhawal Gupta, Currently working as an Additional Director with cyber law and e-security Division of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Ms. Janice Verghese, cyber lawyer and trainer were the resource persons.
Crimes against children were discussed under few points: Need for sensitization, Offenses against children, Cyber crimes against children, Perpetrators, What victims face?, Our responsibility, Common misconceptions.

With the help of case studies and using present tech savvy generation as examples, the broad spectrum of sexual offenses were highlighted.
The workshop was crisp and precise in generating awareness amongst the teachers as to the role of school as an institution in protecting the students from sexual offenses and provide a safety net.

Workshop against sexual harrasment at workplace for staff on 28 March 2019

We, at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar have a Sexual Harassment Committee as part of Safety Club to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India relating to sexual harassment of staff members at work place. The committee aims at identifying sexual harassment at workplace and offer a mechanism for redressal of complaints.

Ms. Rupinder Kaur, the outside member of the committee, conducted an awareness session for the staff on 28 March 2019. The staff was briefed about the Visakha Guidelines and the step by step procedure to go about, in case of any untoward incident.

Students of class V gained information on road safety in a fun way at Traffic Training Park ,Baba Kharak Singh Marg on 27 February 2019
On the occasion of celebrations of Delhi Police Week , our students from classes 6 to 8 participated in on the spot painting competition on 'Road Safety' held at India Gate on 20 February 2019
Workshop on dealing with fire emergencies was conducted by Mr. Vinay Kumar, Station Fire Officer at Bhikaji Cama Place for the school staff and the student cabinet on 11 January 2019 
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Teaching EWS students

Teaching EWS students of Primary class after school hours

'When individuals in a community collaborate and strive together for the benefit of all, then not only do the individuals benefit, but the whole community also prospers.' Sensitivity towards social issues is a value the Tagoreans naturally imbibe in the positive surroundings that pervades the school campus.

Under the NSS programme, students of class IX-A conduct classes after school, for the students from the EWS category of classes I to V. After an operation programme conducted by the NSS teachers, the students are in complete charge of mentoring, homework assistance, and prepration for examination of the students in English, Math. Improvement in speaking skills by engaging their wards in conversation and discussion, as well as focusing on correct pronunciation is also adopted by the mentors.

Activity based teaching to keep the learners engagged, preparation of worksheets, mock tests, usage of teaching aids are initiatives taken by the mentors to enliven the learning environment of the classroom.

The programme has gone a long way in generating awareness among the students of clss IX(A) of their responsibility towards the society at large, as well as inculcating values of comassion, sharing and empathy towards the lesser privileged.


20200114_082816.jpg 20200114_082822.jpg 20200114_082819.jpg
20200114_082925.jpg ews1.jpg ews2.jpg

Teach India Program


Our school was one of five pilot schools chosen to launch Times of India’s Teach India Program this year. This program trains students to teach spoken English to members of the school’s Support Staff. Students are also trained in community outreach and mobilization, which includes maintaining a Facebook page, spreading awareness in their communities, shooting videos, talking to target audiences, etc. Round 1 of this program was a roaring success; 8 of our Support Staff members enthusiastically stayed back after school every day to learn English from Keshvi Thapar (Class 11) and Suyesha Dutta (Class 10) over two months. This encouraging response generated greater interest in Teach India amongst the student body and other members of the Support Staff. Student applications for Round 2 tripled and 10 more Support Staff members have signed up to learn English. Classes and outreach will begin in November. We are deeply proud of the time and effort our students are putting in to ensure that every member of the TIS community improves their skills in order to create the possibility of a brighter future.

Social Empowerment through Work and Action

Social Empowerment through Work and Action(SEWA)

The concept is based on the idea of “Learning to live together”. SEWA aims to develop a whole person in their intellectual, personal, social, emotional and social growth through simple meaningful work at the individual level and actions at a cohort level.

Learners from classes IX and X  engaged in this program are expected to be life-long learners and through experiential learning develop as active citizens and caring and compassionate  humans.
SEWA takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom and sometimes even beyond the
boundaries of the school, building bridges with the authentic and real.

The following projects are undertaken under this:



Tagorean Awareness Society



In the year 2014, two socially minded students from Class VIII, Samarth Parmar and Satya Dewan, launched the Tagorean Awareness Society (TAS) for Class VI-VIII. Today we have more and more members joining from class VI to XI. They are supported by their Faculty Mentor Ms. Nishat Ahmed. The society has two goals: to promote cleanliness and to support a school for the underprivileged.

