Tagoreans secured second position in the story writing competition

Medha Gupta, Niharika Dhyani and Trisha Sood of VIII C participated in the Spin-a-Yarn story writing competition in the  APS Tag Fest,  organised by Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan. Out of over 25 participating schools,they bagged the second position in the competition and were awarded a trophy and a certificate each.

Nehal Vijay and Ojaswini are selected for prestigious TERI workshop

Teri organized the event Climate Jamboree, 'Art from Heart' competition in the month of September. Participants sent online entries on topics related with environment and climate change. Nehal Vijay of class Xll D and Ojaswini of XII B were selected for the prestigious Teri workshop.


Tagoreans won accolades at Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram

Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram hosted an inter-school fest “Umang Tarang” on 19 September offering a cornucopia of literary and cultural festivals.

  1. In Katha the dance drama event, a team of 11 students from class III won the second prize for their inspiring and thoughtful presentation based on the life events of the Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai.
  2. In the Kavya Ras Jugalbandi, the poem recitation competition, Suvidha Jain of II B and Ayana Dhall of II C secured second position out of 12 participating teams. The title of their poem was “ Bura na bolo bol re”
  3. In the Speech Craft Competition, Naman Kar of III C impressed the judges and audiences with his public speaking skills and won the second prize. 


Tagoreans won the Overall Computer GenX Trophy

The Army Public School Dhaula Kuan organised TAPSFEST 2018 on 29 and 30 August and hosted a plethora of events our school won the Overall Computer Genx Trophy.

A) RDX was an economic debating event held at Annual TAPS FEST 2018 in Army Public School Dhaula Kuan. 12 top schools from all over Delhi participated in the debate with the topic as "investment in stock market vs investment in Cryptocurrency" and Shrey Chhabra of XII A won the second position in the event.
B) Lalrinfeli of IX C and Nehal Vijay of Xll D won the first prize for their painting in the “Poem on Canvas Competition” where the participants were given a poem on the spot and had to bring out their interpretation on the canvas.
C) Arsh Misra of X C participated in the Extempore Competition “Minute to Win it” and secured the second position.
D) The team of U Sai Samhita of XII A, Aarya Rej and Suryanshu Chaturvedi of XII B , Shreya Dharmarajan, Ananya Mehta, Anshika Bhatnagar, Rahil Kapoor of XI B and Mehak Jhurani of XI C participated in “Express Music your way Contest” and won the first prize.
E) Devansh Choudhary  of XI B and Aman Agarwal of XI C won first prize in Robotics event - Robomaze at Phoenix.They made an autonomous line follower robot to solve maze in shortest possible time with least  human interference.
F) Shiven Aggarwal of VII C and Malav Chakraborty of VIII B won the first prize in Event "Logomania" where they created a Logo in Photoshop.
G) Saanya Anand  and Vaishanvi Pandey of IX C won the second Prize in Movie making on the social theme  " Mard ko Dard Nai Hota ".
H) Drashik Chabbra  and Shourya Taneja of XI A won First Prize in Design Event where they desgined a Gaming Billboard in Photoshop.
I) Prabhjot Singh of Class XI A and Smridh Mahajan of X C won first Prize in Event " Virtual Reality" Gaming Competition.

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Prarthana, Sarohi and Aryaman won the third prize in 'play a poem' competition

Delhi Public School R K Puram organised Theatron  on 25 August 2018.  Prarthana of X A, Sarohi Sharma of XI B and Aryaman Seth of XII A won the third prize in the 'play o poem' competition.

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Tagore International School, East of Kailash organised TAGFEST on 29 August 2018

Tagore International School, East of Kailash organised TAGFEST on 29 August 2018.

  1. In the event Silver Screen, the movie making event, the team of Aaryan Kohli of XI A, Vaibhav Bhardwaj and Asees Singh of XI D secured the 2nd position for their movie on the theme “the World Unplugged”. The acting of Sudeeksha Ganguli and Manya Batta was really appreciated by the judges.
  2. In the charcoal drawing competition themed “Dreamscapes”, Nehal Vijay of XII D won the first prize for her fine art work.
  3. Shivansh Badoni and Aniera Shewaramani of IV A won the first prize in Cartoon Story competition where they had to create a short story in Scratch on the topic "The boy who wished to be a monkey". 

