A workshop for the Biology students of class XII was conducted by Dr. Shailesh Kumar from National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) on 18 July 2019

During the session, concepts of topics of biotechnology, bioinformatics and bioengineering were discussed in detail. A lot of online portals from where one can access information on DNA and genes, easily and quickly, were introduced to the children. The workshop provided an enriching educational experience for all students.

A session on 'Dare to Dream' was conducted by Dr.Bani Yadav, an Indian woman car rallyist and National Autocross Champion 2018, to motivate and inspire the students of classes IX-XI on 15th July 2019
Dr. Bani Yadav is an Indian woman car rallyist, India’s ace women rally driver, Motorsports promoter and social rights supporter, National Autocross Champion 2018. She is the only woman In India to win most of the major Cross Country Rally Titles in the woman's category held in India, TEDx speaker. She was here at our school on 15th July 2019, for a session to motivate and inspire our students of classes 9th to 11th to 'Dare to Dream' and follow their passion with all their heart and belief. She also went ahead to share her own struggles and story behind how she reached so far on her own. She got into Motorsport racing in the year 2013 and has been doing various formats of rallies including auto cross races, Cross Country extreme rallies, TSD events and IRC rallies. The list of her achievements are interminable. Even after two spinal cord surgeries in 2013, she was right back on the tracks within 6 months. Today, She is also an active participant in women empowerment events, she is an active endorser of equal rights and gender equality. She also trains acid attack survivors on 'how to drive' for employment.
She kept the session very interesting by playing songs to cheer the students, also shared her childhood experience of how her father didn't let her pursue her dream of being a motor rallyist with her fear of getting life in danger. Later on, at the age of 43 years, she made her first mark, all by herself. She mentioned how passion must drive self to stay focused on what one wants to achieve. Dreams become reality only by self conviction and belief.

Workshop on 'Sexuality Education' was conducted by an organization 'Cry For Help' for the students of classes IX & XI on 10 July 2019
Workshop on 'Basics of Photography' for the students of the Photography Club of classes VII-XII was conducted on 09 May 2019
Mr. Manish Kumar, a tech entrepreneur and designing industrial solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) interacted with students of class XI on 03 May 2019
An NGO 'Nahi Means No' conducted a session on sexual assault awareness, prevention safety, gender equality and empowerment for the students of classes VII-X on 02 May 2019 and even hands on self defence techniques of Krav Maga were taught by professional trainers.
Workshop was conducted by Mr. Antarang Anand Yogi for classes IV and V on 29 April 2019

Through this informative session, the students learned about good plastic and bad plastic and also the various types of pollution caused by it .The speaker also enlightened the students with the diverse range of goods made by recycled good plastic.

Dr. Dhawal Gupta, Scientist with Cyber Laws and E-Security Division, Government of India, conducted an informative and interactive session on "Cyber Security" for the students of classes VI-VIII on 22 April 2019
The workshop "Electrifying Affairs" was organized for the students of classes X and XII on 15 April 2019

This workshop aimed at strengthening the concepts in physics with the help of demonstration of activities and experiments. It covered topics related to Electricity and Electrostatics.

Anne Frank exhibition held on 12 April 2019 in collaboration with the embassy of the Netherlands

On the occasion,  Miss Yoka Brandt, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands visited school and interacted with the students discussing  the importance of tolerance and non-discrimination. Many schools in the neighbourhood were invited to witness the exhibition. 

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School conducted a workshop for the students of class VIII on 11 April 2019 , wherein Mr. Matt Perry, an environmentalist from UK, educated the students on issues related to the environment
Workshop on  'Effective Communication Skills' conducted by Mr. Lucky from Hindustan Times for the students of class V on 12 September 2018
Session on 'No Sugar Drinks' by a team of doctors from PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India) was held on 23 August 2018 for the students of classes VI-VIII
Session on 'Cyber Safety' was conducted by Ms. Neha Bajpai from 'The Centre for Development of Advance Computing' for  the students of class VI-VIII on 20 August 2018