Workshop on "Leonardo Da Vinci's Thinking and Communicating Skills in the Classroom" was conducted by Ms. Mala Thapar on 18 November 2017
Session on the technology of a 3D Printer for the teachers conducted by Mr. Purushottam Kumar from CADx on 26 August 2017
Workshop on Questioning Techniques for the teachers was conducted by Ms. Neera Chopra on 22 July 2017
Workhop was conducted by Mr. Stephen Marrazi for the Computer and Physical Education teachers of primary classes on 11 May 2017
Various means of communicating ideas and concepts across the classroom using gestures, movements and body language, etc were highlighted through activities which had verbal and kinesthetic elements to them.
Workshop on 50 Pedagogy Strategies for Primary Classroom for the teachers was conducted by Ms. Neera Chopra 
on 08 May 2017  
Workshop on drug awareness and LGBTQI support campaign of the school conducted for the teachers by the students' team on 08 April 2017
Workshop on psychological disorders conducted on 28 March 2017
Workshop on classroom management for the teachers of classes Nursery-VIII was conducted by Ms. Neera Chopra
on 14 January 2017