The Motto of the National Service Scheme "Not Me But You", reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. Under this scheme, we introduce our students to various projects and motivate them to work with various NGOs. Students work enthusiastically and are contributing their bit to bring about a change in their lives and in the society, in their own little way.

Projects undertaken by NSS are :

Project Search

In collaboration with TERI, the Green Teen team work towards collecting tetra packs from the school on a regular basis. A tetra train has been designed which the students takes round around the school during the recess and collect tetra packs. They also check the taps and flushes in the washrooms on a regular basis. The problems for instance, lack of availability of toilet papers in the washrooms etc. are resolved once the students inform about it to the concerned authorities. This is done to ensure sanitation. Also, due to the efforts of TERI we are a part of Resource Centre for Excellence (RCE).Under RCE we have been regularly conducting VCs with a high school in Netherlands. Last session we discussed the water problem in both countries and this session we are recycling waste materials and creating new products out of it. Lately, we recorded a video about what we did earlier and, what are we planning to do in the future. This video will be showcased at the international conference.

Recycling of Tetra Packs 

In collaboration with TERI, the students of X-A work towards the project and collect tetra packs from the school on regular basis. A tetra train has been designed which the students takes round around the school during the recess and collect tetra packs.  Then these tetra packs is given away to an organization allotted by TERI who then sends it to Pune to convert them into  stationery, paper, roof tops for villages.

Project Saarthi

In the year 2014-15, TERI selected our school as a mentor school under the Project SAARTHI. Our school is allotted two schools in Gurgaon where children from underprovided section of society were studying. The students of classes XI and XII were visiting them once a month to make them aware of various life skills and the life style in the cities like Delhi. Presentations and pictures of schools, market places etc. were shown to them to make them familiar with the culture of the city.  

For the year 2015-16, TERI has allotted MUSKAAN and TAMANNA both school for special children as our mentee schools which will be starting from October 2015.

School Enterprise Challenge

School Enterprise challenge is sorted by British Council under which students of middle school and high school are being trained to become young entrepreneurs. Under this our students of Green Teen started making different types of articles from handmade papers which was recycled in the school and selling the articles like letter pads, diary, folders, jewelry etc. during school PTM’s. This money further is given to Acid Survivors Foundation India (ASFI).

Students of School Enterprise put up a stall of handmade products like envelopes, paper bags, folders etc. at KIIT Gurgaon on 20 November 2015
Teaching EWS students of Primary class after school hours
‘When individuals in a community collaborate and strive together for the benefit of all, then not only do the individuals benefit, but the whole community also prospers.’ Sensitivity towards social issues is a value the Tagoreans naturally imbibe in the positive surroundings that pervades the school campus.

Under the NSS programme, students of class IX-C conduct classes after school, for the students from the EWS category of classes I to V. After an orientation programme conducted by the NSS teachers, the students are in complete charge of mentoring,   homework assistance, and preparation for examination of the students in English, Math. Improvement in speaking skills by engaging their wards in conversation and discussion, as well as focusing on correct pronunciation is also adopted by the mentors. 

Activity based teaching to keep the learners engaged, preparation of worksheets, mock tests, usage of teaching aids are initiatives taken by the mentors to enliven the  learning environment of the classroom. 

The programme has gone a long way in generating awareness among the students of class X of their responsibility towards the society at large, as well as inculcating values of compassion, sharing and empathy towards the lesser privileged.

Sale for Charity

Our school has taken up the social initiative to help the survivors of Acid Attack victims. As a part of NSS programme, students of classes IX A and IX B set up stalls for the sale of articles made by them during regular PTM's of our school. Every child contributes by making beautiful book marks, folders, envelops etc. This charitable work has been also appreciated by the parents.

Stall selling 'Christmas Special' quill items along with others on 09 December 2017

Students raised INR 6000/- by their sale of items made by the students .

09 September 2017 Tagoreans again set up stalls, selling articles made by them to raise funds for their various social projects.
At the PTM on Saturday , August 26th, the Art Department set up a stall to sell paintings made by students in order to raise funds for various Social Service initiatives undertaken by the school

Students from classes VIII-XII of Art Society and NSS put up a stall for selling hand made products, folders, envelopes, note pads etc. by the recycled paper on 31 October 2015

As a part of charity sale for Acid Attack Survivors, NSS students of class IX A & B made the PEACE logo on the hands of parents,teachers and students on 25 July 2015

This year our school has taken up the social initiative to help the survivors of Acid Attack victims. As a part of NSS programme, students of classes IX A and IX B set up stalls for the sale of articles made by them during regular PTM's of our school. Every child contributes by making beautiful book marks, folders, envelops etc. This charitable work has been also appreciated by the parents.

Face to Faith

Face to Faith is a programme under Tony Blair Foundation. In this the students hold video conference with schools of different countries and exchange their ideas on various topics. They share their views on various social & current issues by writing their blogs, commenting on others blogs etc on line. 