Cleanliness: TAS has instated the ‘Cleanest Classroom Award’. TAS members judge classrooms on the following parameters: class cupboard, floor, furniture, and dustbin cleanliness. The winner is announced once in a month. They receive a trophy which they proudly display in their class for one month till it is taken away by another class that has been the cleanest next month.

Samarpan School: TAS has chosen to work with the Samarpan School in VasantKunj. They will visit the school once a month, conduct activities for the children, help them with their homework and donate books and eatables. Our students have interactive sessions with the children, play small games, antakshari, and conduct drawing and craft lessons with the children. The students then distribute storybooks and eatables. TAS even sing songs and spend time with them. Every time that the TAS members visit the school the children there are overjoyed to see them. The Principal Mrs Sherna is very helpful and accommodating.  The TAS members are touched and grateful for the opportunity to interact with children so different from them. They realized that against all odds, the students at Samarpan school were happy, enthusiastic and positive. They are very eager to learn new things and want to work hard for a better future for themselves and their families.During the journey back to school the students exhibit a sense of satisfaction on spending their holiday with these children  who eagerly wait for them. Every time they come back more satisfied and enriched!

International  Yoga Day celebrated on 21 June 2020

Members of Tagorean Awareness Society celebrated the International Day of Yoga with great zeal, following the World Yoga Day theme for the year, 2020,  which was 'Yoga At Home and Yoga with Family'. Our students from classes VI to X recorded their short video clips by explaining the benefits of yoga.       

The pre-recorded short video was streamed live on YouTube wherein members of TAS explained the importance of yoga in our lives and how yoga makes us feel proud as it is now being celebrated internationally since its inception in the year 2015. The students also explained the importance and benefits of yoga amid the current corona pandemic. The response from the students, their parents and other viewers has been very positive and encouraging.

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Peer Mentoring

Our school has been conducting the Peer Mentoring Program since August 2013.As part of this initiative, we run weekly sessions, in which students from classes X and XI conduct workshops for and guide students of classes 6 to 8 on issues such as bullying, anger management, time management, self-esteem, dealing with emotions, communication skills etc.  

Our endeavour is to make students aware of the basic issues in their life and how to manage them. These sessions are activity based, and involve individual tasks, pair and share, role plays etc. planned specifically to impart self-help skills experientially to the students. 

These regular sessions have had a positive impact on the students as they are now able to handle their problems independently.

The Self Esteem session aimed to focus on the significance of self-esteem. This session helped the students identify factors that affect self-esteem in daily life. The students  discussed various techniques to help enhance their self-esteem.

Group discussion on techniques to enhance self esteem Peer mentors discussing the concept of self esteem Students writing down often heard statements about themselves

The main objective of the Anger Management sessions is to enable the students to understand the underlying emotions which lead to anger. We also suggest various ways to not only control but also manage anger, in a constructive way. 

bo6 do6  ia5
Brainstorming on  Physical changes due to anger Discussion on External triggers of anger Individual assessment of Anger –Creating situation


Sessions conducted for grade VII

These sessions were conducted with the aim to enable the students to understand anger as an emotion and the various emotions which are related to anger or trigger anger from within. Even techniques to manage oneself during situations which trigger anger were explained.

wecare1 wecare2 
Students making a list of triggers to anger  Discussion  on anger management techniques 

Time Management sessions inculcate the significance of prioritizing and scheduling tasks among students, with the help of group and individual.

exp grp  indi
Recognising-Challenges to Time Management Group Discussion on Time Management Scheduling ones day
Communication Skills sessions make the students aware of the two way process of communication. The sessions, through role plays and think-pair-share help them understand the importance of verbal as well as non-verbal aspects of communication. 
cd1 ev1 ga1
Class discussion on Consequences of miscommunication Explaining various aspects of Communication Group Discussion on Verbal and Non verbal Communication
During sessions on Bullying students are made aware of different roles of people involved in bullying and their basic characteristics. Through role plays, students are empowered to avoid and overcome bullying situations.
bo4 do5 rp5
Brainstorming on reasons for Bullying Discussion on the Role of Bystander Role Play on Bullying Situation
Session on Bullying for grade VI

The main aim of these sessions was to show the assertiveness required against bullies both through verbal and non verbal communication. The session consisted of a role play (done by the students themselves), a puzzle game, a quiz and group discussions all of which helped in the understanding of the concept.

