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15 December 2010 would go down in the history of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar when the Chinese Premier, His Excellency, Mr Wen Jiabao walked the portals of the school and paved the way for furthering the ‘China - India friendship’ effort. The visit to the school was part of the dignitary’s itinerary on the first day of his three day visit to India. The school was indeed privileged to be the only one to be visited by such an imminent personality where he got an opportunity to interact with the school children.The Chinese Premier immediately struck a chord and won the hearts of each of the student and teacher delegates with his informal and warm interactions

To all such questions he kept a smile on his face and answered each of them graciously.

The programme began with the Principal Ms Madhulika Sen welcoming the esteemed guest, giving him a brief about the school’s endeavour for the past four years, to strengthen the ties between the two emerging super powers. HighlightIing on the need for collaboration and cooperation in the area of learning, she spoke about the school’s initiative to have encouraged various student and teacher exchange programmes with the sole intent to understand the similarities in the values, culture and history of the two countries. She mentioned about the school being the only Indian school to have been represented in the Performing art and cultural festival held at Shanghai in 2007

Gladly accepting one of the student’s suggestions if he could be addressed as ‘Grandpa’ Wen, the premier spoke on topics which varied from Rabindranath Tagore, yoga, calligraphy to how the Chinese students felt about the Indian students. He said that the students in China believed that the two countries, whose combined population is 2.5 billion, would represent the revitalization of Asia and would have global impact. Referring to Rabindranath Tagore as the Great Indian Saint poet, he added that Tagore has been a big influence on writers including Liang Qichao, Bing Xin and Xu Zhimo and is a household name in China. He described Geetanjali as a collection of religious poems, full of the message of “benevolence, love and high moral standards”. The Chinese Premier surprised the students with the vast knowledge he had of the poet. When he asked the question how much would he be graded for this he was promptly replied a 10-on-10.

Happy to know about the introduction of Mandarin in the CBSE curriculum from 2011, he was positive that this meaningful step would give a boost and strengthen the bond between the two emerging economies. Taking the first step in this direction, he presented the school a thousand books, audio and visual material to help the students learn the language. The Premier himself demonstrated the traditional Chinese Art of calligraphy to the group of students who have been learning calligraphy in virtual classrooms through video conferencing with ‘The Jinyuan Senior High School’ in Shanghai, China. This video conferencing has been continuing on a regular weekly basis not only in calligraphy but also in yoga with the same school for the past two years. The Principal Ms. Sen presented a 3 - feet sculpted figure of Gurudev Tagore made by the renowned sculptor Ram V. Sutar, along with Tagore’s biography.

The Premier sealed the ties of the two country’s friendship by writing in Mandarin ‘We are Friends Forever’ which later resonated in the auditorium when students were asked to not only repeat it but to believe in it too.

Throughout the interactions the premier kept a smile on his face and answered each question graciously The Premier was so touched by the enthusiasm and affection displayed by the students that while on his way out, he turned back and reentered the auditorium in order to shake hands with them and bid them a special T’ye T’ye (bye-bye) which was the icing on the cake for the students. The memories would be cherished forever by one and all at TIS

Visitors from Lycee Broceliande, Guer, France under Indo-French Exchange Programme [ 13th - 27th October 2010 ] 

Tagore international School hosted a group of 12 students and 3 teachers from Lycee Broceliande, a school in Guer, France as a part of an exchange programme. The group of teachers and students visited India on a 15 day trip from the 13th October 2010 to 27th October 2010. The unique feature of this exchange was that each visitor stayed with the family of the students hosting the. The entire fortnight was a flurry of activities to acquaint the visitors with Indian culture, festivals,food, traditions et all. After a formal welcome ceremony on the evening of 13th October, the visitors visited Agra where one of them commented that the Taj Mahal is more beautiful than the Eiffel Tower. They were also taken to places of worship, Havelis of old Delhi, Dilli Haat and were able to absorb the spirit of Delhi. In order to acquaint them with various aspects of education, they not only attended classes with our own students, but were also taken to schools and other institutions of Delhi. The group also got to visit the Navdanya farm, an organic farm where they interacted animatedly with the villagers.