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Aaryan Kohli and Manya Kamath won the first prize in photography event

Sanskriti School organised Exposure, a photography event on 10 August 2018. Aaryan Kohli  of XI A and Manya Kamath of IX A won the first prize in Juxtapose event where they had to click pictures to create a digital mood board using the given colour.

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Tagoreans won the second position at multimedia competition hosted by Vasant Valley School

Vasant Valley school hosted the annual multimedia competition on 24 August 2018. In this premier event themed “Success at any cost” the team of Dhruv Bahri  of XI B and Vanshika Kathuria of XI  C and Jeevisha Rawat of X C and Namya Patiyal of X B secured the second position and were given a cash prize of Rs 1500 each.  The music was composed by Yuvraj Singh of class X.

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Tagoreans won second prize in Quiz competition organised by Modern School

Modern School, Vasant Vihar conducted an interschool quiz competition for classes IV and V on 21 st August where in Amit Swaminathan  and Nidhir Bardhan of class IV and Aditya Mathur and  Arahan Gupta of class V participated and bagged the second prize. The quiz was held in three phases- first was a multiple choice and an elimination round; second was an audio-visual and also an audio visual round; the final round was conducted in three rounds. The topics covered were poets, authors, spellings and sports. Our school lost to the winning team in a tie breaker round and stood second.

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Aditya Choithani won the first prize in debate competition

Aditya Choithani of class IV B participated in an interschool Hindi debate competition organized by the Indian School on 08 August and won the first prize.  He spoke against the topic : Kahaan gayi dadi-nani ki kahaani, Woh kagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani.

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Winners of MUN hosted by Lotus Valley International School, Noida

In the MUN hosted by Lotus Valley International School, Noida on 04 August 2018, Samarth Bagga of X C and Aahana Choudhary of XI B won 1st high commendation in General assembly. V. Chaitanya of class XI got high commendation award in international criminal court. Arsh Misra of class X C won special mention in security council.

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Tagoreans bagged the second prize in "Twist in a tale" competition

Modern School, Vasant Vihar organized an Interschool Literary Event on 27 July 2018.

Aahana Jain and Viniti Sabharwal of IV A, Kanav Sharma of VA, Harnoor Kaur Sandhu  and Parantap Mishra of VB bagged the second prize in “Twist in a tale” competition where the teams were required to enact a scene from one of the given fairy tales but the story line had to be different or contrary to the original tale.

Our participants enacted “Three little pigs” and were judged on the basis of creativity, content, element of humour, dialogue and expressions.

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Tagoreans shine at cultural fest at Carmel Convent School, Chanakyapuri
Carmel Convent School, Chanakya Puri organized an inter school cultural fest from 23 to  27 July 2018.
Sarohi Sharma of XI B won the first prize in the solo category of the dance competition Meraki. She performed Kathak and was well appreciated by the judges.
Rahul Basu of XII C and Shaivi Shewaramani of IX C won the Second prize in Event "Melange" where they created 2 pieces of digital music by mixing the given songs of different genres. They used Audacity Software.
Dhruv Bahri of XI B , Ishita Rao ,Abhishek Saxena , Jaishna of XII C  won the First Prize in making an 8 minute film on  the social theme  " Too much too little ".
Shivansh Bansal of XII A and Dhruv Bahri of XI B won the third Prize in Event " Shutterbug" where they clicked on the spot  pictures on the given  theme 'Expressions'.
In the face painting competition The Impressionist  Mrinalini Sen , Ruth & Harmehar Singh of XII B won the prize for the best costume.












Ishita Rao and Rahul Basu won the first prize in the cryptic hunt event 

Bal Bharati School, Pitampura organised BYTE.IT, a technology-based event including a multitude of categories. The Surprise event, 404,comprised of two rounds: the preliminary round, which was an online Cryptic Hunt, and the final round, which was held on-site. Ishita Rao and Rahul Basu of XII C qualified for the final round in the online prelims, and bagged the first prize in the final event.