Video Conferencing on Festivals

Students of TIS participated in a video conference on 24 August 2016 along with Govt. Girls High School Shah Latif,SMA Taruna Nusantara and DAV Pushpanjali Enclave. The topic of discussion was Festivals and how they are important to a place or a country. Students also discussed how they celebrated the festivals in various ways.

Video Conferencing on Materialism & Spirituality

Students of Tagore International School along with Yazdan Khan Model High School,The Gurukul and City Montessori held a video conference on 29 April 2016 on the topic "Materialism & Spirituality"

They shared their own experiences of life regarding wealth and its different types.The students defined the meaning of spiritual and material wealth and highlighted on the role of education in both aspects.

Video Conferencing on Essentials of Dialogue on festivals/celebrations

Students of Tagore International School along with Syed Pannah Ali Shah Model School ,SMA N 3 Painan ,Al-Ferdaws Secondary School for Girls and the facilitator, Ms. Simmi Kherheld a video conference on 21 April 2016 on the topic " Essentials of Dialogue on festivals/celebrations"

The focus of the VC was on the student¹s personal experiences and how faiths and values have impacted on their own lives within their own communities and discussed the significance of these experiences.

Video Conferencing on "Faith, Values & Communities"

Students of Tagore International School along with Govt. Girls High School and SMA N2 Padang held a video conference on 03 December 2015 on the topic "Faith, Values & Community"

They discussed about each other’s communities, and how faiths/beliefs plays a role in student’s life. Our school also discussed about their Flawless Flaws project. A question and answer period followed and students discussed festivals, religions and the difference in community perspectives concerning LGBT. Students ended by discussing values they receive from their community (honesty, discipline, respect all came up) and then briefly reflecting on what they took away from the conversation.

Video conferencing on "Story Telling"

Students of Tagore International School along with Govt. Girls Pilot School, Mahatma Montessori School and SMA3 Bandung School held a video conference on 10th September 2015 on the topic "Story Telling"

They discussed and shared their stories which had inspired them. Students asked questions based on the stories told by their fellow students from other schools.

Students also told how they were motivated by the stories.

Video conferencing on "Human Rights"
Students of Tagore International School held a video conference along with Apeejay Saket, Chettinad Vidya Mandir, DAV Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Vidya Devi Jindal School on 24th July 2015 on  the topic "Human Rights'.
They discussed about 
1. How human rights are being respected by other communities.
2. How their religion and belief system influence them. 
3. They discussed about which right is important for them.

Video conferencing on 'What compassion means to the?

Students of Tagore International School along with Govt. Girls High School, Meerut Public School, G.D.Goenka School Model Town held a video conferencing on 16th April 2015 on the topic 'What compassion means to them?'
They discussed and shared their experiences about about when they have been compassionate towards others and when others have shown compassion to them

Video conferencing on Civil Rights
Students of Tagore International School held a video conference on 22nd January 2014 with different schools like Blue Bells International, DAV Public School  Dwarka, and K.R. Mangalam and exchanged their ideas n the topic Civil Rights.

Students presented their views and ideas on the topic and had a discussion for two hours
Silver Award for Face to Faith

Face to Faith is a programme under Tony Blair Foundation. In this the students hold video conference with schools of different countries and exchange their ideas on various topics. They share their views on various social & current issues by writing their blogs, commenting on other’s blogs etc on line.

Children of classes IX and X worked on this project and the school received the Silver Award in April 2014 for connecting young people of different faiths and beliefs around the world.

Video Conferencing on Face to Faith by Tony Blair

On 30 April ’14, students of class IX and X of Tagore International School interacted with the students of Gurukul -The School, India and SMA School of Indonesia through a video conference. The discussion was based on the topic of materialism and spiritualism.

Video Conferencing on Cultures and festivals celebrated in their countries

Videoconferencing with GEMS Modern Academy (UAE), Govt. Girls High School (PAKISTAN), Tagore International and Sri Venkateshwar International (INDIA) on Tuesday 17 December 2013. The students took back great learning from each other, regarding the culture and festivals celebrated in the respective countries.

 Video conferencing on Environmental issues

Environment module between Rishikul Vidyapeeth, Tagore International (India) and SMA N 6 Padang (Indonesia) on Monday 20th January
Students discussed their own environment and their experiences within it, the environmental issues their community faces and how their faith plays a role in catering for the environment.

Project Citizen

Session 2015-16

Project Citizen India (PCI) is a community based programme being worked upon by Class IX C of our school. It was started in collaboration with Project Citizen, Calabasas, California and Ramjas School, New Delhi. 

Adopted in about 40 different private schools of Delhi (as part of their curriculum), this programme requires the involvement of students in picking up a public policy issue, do research on it i.e. finding out the intensity of the problem, existing government policies, framing a class policy keeping in view the constitutional validity of the policies and carrying out an action plan to solve the problem. 

For selecting the public policy issue students do a thorough research work by 

  • Surveying the local community
  • Interviewing different people
  • Interviewing government officials
  • Critically analysing the newspaper report, Internet report etc.

