Science Exhibition conducted by the students of class V in which they displayed machines created by them consisting of one or more simple machines on 17 January 2018
Children's day celebrated in class II on 14 November 2017
Students of class V did an activity on "How big is my Carbon Footprint?" on 6 November 2017
Methods of separating insoluble impurities in water were demonstrated to the students of class V on 31 October 2017
Heritage Walks

Heritage walk to Feroz Shah Kotla was conducted for the students of class V on 25 October 2017

Heritage walk to Purana Quila was conducted for the students of class IV on 30 October 2017

Students of class V observe and analyse the properties of air on 24 October 2017
Students of class IV portraying characters from Ramayana on the occasion of Diwali on 13 October 2017
Students of class I visited church on 26 September 2017
Rose day celebrated with Cancer patients on 22 September 2017
The Cancer Patients Aid Association celebrates  Rose Day  every year as a day  to express love,  and support  for children affected by cancer .This year the event was held on  September 22nd and students of  class IV and V  presented a lively performance which left the audience enthralled. 
Earlier the students of the junior school also contributed 150+ umbrellas and handed it over to the NGO  CPAA  (Cancer Patients Aid Association) .
Experiential learning trip to the fire station for the students of class V on 21 September 2017

As a part of the experiential learning, students visited the fire station where they learnt about the different classes of fire.The method of rescue in case of fire was demonstrated by the personnel on duty.The visit will be followed by the Research Based Project on "Fire Extinguishers"

Card making with a message "Hindi Bhasha Humein Priye Hain" by the students of class III on 14 September 2017
Using a 3D model, students of class V were shown the three Parts of brain and their respective function on 12 September 2017
Students of Class I dressed up as 'Community Helpers' on 17 August 2017
Learners of class V were introduced to the parts of human skeleton and the specific bone constituting that part on 14 August 2017
Theatre class activity by the students of class IV held on 04 August 2017
Students of class IV performed in groups on famous personalities like King Ashoka, Rani Laxmi Bai, King Dashrath on 15 July 2017
Hindi sentence writing and creative presentation on mor(peacock) by making the bird in a beautiful manner by the students of class II C on 14 July 2017
Integrated and flipped Hindi class with music for students of class III on 14 July 2017
Public speaking activity "Be a Chef - Host a Show" by the students of class I on 02 May 2017
Experiential Learning Trip (Class V) on 26 April 2017

Students visited Vasant Vihar Nursery on 26 April 2017. They inquired about the vermiculture and observed the cotton seed and analysed its features which aids in its dispersal through wind.The visit culminated with an integrated PEC activity where the students learnt the ancient system of measurements using body parts.

Students of class IV recycled PET to make planters on Earth Day celebrated on 21 April 2017

Experiential Learning (Social Science-Class V)
Students visited the paper recycling unit of school and observed the rainwater harvesting system within the school premises. Objective was to let the learners become aware of the initiatives taken up by our school to conserve the natural resources.

Educational Trip to the Humayun's Tomb and Lodhi Garden for students of classes III-V on 15 February 2017