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Book Week Celebration  from 04-08 May 2020

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of books is the best of all.”                

                                                                                                 Jacqueline Kennedy

Every year we organise a ’Book Week’ to enhance the literary skills of our students and inculcate good reading habits in them. This year the school celebrated a virtual Book Week from 4th May to 8th May 2020. The aim was to encourage students to become avid readers. Various interesting activities, related to books and reading were organised throughout the week. The students discovered their ’innate powers’, expressed their appreciation for the plant world through a fun worksheet, presented a ‘Show and Tell’, wrote stories in their own words and made comic strips on the books prescribed for them. Puppet show links were also shared with the students and an interesting online storytelling session was organized with famous writer and educationist Ms Sangita Kanjilal. The Book Week was a thumping success with students participating wholeheartedly in all the activities organized for them.

Students of class I as ‘The page turners ‘
'The Giving Tree' by the students of class II
Giving Tree 1
Show and Tell on ‘My Favourite animal ‘ by the students of class III 
Ganeve Singh Rishvi Kehar
Kaavya Mukherjee Tanushree Maro
Aspiring storytellers of class IV with their original stories in handmade book covers
Navika1 Navika2 Navika3
Navika Tejwani IV B
Harshita1 Harshita2 Harshita3
Harshit IV B
Kashvi Kashvi1 Kashvi2 Kashvi3
Kashvi IV A
M1 M2
Meghala Rajeev IV A
R Re3
Reyhaan Sharma IV C
"Twist- a-Tale" - Comic Strip designed by the students of class V

Iranya Bhatia V C

Iranya Bhatia V C 

Hiya Jangir V A

Hiya Jangir V A

"Story telling session by Ms.Sangita Kanjilal on 08 May 2020" 

'We would be nothing without our stories'

It was a beautiful ending to the successful book week event which was held from 4th May to 8th May. On 8th May, a story telling session was held by Ms Sangita Kanjilal. The Google meet invite was sent to every child. Clear guidelines were given about online etiquettes and the students were allowed to comment in the chat box during the session.

Ms Sangita commenced the session with a Story from Bengal, to everybody’s surprise...kids who did not know the customs and culture of Bengal could understand the story, showing successfully that a good story is not bound by regions. 

The second story was an African folktale, which engrossed and engaged the children, introducing them to a far away land. In the end Ms Sangita took up questions of the students. Telling them about morals, journey of a writer, how a book is published, some anecdotes while writing a specific story etc. Overall the session was extremely interesting and fruitful. A great way to end the Book Week.

book 1 book 2
Story telling session by Ms. Geetika Gupta (Parent of Keisha Gupta, 3B) on 19 February 2020

A story telling session for Grade III was conducted by Ms. Geetika Gupta based on the book ‘The strange story of Felicity Frown’ written by Ken Spillman, who is also the ‘author of the month’ of February  for the Primary readers.

An HR professional, Ms. Geetika Gupta, is a voracious reader herself and loves to read out stories to her kids, both of whom are young Tagoreans. Her love for reading encouraged her to take up the initiative and the students thoroughly enjoyed an engaging and interactive session.

Write ups and Book Marks made by students in January 2020 based on author " Enid Blyton"
Students participated in 'One Nation Reading Together', an initiative by Scholastic Publication on 24 January 2020
Book reviews, Poems and write ups by students in December 2019 based on author "Elisabetta Dami"
Library activity corner was set up during Sanchayan with a display of students’ activities and a Quiz section on 26 and 27 December 2019
A library activity corner was set up during Sanchayan with a display of students’ activities and a Quiz section. Parents admired students’ work displayed on the boards related to their favourite authors and favourite characters, scrabble-a-thon, book covers and timeline of the stories which they had read. The Quiz consisted of fun riddles and identifying all time favourite books and characters through cue cards. A novel effort of its kind, it was greatly appreciated by parents and students alike who had fun ransacking their memories for the correct answers that were rewarded by candies and bookmarks.
Book Fair was organized for the students of classes Nursery to V from 05-07 December 2019
Workshop and Book Launch by Author - Illustrator Ms. Ruth Paul on 03 December 2019

Students of grade 5 had the opportunity to attend an engaging and captivating session by Ms. Ruth Paul, an award winning author and illustrator of children’s books. She started the session by giving the students a brief insight into her life and New Zealand, her country where she lives in a straw bale house in the middle of a paddock. She shared memories about her childhood efforts at writing and how she started her career as a
freelance illustrator and later started writing her own books. Helped by her son, the affable author enacted two of her most famous stories, Stomp! and I am jellyfish. The excited students eagerly participated in the story-telling and enacted the roles as characters of her book while the props brought life to these characters. The students also got a firsthand experience of weaving a story of their own around a few keywords. She
demonstrated how to illustrate while simultaneously making up a story, thus bringing stories to life. The presentation was followed by an engaging question and answer round where students got a chance to interact with the amiable author.

Our students enjoyed an interactive story session by author Paro Anand at Bookaroo Children's Literature Festival on 30 November 2019
Book Fair organized during Parents' Teacher Meeting on 07 September 2019