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Tagoreans won accolades in Quizebate event at Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Quizebate was conducted by Modern School, Vasant Vihar on 19 and 20 July 2018. The two day event comprised of Debate on the first day and quiz on the second.
In the debate, the team of V.Chaitanya of XI D, Sanjeet Aggarwal of XI A and Shrey Chhabra of XII A took part. After two rounds of debating in the Turncoat, Extempore and Bridge Round formats with both speaking and writing debates, the team was awarded the overall third position.
In the quiz, the team of Jasmeet Singh Kohli, Arsh Misra and Sidharth Bhattacharya took part and reached the finals. Arsh Misra was awarded best quizzer.
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IMG 5332
Sanjeet Aggarwal was invited as assistant vice chairperson at MUNQSMUN

DPS Mathura Road organized it's annual MUN conference MUNQSMUN 2018 and Sanjeet Aggarwal of XI A was invited to the executive board as the assistant vice chairperson of the international law commission.

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Chirag Kakkar and Manya Kamath won the first prize in storyboard event at DIGEX 2018

Photography festival, DIGEX 2018 was organised by DPS, R K Puram on 12 May 2018. Chirag Kakkar of XII B and Manya Kamath of IX A won the first prize in story board event where they had to form story based on the topic "Me Myself and I" in at least three pictures.

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Tagoreans won accolades at Rendezvous hosted by Air Force Bal Bharti School

Air Force Bal Bharti School, Lodhi Road hosted the interschool fest Rendezvous on 09 May 2018.

a) Aviaansh Goel and Simarpreet Singh of III A won the first prize in poster making competition. They had to design a poster on Delhi Tourism using Word 2013.
b) U Sai Samhita of class XII A participated in Kavya Path and won the first prize. The participants rendered the writings of renowned hindi poets.
c) In AD-CLAT, an advertisement enactment competition students had to design their own product and present an ad on it. Abhay N Hari XII D, Aryaman Seth ,Aditya Sharma and Sandeed Farooq of  XII A and Sanjeet Aggarwal of XI A and Krishang Trivedi of class XI D took part and won the runners up position among the competing schools.
d) Tishya Chandok and Ada Arora of Class V B participated in a creative writing competition where in the students had to work in pairs and write a paragraph on the topic “Two heads are better than one.” Later, the students also had to narrate/ present the paragraph written. Tishya and Ada competed against 15 teams and bagged second position.
e) Our team of Lavanya Sharma, Dhruv Vasan of IX A, Nasra Yahya, Hardik Juneja of IX C, Shlok Rana of VIII A , Medha Gupta and Pratyush of VIII C participated in Lok Gatha and bagged the third position.

    Our students won accolades and were greatly appreciated for their all round performance.

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Winners of Shikha Chhabra Rolling Trophy at 'StageKraft' 2018 hosted by Sanskriti School

Thirty five students from classes IX-XII participated in  ‘StageKraft’ 2018, the annual theatre, debate and choreography festival hosted by Sanskriti School, Chanakya Puri on the 12 May 2018.

The students participated in each of the seven events organised by the school , in both Hindi and English. The school sent participants for Parliamentary debate, Nukkad Natak and Stand up Comedy in Hindi, debate, short play, stand up comedy in English and for choreography.

Rishab Khanna of class XI C sent all into peals of laughter with his stand-up comedy in Hindi on reality shows. He bagged the first prize in the event.

Sanjeet Aggarwal of XI A and Abhay N Hari of class XII D, who participated in the English debate were declared the runners up and were awarded a trophy each and certificates.

The team comprising of Prarthana and Bharvi Bhalla of class X A, and Prabhjot Singh, Saumye Gupta, Simran Batra and Aditya Satija of class XI bagged the third prize in the English short play event. They had staged a play on the theme “Robber gets Robbed”.

