Visit to Little Theatre Group Auditorium for the play "History Diaries- Trade to Territory" with classes VII &VIII on 8th August 2019

An educational excursion was organised for classes 7th and 8th to the Little Theatre Group Auditorium on 8th August 2019. A play on "History Diaries- Trade to Territory" was shown to the student so as to enrich the knowledge on the subject and to take the learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. The play was meticulously planned and staged in a manner to bring fun and enthusiasm among the students besides making them aware of the important Historical events like Battle of Plassey, Revolt of 1857 etc. In addition, the play included pinch of music and dance. It indeed helped the students to deepen their social and historical knowledge with respect to their own Nation and culture.

Art integration with Hindi for classes VII A, B & C on 31st July 2019

Students of class VII A, B & C integrated their Hindi lesson with Art, where they learnt about "Varli Paintings" and created some Varli Drawings.

Experiential learning for class VI C  for  Subject Integration Science with Maths on 31 July 2019

Students of class 6 C, integrated science with maths while doing their lesson Garbage in Garbage out where they made bar graph of top five solid waste producing nations in the world. Newspaper was used as a resource material.


Art integration with Science for classes VI A & VI C on 25th July 2019

Students of class VI A and VI C integrated their Science topic " Air around us" with Art, where they learnt about musical instruments that work with air.

Experiential learning for classes VI A &VI C for Science on 25th July 2019

On 25 July 2019, students of class 6 had fun while doing pinwheel activity experiencing that air is all around us.

Art integration with Hindi for class VI C on 18th July 2019

Students of class VI C integrated their Hindi poem " Mitti Ki Mahima" with Art, where they learnt about clay modelling and created some clay models.

Visit to Rajya Sabha by the students of Classes XI & XII on 15th &16th July 2019

The students of classes went to Rajya Sabha on 15th and 16th July 2019 respectively, where they witnessed question hour and gained the Insight in to how our Parliament functions.

Experiential learning for class 8 students for 'Fire Safety' at DLF Promenade on 16 July 2019

The students of class VIII visited DLF promenade, on 16 July 2019, as part of an experiential learning activity. The students were shown the fire extinguishers, sprinklers and the fire hydrants used in the mall. They demonstrated how to use the equipment followed by student practising it themselves. They were also taught about the various aspects of fire control and safety, along with a tour of the pump room, control room, various detectors, alarms, exits and other such arrangements throughout the mall. The students enjoyed the visit, which was also good learning experience.

Experiential learning for class VI C  for  Subject Integration Science with Maths on 16 May 2019

On 16 May 2019, in Science class, students of VI C analyzed the consumption of water by their families in a day for different activities and plotted it on a bar graph. Subject Integration Science with Maths.

Experiential learning for class VI A  for Social Science on 16 May 2019
In Social Science, while studying the Mesolithic Era, students of class VI A used the school staircase as a learning aid (BALA) on 16 May 2019 where Cave Paintings, done by students, were displayed.
Experiencal learning for class VI A & VI C for Science on 13 May 2019

On 13 May 2019, in Science class, students of classes VI A and VI C learnt the concept of "weaving" through experiential learning.
A group of students from classes VIII, IX and XI participated in the 12th Chinese Bridge- Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary Schools organised by the Embassy of China in association with our school on 08 May 2019

The competition was presided over by Counsellor Dr. Jiang Yili, wife of the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China. Dr Yili is also the Principal of The Sunshine School located in the Embassy of China.

Students of class VI did a group activity for English subject and made a collage on topic 'My School Tech Savvy'  on 1 May 2019
Geography students of XI  B participated in the student voice campaign on climate changes  on 26th April,  at Jantar Mantar
Greta Thunberg a young 16 year old along with is on an mission to call for urgent action on climate .
PRATYEK that convenes the campaign is supporting this child advocate. 
To make her global strikes a sustainable and long term movement towards COP-25 (Chile), they planned to have the gathering of students on the 26th April 2019, Friday at the Jantar Mantar Street from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. The aim of this strike was to empower children as rights defenders of the Earth.
There were total of 16 students of ours who participated in the strike accompanied by teachers . They met various members of the 'Nine is Mine' campaign and interacted with various'Save The Tree' NGO members, environmentalists. The students performed beatboxing on stage and talked about environmental issues.
Our students took immense participation in the strike,they also did 'Street Art' to send across a strong message as young environment saviours. They also pledged to be part of save environment mission. They also talked to media and participated as speaker members as a part of short documentary. They also shared the information on 'school water recycling plant'.
Experiencal learning for class VII for Hindi on 24 April 2019
Students of class 7th were taken to the rainwater harvesting plant of our school to show them the storage process of rainwater, related to their Hindi poem 'Varsha Bahaar'.
The poem says about the importance of water and rain for our environment.
Earth Day Quiz for classes VI, VII, VIII held on April 16, 2019
Hindi Newspaper Activity was conducted in class VII C for Hindi grammar on 10 April 2019
Experiencal learning for class VI C for Hindi on 9 April 2019

Students of class 6 C were taken to the Social Science Lab to show them some maps related to their Hindi chapter 'Taapu ki khoj', to connect them to the realistic world and to understand the depth of the chapter.

