Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar

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Session conducted by Mr. Kunal Kumar from JINA on Actuarial  Science on 8 August 2017 for classes XI-XII
Session on "How to improve photography skills" by Mr. Virendra Singh from Canon for the students of photography club on 3 August 2017
Session conducted by Ms. Karishma Batra from Ashoka University on liberal education on 18 July 2017 for classes XI-XII
A session was conducted by Ms. Jaya Aryappa on the topic 'Sex Education' for the classes VI, VIII & XI from 12 July 2017-17 July 2017
A Session on admission in Delhi university on 11 July 2017 conducted by Mr. Pratham for classes XI-XII
'DENTAL TALK' was organized for the students of class VII on 1 May 2017

Dr. Mugdha Motani helped the students understand the importance of oral hygiene and look after their teeth, to lead a peaceful life.

Students of classes XI-XII attended a workshop by Mr. Vivek Karmokar, a visual artist on 25 April 2017

Students attended a session on 'Sustainable Development' and interacted with Mr. Anil kumble, Brand Ambassador at the culminating event of Hybid Week observed as a celebration of Earth Day organised by CNBC Network 18 on 22 April 2017


Students of classes XII A,C,D attended a workshop by Mr. Sushant Kalra ,Parvarish on 07 April 2017 to ease out learning of Mathematics.

Self Defense and Personality Development workshops conducted for girls of classes VI to X from 23 March to 31 March 2017

Workshop organised for the science students on Electrostatics and Electricity as a part of Experiential Learning on 18 March 2017

Talk on 'First Aid' by Col(Dr)Vikas Agarwal was conducted for students of class III on 15 February 2017

Students of classes VII-VIII visited the 'India Gaming Show 2017' on 03 February 2017

A workshop conducted by Ms. Jean Burk to train students for Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) on 03 September 2016

Kuchipudi dance recital by Padma Ragini Puttu and her Russian students on 01 September 2016.

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3D Game Design workshop was conducted for students of classes VIII-XI on 26-27 August 2016

A two day workshop was conducted for students of classes VIII-XI on 3D Game Design to train the students in developing games which not only entertain but are vital for building various skills like critical thinking,speed collaboration and communication.The students attended the workshop enthusiastically.It was concluded with a gaming competition where the students made games using the skills learnt during the workshop.The students received certificates for their successful participation in the workshop.

'Routes 2 Roots' - a lecture demonstration organized by Ministry of Culture for students of classes VI-VII on 24 August 2016

Leadership camp for the cabinet members conducted by Knowledge XP in school on 20 August 2016

"Leadership is not about titles, positions or power. It is about one life inspiring another," is rightly said by John C Maxwell, and definitely understood by our aspiring badge holders. A leadershipcamp for the group of 48, individually distinct but unitedly a team, selected/elected cabinet members was organised in school on 20 August, 2016. The seven hour long workshop conducted by Knowledge XP was an enthralling and exhilarating experience. It helped as an ice breaker between all the cabinet members. Games like 'fire in the mountain' and 'balancing the balloons' taught the students the importance of being true to oneself as well as the need to walk together in order to gain something. A small survey conducted helped the students recognise the unique type of leadership skills they possess and the necessity to inculcate other styles according to the varying situations they may have to confront. The long seminar, although was full of engaging indoor activities and tiring yet cheerful outdoor games, proved to be an invigorating and informative escapade for all young Tagorean leaders.

Students participated in a photowalk with Mr.Nitish Arora to Humayun’s Tomb on the World Photography Day- 19 August 2016

First Aid workshop for students of classes VI-VIII on 05 August 2016