On the basis of the cumulative scores of twenty five participating schools of Delhi and NCR Region, our school was awarded the Shikha Chhabra Rolling Trophy for being the overall champion school. I am proud to announce that we were declared the overall champion last year too.

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Tagoreans won overall trophy at Air Force School, Subroto Park
TAG QUEST 2018 was conducted by the Air Force School, Subroto Park on 10 and 11  May  2018. It included events like debate, tech symposium, math modelling etc.
Our school's debate team comprising of V. Chaitanya, Sanjeet Aggarwal of XI A and Snigdha Soti of XI D were the runners up in the debate around the theme “Culture of Silence”.
Aishani Singh of X A won the third prize in Creatia, the best out of waste competition, and Prarthana of X A won the slam poetry competition.
Our school also won the overall trophy in the competition after cumulative scores of all events were taken into consideration.
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Yash Vashishth secured the first position in the quiz competition

A Heritage Awareness Program was organised by Aga Khan Trust for Culture on the occasion of World Heritage Day on 18 April 2018.The program included a guided tour, a quiz competition and workshops on floral painting, art and craft. Yash Vashishth of VIII C secured the first position in the quiz and won a painting kit.

Yash Vashishth

Gayathri Nambiar and  Shreya Dharamrajan bagged the second prize in multimedia presentation competition

Springdales School, Pusa Road organized a multimedia presentation competition during their week long Africa Week Celebrations to mark Afro -Indian friendship and solidarity. The competition involved extensive research and comprehensive presentation. Gayathri Nambiar of XII B and Shreya Dharamrajan of XI B participated in the competition on 26 April 2018. Their presentation on African Music bagged the second prize.

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Winners of Smaash Sky Karting at Gurugram

Sky Karting Time Trial Battles which take place twice a year was hosted by Smaash Sky Karting Gurugram on 18 March 2018. Adheet Parashar of  X C and Rattan Prakash Singh of XII B participated in the event. Adheet Parashar won and received the first position in the Kids 13 to 18 yrs category and third place in the Professionals category. Rattan qualified for the finals by securing fourth place in the Amateur category missing out on the top 3 by just a matter of milli seconds. Note here that this sport is usually perceived as a hobby rather than a sport. The professional drivers you see on the track today have all started from the basics of racing and that is karting, so we look forward to Adheet and Rattan making it big in this field.



Saanya Anand won 'Best Original Story' Award at INTACH FILMIT INDIA

Saanya Anand of class IX C has been actively participating in INTACH FILMIT INDIA PROJECT and she showcased some great movies on the theme Heritage of India and won various prizes for the same.This year, for the third consecutive time she has been awarded for  " Best Original  Story" for the film " Natural Dyes“ in January 2018 at Indian International Centre. 

Saanya Anand

Winners of MUN at St. Stephens college

On 01 April 2018, the team of Shrey Chhabra, Kartikey Gupta of XII A and Devarshi Paul participated in a moot court competition held at St. Stephens college. It is a simulation of high court where teams represent prosecution or defence in a case as they would in a real life court. Their case was based on Salman Khan hit and run case and they represented both sides in three rounds. Out of 28 teams, Tagoreans did a clean sweep and won overall runners up trophy. Shrey also won overall second best orator while Devarshi won overall third best orator. Kartikey also bagged the best researcher award. In all, the team bagged cash prizes worth ₹7,000.


Gayathri Nambiar won accolades for essay writing competition
New Era Public School, Mayapuri conducted the R.L Chopra Memorial interschool creative writing competition on 16 November 2017. The book selected this year was ‘The Emerging Feminine’ by Rashna Imhasly Gandhi, based on which students had to write creative essays. The competition was followed by a panel discussion. Gayathri Nambiar of class XI B participated in both. She received a consolation prize for essay on ‘ The role of Archetypes on the increasing number of divorce rates today’.
Saumya Bhatia secured second position in the dress designing competition at Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy Fashion Institute hosted series of competitive events on 11 November 2017. Saumya Bhatia of XI B participated in the dress designing competition and was declared the runner’s up.

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