image1 image2
Group discussion on importance of bystanders Explanation on assertively dealing with bullying situations

Sessions on Creative and Critical thinking inculcated the significance of these life skills among students. With the help of creative “out of the box” thinking one can find a solution to a seemingly difficult problem and through critical thinking, we can analyse the pros and cons of any situation. 


ga3 gd3 ga4
Group activity - students trying to solve the problem with the help of creative thinking Group discussion for creative and critical thinking Group activity for creative thinking
Sessions on Creative Thinking conducted for grade VIII

Sessions on creative thinking were conducted in order to inculcate ingenuity and innovative instincts. These sessions involved questionnaires which had unusual questions all of which required ones gray cells and thinking caps on.

Untitled 1 Untitled 2
Group discussion for questionnaire on creativity Group activity - Students trying to solve the problem with the help of creative thinking

The main objective of the Problem Solving session was to empower the students with decision making skills when faced with any challenging situations.

bf3 IMG 20160719_083121 1 ep7
Brainstorming for decision making skills when faced with any challenging situations Discussing problem solving strategies Explaining problem solving skills



Donate an Occasion Campaign

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Mrs Sen donated Rs 60,000 to sponsor the education of 10 underprivileged students for one year at a school run by Drishtikone in Champawat. 


TIS is deeply committed to building a service culture in our students; our latest initiative, the Donate-An-Occasion campaign, has given Tagoreans a platform from which to launch personal service projects.

The idea is simple: on special occasions such as birthdays in the family, anniversaries, festivals etc., we give to those less fortunate than us. Students / teachers / parents donate presents/money to a favourite charity, serve food at a langar, donate blood, spend time in an orphanage/old age home, distribute old clothes, clean up their neighbourhood, etc. No act of kindness is too small. To contribute to the campaign, all Tagoreans have to do is perform a good deed, take a picture, and write a few sentences on what the occasion was and what they did.

We display all these submissions and record the number of occasions donated on a notice board at the school entrance. We also announce the names and deeds of the students, teachers, and their families during assembly. Tagoreans have participated in the campaign. The School Cabinet is also coming together to plan its own CSR project!

We are very excited about the value of this ambitious campaign. It is a point of pride for us when teachers, students, and parents of the TIS community come together to make a real difference in the world.


We Care

The Interact Club of our school has been thriving with its many active social campaigns under the aegis of the Rotary club of India. The office bearers along with their team of dedicated students work on the path breaking projects that our school has initiated –

Breaking Barriers – the LGBTQI Awareness and Sensitivity Program

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Vedica Saxena

  • President - Anisha Arya XI D
  • Vice president - Aarushi Guleria X C
Flawless Flaws – the Acid Attack Survivors Support program

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Vedica Saxena

  • President - Vaishnavi Pandey XC
  • Vice president - Prerna X B
Kick Start Equality-- Awareness about violence against women

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Vedica Saxena

  • President - Vania Kapoor XI A
  • Vice President - Diya X C

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Uma Chopra

  • President - Saloni Anand  XI D
  • Vice President - Trisha Sood  IX C

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Pooja Bakshi

                                          Ms. Vedica Saxena

  • President - Eshaan Awasthy XI C
  • Vice President - Amogh Jain XI B




Internship Program

We at Tagore International School, believe in giving our students opportunities to maximize their potential.With this ideology, school launched its pilot Internship Program for Classes X - XII during the summer holidays in the year 2013. Students at this age( aged 15 – 17 years) are at a stage where they have some idea about the career they want to opt for, but at the same time are confused with the plethora of opportunities available. To give them a hands on experience in their field of interest and to engage them skillfully during the summer break, we organize internships for two weeks every year. This provides students with a rare opportunity to understand the nuances of professional life and to apply their knowledge in real world situations.

Session 2018-19
This year our students got the opportunity to intern in the organisations like STUDIO LOTUS,  CACHE INFOTECH ,  SATKARTAR FASHION (Garments manufacturing) ,  PEARL ACADEMY ,  HAVAS INDIA ,  24 FRAMES ,  WISHBOX STUDIO ,  WWF ,  BLK HOSPITAL ,  TAJ PALACE ,  WADHWA CHAMBERS  and  RIVETING EVENTS
Internship at Cache Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Samarth Bagga X-C


Smridh Mahajan X-C


Internship at Satkartar Fashion
Satkartar Fashions
Internship at BLK Hospital

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as an observer/intern in the cardiology department at your organization, B.L. Kapur Super Specialty Hospital. During this period of 15 days, I had gained valuable insight into the field of medicine and had learned a lot from the doctors, patients, and coordinators I had worked with.

