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Inter House & Inter Class Activities




Sports Activities

Inter House Activities

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Nursery – V

January 2017


Ignited Minds- Quiz competition


NUR- Build a Story

KG-  Build a Story

I- Talent Hunt

II- Monoacting

III- Book Jacket Designing

IV- Mathematical Wizards

V- Build a Story

III, IV & V-Computer Prowess


December 2016



Parliamentary Debate  (Classes IX-XII)

Snap, Style and Share (Classes VI-VIII) 

NUR- Plasticine Modelling

KG-  Plasticine Modelling

I- Just a Minute

II- Math Puzzle

III- Turncoat

IV- Dharohar-Lokgeet

V- Alpana

November 2016


News Hour (Classes IX-XII)

Character Portrayal (Classes VI-XII) 

NUR-Character Portrayal

KG- Character Portrayal

I-Book Mark Making 

II- Rangoli

I & II-Computer Prowess

III-Spin a Yarn


V-Sculptors at work


October 2016




NUR-Story Telling with Puppets

KG- Story Telling with Puppets

I-Poem Recitation

II-Tangram Magic

III-Eco-friendly Gift Box

IV-Concept Ad

V-Create a musical instrument 

September 2016


Hindi Diwas

Laghu Natika (Classes VI-VIII)

Hasya Kavi Sammelan
(Classes IX-XII)


NUR-Object Talk

KG-Object Talk

I-Story Telling with Puppets

II-Pretend Performance

III-Math Genius

IV-Paper Bag Making

V-Patriotic Symbolism


August 2016

Volley Ball
(Sr. Boys & Sr. Girls)

(Sr. Boys )

Table Tennis
(Sr. Boys & Sr. Girls)


Fusion Music  (Classes VI-XII)


NUR- Card Making

KG-Card Making

I-Math Genius

II-Mini Landscape 


IV-Every picture tells a story

V-Acrostically Poetic

July 2016

Basket Ball

(Sr. Boys & Sr. Girls)



(Sr. Boys & Sr. Girls) 


(Sr. Boys)

Spellathon  (Classes VI-VIII)

Cabinet Elections (Classes VI-XII)

NUR-Costume Parade

KG-Costume Parade


II-Ad Mad

III-What’s the Good word?

IV-Jingle Mingle

V-Jingle Mingle

May 2016

(Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls)

Table Tennis
(Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls)

(Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls)

Spot Ad (Classes IX-XII)

Caricature (Classes VI-VIII)


NUR & KG –Poem Recitation

IV-Poster Designing 


April 2016

Basket Ball Tournament
(Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls)

(Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls)

Cricket (Jr. Boys)

Debate (Classes VI-VIII)


I- Picture Smart with Plasticine

II- Picture Smart with Waste

III-Geometrical Salad Making

V-Book Cover Designing