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Global Outreach

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Nine students accompanied by Ms. Anuradha Rao, TGT Maths visited Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai, China under exchange program from 18 November to 27 November 2016

Nine students of Classes 9 to 11 and a teacher visited Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai from 18 November to 23 November, 2016 as part of the exchange activities between the two schools. The students stayed with their hosts at their homes and interacted with their families. They participated in the family’s regular activities, thus learning about their culture and food habits. The host families took great care of the students, involving them in various activities and taking them out to see Shanghai. The students had a fun filled time and both sides exchanged gifts with each other. Both schools learnt some art and crafts from each other. Students of TIS taught Warli Painting to the JSHS students and learnt the Flag Dance from Mulan, Folk songs of China, Calligraphy and Tai chi from them.

The group also visited Suzhou which is water and silk village. On a night cruise on the Yangtze River, they were enchanted by the contrasting architecture on both sides of the river.

The trip culminated with a visit to Beijing from 24 November to 27 November. They visited the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall of China, the Nest and the Water Cube. The famous Gong fu show at the Red Theatre was the icing on the cake.

The trip helped the students become more organized, independent decision takers and confident.

Sagnik Bhattacharya, Avijit Sharma and Priyesh Sharan of class XI were invited by Shanghai Media group to show their project in a TV show called Junior Edison Show from 19 October to 25 October 2016

Ten students accompanied by Ms. Preeti Chadha, Junior School Headmistress visited Winston Churchill High School, USA under exchange program from 13 October to 24 October 2016


Ten of us were gifted with the opportunity to represent our school in the US on a 10 day cultural exchange program, wherein we stayed with the students of Winston Churchill High School, Potomac, Maryland and got to experience ‘the American Lifestyle’ for 6 days & and afterwards to New York for 3 days, stopping in Philadelphia for a little tour and lunch.


We attended the school’s Homecoming Football Game and the Homecoming Dance, which is a little less formal version of a prom. We toured Washington DC over the weekend with our hosts and saw the Washington Monument, White House, Capitol Building, The Smithsonian Museums, etc. We attended school for a couple of days and over the next two, we went to Baltimore and Great Falls, as a group.


The difference between our two schools was enormous. As almost everyone might know, you wear whatever you want and the teacher doesn’t come to your class-you go from class to class after each period depending on what courses or classes you’ve opted for. Secondly, phones were allowed and could be used during classes unless a particular teacher disallowed it. Students were listening to songs while doing their assignments and even drinking Starbucks coffee!


In Philadelphia, we stopped for a surprisingly tasty INDIAN lunch, which most of us were delighted to eat after a week of American food. We saw the Liberty Bell and the Art Museum which was featured in the famous movie Rocky.


In New York, we pretty much saw everything that was physically possible in one day. We saw Ground Zero (the 9/11 memorial), Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, etc. We even went up the Empire State Building for a magnificent bird’s eye view of the New York Skyline at sunset.  Hamilton Park, NJ at night had THE most amazing view of the harbor and skyline.


The favourite parts of the trip for most of us were roaming around the streets of Washington DC with nothing but a map, street shopping, eating from food trucks and travelling by the metro.  Now I can proudly say that our metro system is better. Theirs is less crowded but what can we do about that? Also, visiting each other at their hosts’ places and getting to know them better.


The general atmosphere where we stayed was such that it made us realise what kind of a future is possible and we’ve made it our goal to work harder in life to reach such a place in the future.

Aman Kalra XI-A

Fifteen students accompanied by Ms. Malovika & Ms. Jyoti represented India in International Cultural Exchange Program-Joy Dancing Children's Meet at Beijing, China from 03 August - 15 August 2016 


The students of the school participated in the ‘Joy Dancing Beijing Festival 2016’ at Beijing, China in the month of August ’16. Unlike the last couple of years, this time the students were also invited to the  DIYAF -Dalian International Youth Arts Festival at Dalian. The dance troupe presented three art forms- Kathak, Garba and Dhunachi, in both the festivals at Beijing and Dalian, at multiple venues. The audience was ecstatic on seeing the colourful and vibrant dances put up by one of the youngest members of all the participating teams. The vivacious performances enthralled and impressed the organizers of Dalian Arts Festival so much that they extended a confirmed participation of India for their festival from 2017 onwards. This was an achievement for the young dancers for they made everyone proud. The performances were covered by the local media and newspapers extensively.


The students not only performed at various venues but also visited all the famous tourist sites including the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Sea World Adventure Park, Beijing Museum of Natural History and the Bird’s Nest stadium. They also had exchange visits with the local schools both at Beijing and Dalian. The best part of the tour as mentioned by the students was the visit to Shanghai. The students visited the world’s 5th tallest building -The Oriental Pearl Tower and the Jade temple. The cruise and visit to Disneyland has left behind indelible exciting memories for life.

Sohini Chakrabarti at Global Citizens Youth Summit, Massachusetts, USA from 29 July to 06 August 2016 

Sohini Chakrabarti of XII B was selected as one of the 28 scholars from all over the world, from a strong pool of high-caliber applicants, to participate at the Global Citizens Youth Summit'16, one of the best summer programs for extraordinary and talented young leaders worldwide. The Summit was organized by the Global Citizens Initiative at Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA during July 29 – August 6, 2016.

The goal of the Summit was to develop the next generation of global leaders. The scholars acquired the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to act as informed, engaged, and empathetic global citizens.

Sohini was the only scholar from India and was also awarded a full scholarship of USD 5500 to participate at the Summit.

School wins accolades at the 6th Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo 2016 held in Shanghai from 17 to 20 July 

A contingent of ten students of classes X and XI, accompanied by two teachers from Tagore International School Vasant Vihar, represented India at the 6th Shanghai International Youth Science And Technology Expo 2016 and Science and Technology Stars of Tomorrow Invitational Tournament, held in Shanghai from July 17 to 20. In all, four projects were showcased at the Expo: Brake Volt, made and presented by Arnav Balyan, Muskaan Mehra and Abhay, Hari Teflon presented by Shraddha SS, pH 5.6 presented by Priyesh Sharan, Avijit Sharma and Sagnik Bhattachrya , while the project on Oxygen from waste was presented by Manchit Jasrotia, Aarnav Bharghava and Manoj VM. Each exhibit won the first, second and third prizes respectively. Over 100 students and teachers from 35 Schools from across the world had participated in the event.

Besides presentation and demonstration of the working models, the students had interactive sessions in the judges round, after which the Expo was open to the public.

The icing on the cake was the leisure trip to Beijing where the participants visited the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Great Wall of China.

Ms. Preeti Chadha, Junior School Headmistress visited three campuses of the Ritsumeikan University, Japan and Doshisha High School, Kyoto from 13 June-16 June 2016 

Sohini Chakrabarti of XII B represented India at International Ministerial Meeting organized by UNESCO at Paris Headquarters on 17 and 18 May 2016 

Sohini Chakrabarti of class XII B was invited to the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France to participate in the Ministerial Meeting on Education Sector Responses to Violence based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression on 17 and 18 May 2016. Co-Founder and the current Project Head of Breaking Barriers, the campaign taken up by the school for the LGBT+ community, Sohini shared her experiences of leading India's first gay-straight alliance (GSA) at the school level, which provided information for future UN reports and other information portals, as well as opened up avenues for collaboration with other NGOs and civil society organisations present at the Meet. Sohini was the youngest invitee at the Conference and the only representative from India.