Watching Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia perform in the school as a part of the SPIC MACAY pragramme was one of the highpoints of their visit as commented by one of the students from France.

How can visitors come to India and not visit Jaipur? Their two day trip to Jaipur convinced them that given a chance they would come to the land of diversity again and again.

The culmination of the interaction was the evening on 25th October when the French ambassador to India, His Excellency, Jerome Bonnafont was the chief guest. He spoke on the commonalities between traditions of India and France. The students presented Dance performances in Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Sufi dance styles. They also presented a violin and Mridangam recital. The students from France presented a dance to popular Hindi film songs to the great delight of all present. The programme ended with the national anthems of both France and India played on the synthesizer by one of the students.

Shanghai International Youth Science & Technology Expo-2010 from 12th July – 18th July 2010] 

Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar participated in the 2010 Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo held in Shanghai from July 12th till the July 18th. Seven students- Abhishek Sankritik, Angad Oberoi,Anuja Gopidas, Lohit Guduvada, Neerja Gurnani, Anubhav Sheoran, Anandee Chakrabarti under the guidance of Mrs. Remy Kaul and Mrs. Swarnamayee Mahapatra presented structural models of Geodesic dome and Bamcrete using bamboos reducing the amount of steel and concrete and help fight against climate change. 17 countries – U.S.A, Mexico, U.K, Ireland, France, Italy, India, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China –Shanghai, China Macao, China –Hong Kong, participated in the Expo. The Expo had events like Student’s Forum, Teacher’s Forum, Scientist’s Forum, a cultural programme to discuss the issues of climate change at the international level. The exhibits were judged by a panel of judges comprising of Scientists from Shanghai University who adjudged the schools project as the ‘Best Display’ out of the 34 displays, ‘Best Teacher’s Thesis’ and ‘Best Student Thesis’.

The accommodation, food, sightseeing and other facilities was arranged by the Chinese Government for the Expo at Shanghai High School. Each team was provided with 1-3 English speaking volunteers. The Expo was officially opened at the opening ceremony that provided the delegates with some brilliant acrobatics show. PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, cultural evenings and the carnival kept the delegates busy throughout the days of the expo. The Expo provided the delegates with a lot of exposure and experiences to cherish for the rest of their lives.

 China Beckons teachers of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar for an Exchange programme [ May 2010 ]

In the words of Confucious “Travel is the best form of Education” and the significance of travel for imparters of education cannot be undermined. With this idea in mind, six teachers of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar were chosen for a teacher - exchange programme with Jinyuan High School, Shanghai. This trip was a sequel to the visit of a group of Chinese teachers of the same school in the month of January. The five- day trip to Shanghai was marked by interactions between Indian teachers and Chinese students as well as among Chinese, Indian and visiting Australian teachers and students who were also a part of the exchange programme. The interactions saw academic and cultural ideas being exchanged discussion and implementation of teaching methodologies in order to make the experience enriching and fulfilling. Besides presentations, lecture and demonstration classes were also a part of the organized events. The tour also included site seeing in Shanghai and Beijing and a visit to Expo 2010. The teachers returned with new ideas and experiences which they plan to share and implement in the new academic session.

Visitors from our partner School Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai, China [ January 2010 ] 

The school played host to the Jinyuan Senior High school from China. Five teachers and the Deputy Principal of the school who were a part of an ongoing exchange programme between the two schools were given traditional welcome as they walked into the portals of TIS. In her welcoming address, the principal Ms. Madhulika Sen spoke of the earlier interaction between the schools in the form of video conferencing for the classroom teaching of calligraphy and yoga.As a step forward exchange of teaching techniques will now be exchanged when five teachers from TIS will go to Shanghai in May.