I was fortunate that the doctors provided me with the opportunity to observe numerous cases and brief me about the nuances of this profession. In addition to that everybody at the hospital was very welcoming and helpful and offered me terrific career advice.

This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in medicine and to be specific cardiology. Thank you, again, for making my internship a rewarding experience. I hope to keep in touch with you and the rest of the team.

Avni Sharma 

Anshika popli1

Anshika Popli X-A

Avni sharma1

Avni Sharma XI-D

batul nadeem1

Batul Nadeem XI-D


Internship at Wadhwa Chambers

Prarthana of class X and Anshika Bhatnagar of class XI, completed a two-week internship course in the renowned Wadhwa Law Chambers, in Kalkaji. They had an extremely informative learning experience working with advocates, researching cases, and going to courts. They were first told to go through the Constitution of India briefly and familiarize themselves with reading and understanding the legal language and know important sections. They were then given three landmark cases that prove to bring about important changes in the Indian judiciary to research on and give their point of view. During their time in the office, the young minds also helped with the legal paper works and were consequently taken to court proceedings in the District as well as the Delhi High Court.

Prarthana Wadhwa chambers

Prarthana X-A

Session 2017-18
This year about 25 of our students participated in this programme and benefitted immensely . They got the opportunity to intern in orgamisations like BBC Media, WWF, Max Hospitals, CNN News18, Wishbox Studio, Sweccha , Pierrot’s Troupe, to name a few.
Internship at BBC Media
 Internship at CNN News 18 Studio
CNN News 18 Studio 
 Internship at Police Station
 Internship at Sweccha NGO
 Session 2016-17
Internship at Hotel Taj Palace

I am grateful to have received the opportunity of doing an internship with Mr. Rajesh Wadhwa, Executive Chef - Taj Palace Hotel. I owe this internship to Tagore international School.

It was a great learning experience. I worked in the bakery department. We were a group of two interns working in the bakery department. We have learnt to bake fruit cakes, Bakhlava (an Arabic sweet dish), Shoe pastries, cupcakes, chocolates, etc. This internship program helped me analyze my interests and skills. We learnt to work under pressure and understood the working of a kitchen of a reputed Hotel like Taj Palace. The staff at Taj Palace was highly experienced and very welcoming, helpful and cooperative, which made the internship a joyful experience. Lastly, I would like to thank Madhulika ma'am for this enlightening opportunity.

Eva Arora


Internship at Lifestyle

I am Muskaan Ahuja from class 11 A and I was interning with Lifestyle in the Visual Merchandising department. The experience was amazing and I learnt a lot. We were told about how clothes and mannequins were displayed in order to make them visually appealing to the customer and also how a store is managed.

There were so many aspects of retailing we knew nothing about. This internship taught me a lot and it was a really enriching experience.

Muskaan Ahuja
Class XI -A

In the summer vacation of 2016 I had my internship at Lifestyle, Pacific Mall for marketing and advertisement. The internship began with a meeting with Mr. Jasdeep Kohli, who is the head of marketing at lifestyle, at his office in Gurugram. He then assigned Charu Ma’am to work with us who worked in visual marketing at Lifestyle, Pacific Mall. She explained the six basic concepts on which lifestyle was built and also about in-house brands. The following days we studied each of these concepts and how they were applied in the store. We had to observe and study each brand separately and find out how their marketing was different from one another. We also compared lifestyle to other stores in the mall as well as lifestyle at Ambience Vasant Kunj where we identified how their marketing strategies varied. Being there I also learnt about the daily checklist, router letters, merchandise density and styling docket. I also had the opportunity to dress mannequins, according to the styling docket, which were put on display at the store.

This internship has given me an incredible experience and has allowed me to learn and expand my skills. I am thankful for this opportunity and I would recommend this to all those interested in marketing and advertisement as it will give a good exposure to marketing in the Corporate world.

