'Laghu Natika' Competition held for classes VI-VIII on 9th September 2019

Approximately a dozen students, of classes 6th to 8th, from each of the four houses participated in the inter house Laghu Natika event on 9th September 2019. The theme of the event revolved around our national language, Hindi. Each house was allocated a state, and they had to represent it within their play. All the houses had to come up with creative ideas and present a play lasting 10 minutes. Every participant surprised the audience with their stage presence and acting ability. Every house had the capability of transporting every audience member to a different world for the span of 10 minutes. 



'Hasya Kavi Sammelan' competition held for classes IX-XII on 9th September 2019
The inter-house event was organised on 9th September 2019. Each house had to set forth two participants who would recite self-composed poetry on the given topic and muse the audience. The impeccable poems written by the poets all opened and gave the audience a fresher perspective of the phrase Sab Chalta Hai .The event provided a stage for the participants to show their inner poet and give everyone a taste of their impeccable comedy skills. A way of showing a blend of comedy, acting and poetry.
'Fusion-Dance & Music' Competition held for students of classes VI-XII on 14th August 2019

The Inter house Fusion-Music and Art competition was held on Wednesday, 14th August 2019. There was a plethora of talent exhibited by students of classes 6 to 12 of the four houses. The theme given to the houses was ‘A Ray of Hope for a Grieving Globe’ and all houses put up wonderful performances in the ten minutes allotted to them by combining both traditional and western dance and music, self written poems and colourful canvases which  depicted the essence of the performance to depict their thoughts and beliefs on the issue. The audience and judges alike were blown away by every single performance.


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'Debate' Competition held for students of classes VI-VIII on 26th July 2019

The inter house Debate competition for classes VI to VIII was held on July 26, 2019. There were 3 participants from each of the four houses, who managed to blow the audience and judges away. The topic, and who speaks for or against, was decided by the drawing of chits. Following this, each house was given 40 minutes to research on the topic. Next, the houses took to debating and surprised everyone by the amount of knowledge they gained just within that short span of 40 minutes. The participants were extremely enthusiastic and put their best foot forward in the competition. In the end, Pragati came out on top, followed by Shakti and Shanti which were tied at the second position, and Ekta house won the third position. 



'Extempore' Competition held for students of classes IX-XII on 25th July 2019

The first inter house event organised by the newly elected house cabinet was 'Extempore' on 25th July, 2019. The event was informative - students were equipped with recent and relevant information about their respective topics which had been allotted to them by a lottery system. Two members from each of the four houses had to speak either for or against their topics for two and a half minutes. The speeches delivered by the competitors offered fresh perspectives on various subjects. The results revealed that Shakti house had secured the first position. Later, a stimulating speech was delivered by the judge on one of the themes given to the participants. The event was well organised and educative for all.Aadhithyan Subramanian of Shakti house bagged the first position, Adya Agarwal of Pragati house bagged the second position and Arsh Mishra of Ekta house bagged the third position.


'Turncoat' Competition held for students of classes IX-XII on 10 May 2019

All the four houses evenly contested the inter-house Turncoat competition held on 10 May, 2019.There were 2 contestants from each house who were given separate topics to debate on. The speakers had to put forward their thoughts and opinions in the best possible way in the limited time given. Each of them had to speak for the motion for 1 min 30 sec and against the motion for 1 min 30 sec. The arguments by the participants impressed the audience and the judge alike. It was astonishing to see the contestants coming up with such relevant points
regarding the topics given on the spot. The first position for the best speaker was bagged by Pragati House, followed by Ekta house and a tie between Shakti House and Shanti house participants.

'Elocution' Competition held for students of classes VI-VIII on 9 May 2019

All the four houses ardently participated in the  inter house Elocution competition, held for classes 6-8 on 9 May,2019.Each house had chosen 2 speakers who had to present their views on the topic allotted to them. One speaker had to speak for the motion, and one had to speak against the motion. The competition became a platform to discuss the relevant issues prevailing in the world. The students and judges alike were taken aback by the stupendous arguments put forward by all the houses. Participants from Ekta and Shanti House were declared as the best speakers.


