Government Senior Secondary School Joniawas has been adopted by our school under PROJECT SEHPAATHI .

70 student delegates and 6 teachers, from GSSS visited our school, on Wednesday, 15th November. 

After a warm welcome, the visitors were guided to the auditorium for a short briefing on our school followed by a short cultural programme put up by our students .The briefing was followed by a sumptuous breakfast for the visiting children and their school teachers. The children were then taken on a guided tour of the school.

Thereafter the students, in five groups were taken to classes 8, 9 and 10 where pre-designed special activities were conducted. The visiting kids participated in these activities with much vigour and enthusiasm. After the class visits, the groups were taken one at a time, in turn, to the Computer and Robotics Labs. 

Next in line were the practical demonstrations in the Science Labs. The children were  taken to the Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs in turn. They demonstrated infectious eagerness to learn and absorb the demonstrations. They promised to perform them at their own school too with zest. After the lab visits, they were divided were taken, in turns, to the Dance room, Art room, Indian Music room, Western Music room and the libraries. The look of awed fascination and reverence in their innocent eyes spoke silent volumes of their feelings.

Finally, everyone congregated in the big playground for a mouthwatering lunch buffet. A beautiful group photograph was also clicked after which our visitors started on their long journey back to their village with loads of new, happy memories and treasured moments.

The visit – the first of this program for GSSS, Joniawas – was memorable for both the visitors and the hosts. For children being educated amidst a myriad deficiencies, it was a palpable revelation on modern urban Indian school education. It evoked phenomenal liking, admiration and respect. For us, as the host school, it was a supremely satisfying reinforcement of the magical joys of sharing.

Winning the tGELF Youth Leadership Award

Project Sehpaathi , under which we have adopted a school in village Joniawas ,  won the prestigious tGELF Youth Leadership award  . Project heads Arsh Mishra and Syed Sameed Anwar received the award on behalf of the team on November 18th  at Vigyan Bhawan. The recognition for Project Sehpaathi as the top project came after four stages of elimination rounds spread over a span of seven months and beating about a 100 schools across the country. The two youth leaders received a cash prize of rupees ten thousand each which they have donated to the project.