Vridhi Wadhawan

Internship at Pearl Academy

I was a part of the Pearl Academy internship program, which was from 06 to 11 July 2016. During this period, we were introduced to different designing courses. On the first day of the program, we learned how to make a lamp using simple waste such as scrap chart papers . The next day, we had to design the interior of a room for a 6 yr old child using thermocol as walls. This was the best part as we were asked to remember our childhood memories and then design the room. The next two days, we had to make a product using ice-cream sticks and wire and a stop - motion video using yarn. On the last day, we went for an industrial visit. It was a good opportunity to learn

Easha Chandok

FB IMG_1467641473681

Internship at Pavan Duggal Associates

I would like to share my experience during my internship with Pavan Duggal Associates.

When I walked into the office of Pavan Duggal Associates, I knew that this place was different.Unlike most other offices I've been to, this place actually wanted to make a difference in the world of cyber security. 

Mr Duggal is a very knowledgeable person who is always willing to share his knowledge and learn more at the same time. He treats persons of all ages with the same level of enthusiasm.

On my first day, he told me that I need not come to the office everyday, and could work from home. He asked me to research on the topic 'How technology will affect the youth of our country by the year 2020'. While researching on this topic, I learnt a lot about how technology plays a very important role in the life of people nowadays.

Over the next fourteen days, he gave me several topics related to technology and its effects such as 'Sexting and Sextortion', 'Online harassment', and the risks of using developing platforms without proper analysis from a security point of view. I would go to the office on alternate days for an hour each to submit my project and collect the topic for the next one.

Overall, it was a very enlightening and enjoyable experience for me, and I am thankful to my school for providing me with this opportunity.

Rahul Basu
Class X-A

 Session 2015-16
Internship at Taj Palace
For this summer vacation of 2015 I had my internship at the Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi for hotel management. My internship began with a briefing about Taj on the first day. The next day I was sent to my department, the front office where I met Cynthia ma’am who gave me a tour of the Taj Palace and explained in detail about each place as we passed. Then following days I went and explored the different departments of the front office. I went to the business centre, reservations, communications and customer care, bell desk and guest history. In all the departments I was basically getting briefed about their work. Being there I also went for room inspections where we had to make sure that everything that guest requested was there as well as the room was ready for the guest to check in. I also learned as to how to prepare a discrepancy report which was done on a daily bases.  During my visit there I was also able to go to the food and beverages department for a few days and explore this department as well.

 This internship was fun and very informative. I would recommend this internship to all those who are interested in the field of hospitality. 


Internship at S. Chand Publishing House with the Editorial Department
It was a short but splendid two weeks from 1st June to 12th June, 2015.
I first had a quick interview with the Head of the Editorial Department, after which I was given a place to work, in a cubicle with two other persons working at the house as proof readers. While they arranged a laptop for me, I acquainted myself with my two fellow cubicle seniors and in the two weeks that followed, they familiarised me with their work.
Interning at a publishing house for educational books, my first task was to find syllabuses for major subjects for central and state universities. The second day, my laptop was replaced with a desktop and I finished the task in a couple of days. I was then introduced to one of the developmental editors who ran me through the basic process that a manuscript undergoes in this particular division. My next task involved assisting him to find pictures for the cover of a book in its last stages, about go for printing. Through this, I got the gist of cover designing. Later on, I searched for professors online who could be asked to review certain books for the publishing house and lastly, I began creating a database for such reviewers state-wise, which I was told would be of great help to the house in the future.
I also discovered that the person in-charge, Ms. Shalini shared my love for books and we had a hearty discussion when she was able to take out time. It came as no surprise when we exchanged books on the last day. I had a fulfilling last day, literally, with a pizza party in the department.
The best part was that I was kept busy with work. Apart from that, I was unable to extend the duration of my stay despite requests, which is of course unfortunate, but the time I did have, I believe was spent well.
Strong positive feedback confirmed my choice for pursuing this field, at least for now. However, whether I would wish to join an educational publishing house remains unclear for I would only  be capable of making that choice when I get the opportunity to intern at other publishing houses, such as those for recreational books or newspapers.

I am thankful for the invaluable opportunity.