The visitors comprising of Mr.Meng Fangang, Deputy Principal,Mr. Sun Shimin, Head of the Department,IT, Mr. Zheng Baiyi,Physics teacher, Mr. Lu Gaoyuan, Deputy Head of Studies,Ms. Sun Wenxia,English teacher and Ms.Yao Peili , English teacher were indeed impressed by their observations. They visited the various subject labs, class rooms and interacted with the students and teachers.

 Virtual Classrooms

Students of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, have been interacting with their Chinese counterparts from Jinyuan High School in Shanghai, through video conferencing and have established virtual classrooms in order to learn from each other. Our early morning Yoga sessions are now held jointly with classrooms in China and vice-versa for calligraphy.

A visit to the Jinyuan Senior  High School, Shanghai, China  from 20th- 25th October 2009

Ms. Madhulika Sen, Principal , Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar had a unique opportunity of representing India at the Principal’s forum organized by Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai, China as a part of its 105th Anniversary celebration. Ms. Sen, accompanied by the Junior Headmistress, Ms. Preeti Chadha and computer teacher, Ms. Seema Sinha was the only school representing India in the forum organized by the Jinyuan school for her international friends from the 20th to the 25th of October 2009. Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar was one among the many prestigious schools from all around the world notably, George Abbot School, England, Mary Knoll School, Hawaii, Christ College, Wales and Friends School, Tasmania.

The forum began with a spectacular opening ceremony of the Jinyuan Sports Festival where the Martial Art performance and the dance performance was highly appreciated. The Principals Forum was addressed by the Director Shanghai Education Commission as well as the Governor of Shanghai Putuo District. The Principals of schools all over the world spoke on the need for globalization in the field of education. Tagore International school, Vasant Vihar is already collaborating with the Jinyuan school for the exchange of not only teaching methodologies but learning is also taking place through the use of virtual classrooms. The august gathering was also a witness to a concert organized by the students of the school.

The feature that made the event special and did our school proud was that Tagore International School, vasant Vihar was privileged to be the only representative School from India invited for the forum.


On the 3rd of March, Advaya Shukla and Miheek Rao were short-listed and selected by Chinh to attend the 20th Annual Film Festival held in Cairo, Egypt.
The Film Festival is a unique initiative which exposes children to the world of film-making. The festival gets children from all over the world to judge various films and see how the children think and react to different films. On the first day of the festival, they were allotted uniforms representing the group they belonged to. Miheek represented the ‘Animation and TV Programs’ Jury, while Advaya represented the ‘Long and Short Feature films’ Jury.
They gathered at the Opera House, for the Opening Ceremony of the Film Festival. The brilliant lighting and amazing set-up left everybody on the edges of their seats for the entire show. The Opening Ceremony was hosted by three children: One speaking in Arabic, the local language, the other translating it into French, and the third, translating both to English. The three called upon the directors from different countries, participating in the Film Festival, and honoured them.
On the 11th of March, they attended the Festivals’ closing ceremony. The show was even more exciting than the Opening Ceremony. The directors were given the awards they deserved. Roadside Romeo finally did make it to the first position. Miheek and Advaya were indeed proud to be Indians that day!
After viewing so many films, and from different countries, they understood the significance of a good script and screenplay in a film.

 Jenesys Exchange Programme 2009

As part of the programme for Japan, East Asia Network of Exchange for students and youth (JENESYS) sent two students C. Sathia and Akansha Dalal from Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi on a 10 day visit to Japan. The visit included workshops and lectures by Japanese scholars and diplomats as well as the sightseeing. The highlights were the students visit to Ushiku High School and The Kamo High Schol where they interacted with other students. The program consisted of a two day home stay in the house of a Japanese ‘host’ family as well as a visit to many points of cultural interest. The programme culminated with the sharing of their collective experiences through a presentation and drew conclusions based on their observance of Japanese lifestyle and culture. The objective of the program was to strengthen Indo-Japan relationships for the future and succeeded spectacularly in this regard.