An Interactive session with Mr. Chandan Deshmukh, author of 'Six Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You' & 'Five Lies My Teacher Told Me' for students of class XI on 18 April 2018

Photography done by
Aaryan Kohli XI A
Session conducted by Ms. Neha Wahi from Pratham on stream selection for the students of class X on 17 April 2018
Special Olympics Youth Leader workshop was organized by the Special Olympics Bharat team to provide a forum to the intellectually disabled children to enhance and showcase their talents on 30 January 2018
TATA Tea Suraksha--Self Defense Program for girls of classes VI-IX from 22-25 January 2018
Astronomy ‘Moon Watch’ session for classes I to V in association with SPACE organization on 22 December 2017
LIVEJAM foundation organized a session for the students of classes X-XI on 07 December 2017
Session was conducted for the students of class XI by the faculty from Bath university on 21 November 2017
Amateur photographers of TIS clicked pictures based on the theme 'Love is Life' in Canon Photo Marathon on 18 November 2017

Dhruv Bahri X ADhruv Bahri X A

Aaryan Kohli X C

Aaryan Kohli X C


Rattan Prakash Singh XI B

Design Aptitude workshop conducted by In Country organization for art students of class XI by Prof. Fred bates, Leeds University of Art and Design, Yorkshire, UK and Prof. Sarah Charles, AUB University of Art and Design, Australia on 15 and 16 November 2017
Session conducted by Ms. Bhavya from 'Kids For Tiger' for classes VI-VII on 03 October 2017
Session on diabetes for the students of class VIII by HRIDAY SHAAN (Phfi-Public Health foundation of India) on 08 september 2017
Mr. Wildan Qataris, renowned Indonesian musician performed in school on 07 September 2017
Wildan Qadaris is specialized in Sundanese traditional music. He playedgenre of musical style called Arumba on thegambang which is a xylophone idiophone of the Javanese people of Java, Indonesia. After his solo performance he had an interactive session with class IX students and teachers. The students were given a bamboo musical instrument called ‘Angklung’, which they played along with the musician on his instructions.

Session conducted by Mr. Kunal Kumar from JINA on Actuarial  Science on 08 August 2017 for classes XI-XII
Session on "How to improve photography skills" by Mr. Virendra Singh from Canon for the students of photography club on 03 August 2017
Session conducted by Ms. Karishma Batra from Ashoka University on liberal education on 18 July 2017 for classes XI-XII
A session was conducted by Ms. Jaya Aryappa on the topic 'Sex Education' for the classes VI, VIII & XI from 12 July 2017-17 July 2017
A Session on admission in Delhi university on 11 July 2017 conducted by Mr. Pratham for classes XI-XII
'DENTAL TALK' was organized for the students of class VII on 01 May 2017

Dr. Mugdha Motani helped the students understand the importance of oral hygiene and look after their teeth, to lead a peaceful life.