Class:  XI B
 Internship at CNN IBN (Network 18)

With the national media becoming popular, making journalists and news reporters increasingly influential, an urge to pursue journalism as a career had developed within me. Journalism, especially the investigative kind, has always seemed like an interesting career prospect. However, what is seemingly a world full of bustle and excitement involves dealing with a load of stress, competition and late nights. Interning at CNN IBN, one of the leading news channels in the country, allowed me a glimpse into the world of news presentation, aided me in understanding it better and is treasured as an invaluable experience. From spending time in the News Room, observing the editorial department swishing their fingers over computer keyboards, to travelling the length and breadth of the city, followed by an OB Van full of equipments, covering stories- the internship was an exciting one! In the course of the internship, I interviewed the CBSE class XII topper, attended a press conference held by the Head of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to gather latest updates regarding the heat wave situation declared then, discussed the environmental connotations of the heat with the Head of the Environmental Department of the IMD and Ms. Baha Dutt, environmentalist and author, helped with the preparation of the script for a new CNN IBN series called ‘Stop Call Drops’ and even shot a bit of the introduction to the package, featured in the live morning show on one of the days, and interviewed the Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Gurgaon, questioning her about the different innovative initiatives undertaken by the Gurgaon Police to spread awareness about the importance of following traffic norms. All in all, the two weeks I spent interning at CNN IBN were extremely fruitful and there could not have been a better way to spend my Summer break!

Sohini Chakrabarti 

 Internship at Pearl Academy

In addition to sharpening our designing skills,we had the opportunity of sharing our ideas and projects with our fellow interns from other schools.Each day we got exposure to a variety of courses and were enlightened about courses we did not know much about,such as the global luxury brand management course.These five days have made us more confident about our choice of profession and has helped us to be more focused towards what we want to take up in the next few years.

Sehej Kaur - Class X


During my summer vacations, I got the opportunity to take internship program at Pearl Academy, Noida from 1st June to 5th June. It was wonderful experience as I was exposed to various courses and designing techniques such as Light Painting Photography, Draping, Jewelry designing, Product designing. I also got an opportunity to visit an advertising company, Rep Indi, where I learnt how to design a logo, how shoots are done etc. Over all I enjoyed this internship, and hope to have another one next year.

Sukriti Grover - Class XI

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 Session 2014-15
In the summer break of the session  2014-15, we conducted Round Two of the Internship Program we had started for students of Classes X-XII last year. We doubled the amount of internships offered (over 100) and targeted more industries. Apart from the favorites of last year, such as Law and Fashion, our students worked with Graphic Designers, Public Relations teams, News Channels and many more.
We were pleasantly surprised to learn that some of our employers were so impressed with our students’ work that they offered the students full-time jobs once they graduated! Others raved about our students’ work ethic: Anshu Chhibber, Editor at CNN-IBN said of Aayushi Mehrish (Class 11), “Aayushi is just brilliant. She is courteous, punctual and does excellent work.”
Two-thirds of our students rated the internships as “Amazing”, saying they were able to clarify what they want to do in the future. We are even more certain that internships are extremely effective in helping students chart out their interests and goals. We urge parents to encourage their children to participate in this valuable endeavour in the coming years. 


Jaya Rao and Sarthak Taneja (Class XI) interning under photographer RohitSuri




 Aayushi Mehrish (Class XI), recording a segment at CNN-IBN



 Safina Amin (Class XI) going into the Operation Theatre with Dr Arvind Kumar, Director, Institute of Robotic Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Session 2013-14

Our school launched its pilot Internship Program for classes X-XII during the summer holidays in the year 2013. It is vital that young people be exposed to the wider world, where they can have first hand experiences that will determine their career choices in the future. 60 students from classes X-XII interned with professionals of their choice, ranging from Supreme Court advocates, to Executive Chefs, to Fashion Designers. Over half of the employers were enthusiastic school parents who generously volunteered to mentor these young minds.

The internship program was a resounding success. 90% of students gave us glowing feedback: “The internship program could not have been better. There was perfection in all ways. I got to learn and understand the working scenario and technical aspects of a film studio,” said Jatin Sawhney, Class X, interning under environmentalist filmmaker Mike Pandey.

The employers were deeply impressed with our students as well. Dr. Arvind Kumar, Director of the Institute of Robotic Surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said, “I was amazed at Sanya’s ability to go into the minutest of details in every clinical situation. In fact, while reading her daily diary, I almost thought it had been written by a resident doctor.”

The Internship Program will now take place biannually. We hope to send over 100 students on internships next summer!

Swasti Acharya, Class XI, interned under Manav Rath, Creative Director at TIC India advertising. She helped design a logo for a 
Tata Motors marketing campaign

Damini Babbar, Class X, worked on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s events for World Anti-Drug day. She attended talks and interactions with many organizations, notably the Population Council, regarding drug abuse in India.