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George’s Marvellous medicine

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This tremendous tale tells us about George who is 8 years old, and his desire to transform his cranky old grandma. Thanks to George’s madcap and his mischievous idea, his marvellous medicine does the trick. But not in the way he expected… I absolutely loved this book and while reading it I burst into laughter!
My favourite character was George because he was very inventive and brave in making this medicine. My second favourite character was Mr Cranky because he wanted to make the medicine again. They thought they had got every ingredient but they were always missing something so he had to go back and forth to the market.
My least favourite character was Grandma because she was nasty, gruel, grumpy and selfish to George. Poor George was left alone with his horrible grandma who ordered him around a lot.
I would highly recommend this book. It is amazing and, like all his books, Roald dahl has made it quite funny and added hilarious details.
Parthivi, V- C
Angry River

harry potter deathly hallows

Angry River is a beautiful story- simply but elegantly told in a manner that only Ruskin Bond can. Angry River shares the story of Sita, her small family consisting of her grandmother and grandfather, and their life on island at the middle of the big river. The river floods when her grandparents aren’t around, leaving Sita in a dilemma. Sita’s happy life is disturbed by the flood, but the girl who has grown up near the river and heard of its tales from the grandparents continues to be hopeful. She tries to survive rather than panic. There aren’t any unexpected twists and turns, neither does the storyline call for one. The focus of the story is the young girl and her struggle during the flood. Her innocence is well portrayed. Angry river is a simple enough read about the flooding of an island and nearby villages and its impact on Sita.



Prisha Taneja , V-C
Hippo in a Hole


Hippo in a Hole is a book by Lucy Daniels about Mandy, her family and her best friend James, who go for a three-week vacation. On the vacation, a violent storm causes trouble. After the storm, a baby Hippo gets trapped in the hot Sun. To save the Hippo, the family makes a lot of efforts. They take care of it for a while and the Hippo gets as good as new. The hippo was saved and everybody returned happy from the vacation.



Manya Rawal , V-B