Visit to 'India Gaming Show 2019' at Pragati Maidan , by students of class VI and VII on 4 February 2019
Heritage Walk to 'Humayun's Tomb'  by students of class IX and X on 2 February 2019

On Saturday 2 February 2019, the Society of Caretakers of Heritage (S.O.C.H) conducted a heritage walk with the parents of our school's students of classes Nursery to IV, to the Humayun's Tomb. The walk was conducted by 14 members of the S.O.C.H initiative, across classes IX to X who were accompanied by 3 teachers. The students acted as guides and covered various parts of the complex which are often not visited or seen by most visitors. The parents got to know fascinating facts about the place and it was definitely a great learning experience for the students as well. The team earned praises from the parents who were impressed with the research and in-depth knowledge of all members. In their words...

"All the students had immense knowledge about Humayun's tomb complex. We are proud of our school where such initiatives are undertaken." - Lt Col Akshay Diane

"The students had researched well." -Vanita Dhingra

"The walk was well organised." -Mahesh Kumar

Students of class VI exhibit their science projects on 21 January 2019
Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn - John C Maxwell
Science is a way of organising what we already know and learning more by experiments. Keeping up with the spirit of Imagine,Invent,Inspire ; students of class VI displayed their scientific temper by exhibiting their projects on 21 January 2019.

Celebrating 'National Mathematics Day' on 22 December 2018
Heritage Walk for Students of Classes IX and X to Nizamuddin Dargah,Delhi on 10 December 2018
Visit to 'worlds of wonder' by Students of classes XI and XII on 08 December 2018
Students of class VI C did a 'Hindi Naatak' Activity on humanity and equality with all religions on 5 December 2018
Students of class VI B did a science activity to check the 'solubility of the given samples' on 16 November 2018
To commemorate National Education Day students designed posters on the importance of education on 12 November 2018
'Vedic math,Kathak and Yoga classes' by our school students at The Japan foundation school on 30 October 2018

Students of classes VI-VIII designed posters on ' Say no to crackers' to promote Eco Friendly Diwali 
Visit to Lodhi Garden by students of classes IX and X on 16 October 2018
Students of class VIII C Jotting down their thoughts on eve of Dussehra with 'Yin and Yang activity' on 16 October 2018
'Silhouette fun' by students of class VI C on 15 October 2018

Students of class VI C had fun with shadows on 15 October 2018. As a part of Experiential learning, using BALA ( Building as learning aid),they explored the conditions required to form a shadow and concluded that shadows are formed in the  direction opposite to the source of light.

Biology students of classes XI and XII visited the National Institute of Immunology on 28th September 2018

On 28 September 2018, biology students of classes XI and XII visited the National Institute of Immunology, a research institute centered around modifying proteins so as to invent medicines and devise methods of early detection and diagnosis for diseases such as cancer, that stand as incurable today. It was an enriching experience as the students came to know about many path breaking discoveries made  by the Indian scientists regarding the ways to use specific proteins to detect breast cancer and gastric cancer, tuberculosis, in their early stages, which expanded their horizons of thinking.

 Celebrating 125th Anniversary of Chicago Speech Delivered by Swami Vivekananda on 12 September 2018

Students of class X celebrated 125th Anniversary of Chicago Speech Delivered by Swami Vivekananda on 12 September 2018 by watching a video and Creatively depicting slogans.

Visit to Parle-G,Bahadurgarh by students of class XII A as a part of experiential learning on 31 August 2018
Students of class VI celebrating Independence Day on 14 August 2018
Students of class VI A designed a comic strip from " Jataka Tales" on 13 August 2018

Students of class VI A created  a comic strip from "Jataka Tales". The activity was done in pairs in which students were able to restate the tale in their own words.

Students of class VI C learning traditional and modern methods of measurement on 09 August 2018
With the help of an activity, students of class VI C compared the traditional and modern methods of measurement.The learning outcome was to recognize the importance of having a uniform system of measurement.
Visit to National Museum by students of class VI on 2 August 2018
Students of class VI visited National Museum for the experiential learning about the various remains of Indus valley civilization excavated from different sites.With the help of guided tour,students saw the seals,pots,statuettes among other things belonging to Harappan civilization.