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Aks Amol Solanke of class VI accompanied by Dr. Remy Kaul participated in the International Astronomy Challenge organised by NAC(National Astronomy Challenge) at Dubai from 24-27 March 2019
Mr. Parveen Kumar ,HoD Physical Education attended Special Olympics World Summer Games 2019 held at Abu Dhabi,UAE from 02March 2019 to 22 March 2019 as a Head Coach
Visit by students and  teachers from Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai, China from 08 -13 December 2018 under exchange programme

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Ms. Uma Chopra, TGT Hindi was invited to parent and sibling workshop organised by Special Olympics at Singapore on 29 and 30 September 2018 
Ms. Uma Chopra was invited to the parent and sibling workshop organized in Singapore by Special Olympics on 29 and 30 September 2018.The workshop consisted of people  from the Asia-Pacific region and it was all about encouraging and including the people having intellectual disabilities in the society.
The workshop was fun and interactive with parents and siblings of the athletes and the youth leaders .

Professor and student of CHUO university of Japan  visited school on 13 September 2018 
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Nine students accompanied by Ms. Shweta Chawla represented India in International Cultural Exchange Program-Joy Dancing Children's Meet at Beijing, China from 09 August - 21 August 2018 

Our school participated in the ‘Joy of Dancing Beijing Festival’ held between  09 August to 21 August 2018. 

The team comprised of Jiya Chawla VII C, Avanya Jha VII A, Tisha Singh VII A, Aadya Kamat VI B, Mehr Chadha VI B, Ananya Kanodia VI C, Bhavini Juneja VIII A, Divanshi Anand VIII A, Mansha Pathak VIII B accompanied by Ms. Shweta Chawla. Our students’ performed in four cities including Beijing, Dalian, Penjin and Shanghai and were lauded for their mesmerising performances and extremely high energy levels. Our dancing divas made our school and our country proud in front of various countries including Russia, Egypt, South Korean, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

This platform provided an opportunity to experience different cultures and sow the seeds of friendship and long lasting relationships. This festival not only celebrated peace and friendship, but also served as a bridge to promote understanding amongst the youth across the globe.

"International Team Dance Video"

For Ghoomar Dance video click here

For Kathak Dance video click here

Eight students accompained by Ms. Anuradha Arora attended GIFFONI Film Festival as jury members from 19 to 30 July 2018 at Salerno, Italy. 
There is no singular way of learning and no one medium of imparting education. Innovation in learning holds great significance in our school. An interesting mode for doing so is through cinema. Used well, it can be one of the most exciting and effective sources of information, insight and wisdom for youth.
In association with CHINH Early Education Web Channel, three of our students Suhana Mehta,Sunay Rai and Nasra yahya Mhata  accompanied by Anuradha Arora ma'am, attended the Giffoni Film Festival in Salerno, Italy, in  July 2018. The Giffoni film festival is a multimedia film festival for children. It provides a one-of-a-kind platform for international juries, composed of about 600+ youngsters.
It was a great opportunity to participate and represent India in the Giffoni Film festival   as jury members. Our students teamed up with their co - jurors from numerous other countries and were able to share their ideas on cinema, helping them to enhance their thinking, analytical, decision making and communication skills.
All students gained firsthand experience of Italian lifestyle, culture and society. They got the chance to watch the premieres of some unreleased movies, have interactive sessions with eminent directors of the competing films and share public space with several international celebrities associated with films. They also got a chance to meet famous actors like Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly from 'Ant-man and the Wasp.' 

School wins accolades at the 7th Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo 2018 (SIYST) held in Shanghai             from 19-26 July

Five students, accompanied by Ms. Gauri Sen and Ms. Shruti Chandhoke had yet another opportunity to participate in the Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo (SIYST), the seventh of its kind held this year between 20-23rd July at Shanghai, China.

We were indeed proud to be the only school representing India at this expo. Among the 254 participants from 13 countries, and a total of 45 exhibits showcased, we take pride in announcing that our exhibit titled: Assistive applications for the visually impaired bagged the first prize. The team comprised of SparshTanwar ,Aditya Kabu of X A, Ansh Matta, Anisha Arya of X B and Aditya Sharmabof X C  who worked under the guidance of Ruby ma’am and Gauri ma’am

Not only this, our school team also won the 2nd prize in the bridge making competition, in which a bridge had to be constructed using Styrofoam and thread.

Gauri Sen Ma’am was awarded a prize for her presentation titled: Innovation in education using technology.

They got a chance to explore the Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace and Tianamen Square and  also visited the Jade factory and the local market to buy some souvenirs.

Visit by students and teachers from Le college María Casares, Lyon, France under an exchange program from 16 April to 27 April 2018

Photography done by :

Aaryan Kohli XI A
Namya Patiyal X B
Manya Kamath IX A
Ms. Manpreet Kaur ,PGT Commerce felicitated by tGELF at New York, USA on 22 March 2018 

tGELF- The Global Educational Leadership Forum nominated Ms.Manpreet Kaur for NFTE( Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) Global Showcase held at New York ,USA . The selection was based on filling up an application form followed by a grilling interview of the short listed candidates. She represented India in the global showcase in New York, USA on 22 March 2018, after being shortlisted for piloting the “Owning Your Future” programme in 2017. She was awarded with a trophy and a cash prize of $500.