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Virtual Classrooms

Students of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, have been interacting with their Chinese counterparts from Jinyuan High School in Shanghai (JSHS), through video conferencing and have established virtual classrooms in order to learn from each other.

The program is a culmination of a year’s, non-stop effort which began in August 2007 when representatives of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar traveled to JSHS to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. With a desire to record their respective intent, an MOU was signed through the video conferencing, witnessed by student and teacher representatives from both the schools. The inaugural was heralded with drum beats by students of each school, followed by the introduction of the respective guests by each school’s host. The movies from each school gave a remarkable insight into their infrastructure, vision and achievements. The Principals of both schools then delivered speeches, introducing what the signing was all about. The Chinese Ambassador, in his speech was highly appreciative of the student’s effort at friendship and understanding. He also added that they could go on to prove that they are worthy of their respective countries. Instrumental Music performances were exchanged. It was indeed a moment of pride for every Tagorean.

As a part of teaching, both the schools share their expertise of their own culture. Tagoreans learn Tai Chi and Calligraphy from the Chinese school and teach Yoga, Kathak and Warli Art to them

Our early morning Yoga sessions are now held jointly with classrooms in China and vice-versa
 Calligraphy being taught from Jinyuan Senior High School to both the schools


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Students learn the art of Tai-Chi through video conferencing from a Tai-Chi teacher at Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai,China

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Kathak being taught to students of Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai through virtual classroom.
Teaching Warli Art to the students of CHINA through video conferencing 


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