'Caricature' Competition held for students of classes VI-VIII on 30th April 2019
All the four houses participated enthusiastically in the Inter-House Caricature Competition held for students of classes 6-8 on 30th April 2019.Each house chose two artists who had to draw pencil sketches on the given topic. The participants put all their efforts and creativity into the sketches and came up with innovative and out -of -the box ideas. The students and judges alike were highly impressed by the caricatures drawn by all the participants. The first position was bagged by Pragati House followed by Shanti house, Shakti House and Ekta House in the second, third and fourth position respectively.


'Best of Waste- Walk the Ramp' competition was held for classes IX - XII on 29 April 2019

A very unusual ramp walk took place on 29th April 2019 when the students of classes9-12 came together to compete in the Best of Waste- Walk the Ramp competition on the theme 'Cultural Diversity in Contemporary India'. Each house had an hour to prepare a costume using absolute waste materials. All the houses interpreted the topic in their own unique manner and their outfits were an expression of their creativity and originality. The competition was adjudged by ex-students Manyata and Delisha Khanna. Pragati and Shakti House tied at the first position followed by Shanti and Ekta House.


'Character Portrayal' competition held for classes VI-VIII on 30 January 2019
All the houses and participants passionately participated in the inter-house event,character portrayal. Participants had to put up an act portraying the characteristics of the characters allotted and the results were stupendous performances by all the houses. The judges were Ms. Binti and Mr. Vandan who are ex-students of our school. The participants left everyone including the judges, spellbound by the jubilant acts prepared by them. It was a tough competition as all the participants were brilliant with their dialogue delivery. Each one of them used their own innovative methods to reach out to the audience and leave them awestruck. The event became a platform to discuss the relevant issues of our society that need to be looked into. Shakti House secured the first position, followed by Ekta House, Shanti House and Pragati House. Participants of Pragati house and Ekta house won the titles for the best actors as well.
'OPEN MIC' Competition held for classes XI to XII on 14 December 2018
Inter-house OPEN MIC was held on 14th December, 2018. The participants from each house had to come up and perform a stand-up comedy act. There were two rounds - bilingual and English. The time limit was 7 minutes for each speaker. The judges of the event were Mr. Akshat Kela and Mr. Anshul Bhardwaj who are ex-students of our school. A plethora of confidence was seen in each and every one of the participants and it was evident in their way of speaking. The scripts created by the participants were hilarious and had the entire audience rolling in laughter and hooting for them. The judges were stunned by the amount of talent being exhibited in the event and appreciated the effort put into the scripts by the participants. All houses put up spectacular acts and received tremendous applause from the judges and the audience. Shanti house bagged the first position overall followed by Pragati, Shakti and Ekta.
'Photography Snap, Style and Share' Competition held for classes VI-VIII on 14 December 2018

All the four houses ardently participated in the Inter house Photography competition 'Snap,Style,Share,’ held for classes VI-VIII on the 14 December 2018.Two photos had to be submitted on either of the two topics 'On top of the world' or 'Standing out from the crowd'. One member per house elucidated upon and described the hidden meanings that the photographs portrayed to the best oftheir creativity and inventiveness. The event was judged by the ex-tagoreans, Parsh Chandok and Abhinav Gandhi. Ekta House secured the first position, followed by Pragati House, Shakti House and Shanti House. The event became a platform to discuss the technicalities of photography and to be apprised of the message that simple photos can actually reflect, which otherwise no one could have thought of.


'Ignited Minds quiz' held for classes VII-XI on 22nd November 2018
Inter House Ignited Minds quiz took place on 22nd November, 2018. All kids in today's time should be aware about what is happening around them in the world. This quiz was held to test the general awareness of the participants and the audience. The quiz was based on general knowledge and current affairs and it had 7 rounds. The event was well organized by the Cultural Captains and the questions asked were not easy and posed a tough competition for the participants. Questions from various fields were asked. The competition was free and fair and no unfair means were used. The quiz was enjoyed by
everyone including the audience. Questions which the participants could not answer were passed on to the audience.All the houses put up a tough competition and were well prepared for the quiz. The first position was bagged by Ekta house followed by Shakti, Shanti and Pragati.