DESIGN FOR CHANGE, is one of the largest global movement designed to give children an opportunity to express their own concerns and put them into action. It is the brainchild of Kiran Bir Sethi, the Founder/ Director of the Riverside School in Ahmedabad.

Both children and adults learn through the Design for Change Challenge that reiterates the importance of the two most powerful words, "I CAN." The challenge asks students to do four very simple things: Feel, Imagine, Do and Share.

The school has been a part of the Design for Change Challenge since 2011. In the very first year that our students participated, they had received the Jury Award for their story ‘We See for You’, which was a project essentially to bring awareness about the multifarious talents of the visually challenged students in our school.

Session 2016-17
The useful components of waste being discarded
The issue chosen this year  by the students was--  'The useful components of waste being discarded flimsily which can be productively recycled'. Segregation of waste was not done at the door-step level which added to the plight of the people involved in collection and disposal of waste, exposing them to infectious diseases.
Students came up with different solutions to solve the problem—awareness in the society through street plays, distribution of self-designed pamphlets, making cost effective compost-pits, distribution of different coloured aprons to waste collectors for segregation process. Surveys and self-composed street plays were done by the students in the specific areas. Three societies were targeted- Dwarka, Rajouri Garden and Vasant Vihar. The parents’ invaluable and continued support made this project a great success. The level of enthusiasm displayed by both the students and their parents is worth a special mention. Their unstinting support was extremely valuable in achieving the objectives of the
The impact of the project was very positive. Residents have already implemented the solutions offered by our students for segregating the waste. They have started using different coloured dustbins.
The project not only widened the horizon of students but also helped in development of their individual personality as leaders. It helped the students realized the importance of waste management at door step level and its impact on mother nature. In all it was an enriching experience for everyone and its rightly said... “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
Session 2015-16
Our school's entry for the Design For Change School Challenge 2015 'Paper Rules-Plastic is Old School' has been selected as one of the Top 100 winning stories at Ahmedabad on 05 & 06 December 2015

Our schools’ entry for the Design For Change School Challenge was selected as one of the Top 100 winning stories amongst over 2512 DFC stories received from 27 states. Our story ‘Paper Rules-Plastic is Old School’ received high praise for nurturing empathy, cultivating optimism and for building the collaborative spirit amongst our super heroes! To celebrate the school and our students incredible achievement Kavin Desi Valli of class V C and two teachers, Ms. Taranjit Kaur and Ms. Aarti Verma had gone to attend the coveted  ‘I CAN AWARDS 2015’ held in Ahmedabad on 05 and 06 December 2015.

Say No to Plastic

The ticking clock reminds us of the increasing number of plastic bags used this year all over the globe. We, at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, are concerned about the state of the environment and want to leave a cleaner and a less suffocating planet for the younger generation. Therefore, the students of classes IV and V launched a campaign against the use of polythene and plastic, in C-Block, Vasant Vihar, to make it a no poly bag zone, just like in our school premises.

Remember, all things big have a small beginning. We hope this small campaign of ours will lead to a big change in the society. On 18 September 2015, students of classes IV and V, carrying banners, presented a street play on environmental pollution, followed by a signature campaign. The students distributed handmade paper bags to shopkeepers, customers and to the residents of the area.

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Session 2013-14
Safe Water-Safe Future

This session, our story, 'Safe Water-Safe Future' - has received an 'Honourable Mention' from the DFC School Challenge Jury 2013 comprising of eminent personalities. The Project took our participating students from classes VII and VIII to nearby settlements where they had first-hand experience as of their living conditions. They spent days, spreading awareness about the importance of safe drinking water and hygienic sanitary conditions using posters street plays performing using simple apparatus.

The street plays and the posters were appreciated by the audience, as they felt they were some simple and practical solutions to their regular problems of safe drinking water. The children raised money to buy whatever needed as well as a large stock of chlorine tablets with their own efforts. They made and sold cards, paintings, craftwork, items with quilling etc. They wanted to empower the slum-dwellers to be aware of the dangers of drinking contaminated water, to be able to purify drinking water without any expensive equipment and to be able to do so without recourse to electricity.

The award once again is a great incentive for our young DfC team from the middle school. This recognition is not a small feat considering that our students had competed with 33 other countries and was selected for the special award from 715 most inspiring stories from the world.

As a recognition and appreciation of our DFC team efforts, our school and the students have won:

  1. A grant of Rs. 5000 from Disney
  2. An exciting book hamper from Amar Chitra Katha
  3. A certificate of appreciation from Design for Change