With the help of this, students find out the intensity of the problem.

Then students also look up for the existing government policies. For this they –

  • Interview government officials, MLA, M.P.s etc
  • Surf net
  • Interact with lawyers and other concern people and organisations

Once they list out the policies and find out the positive and the negative side of it, they either select one of these as the class policy or suggest a new policy keeping in mind the constitutional validity. After this they chalk out an action plan, on which they work for a period of one year to solve the problem. They do so by 

  • Pressurizing concern agenises / authorities to do the work by writing letters and filling RTI
  • Creating website, Blogging
  • Writing & publishing articles for newspaper or magazine.
  • Doing Street plays etc.

This is done to sensitize local community and form public opinion to solve or minimize the problem.

This year students have also chosen a project called Road Rage as a project under NSS, where they come across by the problems faced by the people on roads

Students of class IX won Excellent Presentation award for the project 'Road Rage' held at Ramjas School on 16 October 2015

Every year our school participates in ‘Project Citizen’, an interschool competition where the students take up a social issue and try to bring about a change in the society. As part of this project the students of class IX-C decided to focus on the cause of road rage for the session 2015-16.

Delhi roads witness road rage cases every day. In spite of all the efforts by Delhi Police the number of cases is increasing rapidly. The cause was decided upon after much discussion by the students in a democratic fashion. 

Following an extensive research and surveys designed and conducted by the students in and around their respective neighbourhoods spread all across Delhi, the students comprehended the gravity of the issue and realised the need to make sincere efforts to bring about a change. They shared their research material with Dr. Muktesh Chander , special commissioner of Delhi Traffic Police, during a workshop as well and sought his guidance on making a traffic park in the school as well. 

At the national showcasing held recently at Ramjas School, R.K.Puram, our school got an award for ‘Excellent Presentation’ and was greatly appreciated for its work by the initiator of Project Citizen in Delhi, Mrs. Meera Balachandaran. The students were highly encouraged to keep playing the role of active citizens and realised their ability to make a difference in their social environment.

DSC 0054

Surveying the local community

Critically analysing the newspaper report, Internet report


Session 2014-15

‘Project Citizen’ is an NSS endeavor assigned to class IX-C that gives the students a unique opportunity to become responsible members of the society and play a role of active citizens contributing towards the well being of the same.

This year the class chose the topic—“Social Networking forums-A Boom or a Bane” after contemplation and went on to present their research work at a National level showcasing organized in Ramjas School   R.K.Puram on the 18th of October. The following students represented the class on the designated day got award for best graphics.

Manyata Kumar


Akshita Ananad


Agam Gaba


Sujata Balasubramanium


Naima Lemu


Naman Tanwar


Akrit Bhargawa


Payal Bhowmik


Aranaya Ratra


Sahaj Rastogi


Arito Pal (IX-B)


Mehak Kalra (IX – B)


Luan N Seldo


Raya Chatterji


Varalika Kataria



DSC 0005
Session 2013-14

The topic shortlisted for the session 2013-14 was ‘ Trees : Our Lifeline’

During a presentation made by fifteen representatives of the class before the schools of Delhi on 26th of October it was shared that our school has always felt the need to take steps in order to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment by protecting trees. In classes, the teachers keep reminding the students the importance of plants in our lives through various fun activities such a role- plays, brainstorming sessions etc. A Facebook page, “Against Tampering Trees” has been started to spread awareness.

The effective and well planned efforts of the students were received very well by a panel of esteemed guests and other schools alike and won the participants of our school an award of “Excellent Presentation and Documentation”.


  Session 2012-13

“I would rather lose in a cause that will someday win, than win in a cause that will someday lose”                                     

                                                                                                                                          -Woodrow Wilson

Keeping in mind these words of Mr. Wilson we the students of class IX-C had prepared our project citizen presentation on the topic ‘Crime against Women’ as we strongly believe that with our efforts just like every evil, crime against women will also stop one day. This topic was chosen in a very democratic fashion and it was observed that many students felt that crime against women is no more a puny matter but has become a part of our lives. In order to voice our discontent regarding this matter, we had prepared a presentation which included a 250 pages file, posters and a power point presentation. On 1st November 2012, we had our presentation in Ramjas School, R K Puram. At first we all were very scared as to how will we perform and what will be the result but Yachana ma’am reassured us that we will do well as we had practiced hard. She said that it is good to be nervous but not to be scared. Then came our chance to present, we did very well. The judges were very impressed and were actually out of questions, they really praised our performance. It was a very good experience and this presentation has really boosted our confidence. During the valedictory ceremony, we all were sitting with our fingers crossed when they announced that they will not be giving any prizes on the basis of merit. All the sixteen participating schools got a trophy and certificates as they said that all the schools had worked equally hard. We came back bagging the trophy and certificates. We all were really satisfied with our performance as we gave our best and were successful in putting light on a social evil that prevails in secluded parts of the society