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In the year 2014, senior students of our school launched an Organ Donation Awareness Campaign titled ,“OutliveYourself”. They  planned several activities around this topic, such as informative presentations, street plays, flash-mobs, sculptures, and many more.

The MOHAN Foundation, India’s leading NGO working on organ donation,  intensively trained our students to conduct workshops on organ donation so that they could  encourage people to pledge their organs. They also conducted workshops for all teachers and senior students of our school, as well as for people in several corporate organizations.

Tagoreans aim high to get maximum people sign up as donors and thereby support the cause. 

The school’s customized Donor Card 


Student-designed informative pamphlets 



 A training session with the MOHAN Foundation



 An interaction session with an organ recipient and a donor family



 Tagoreans participated in Airtel Delhi Half  Marathon on 23 November 2014 ---spreading awareness for Organ Donation Campaign

As the closing event of Outlive Yourself, our school’s organ donation awareness campaign, 40 students and 6 teachers ran in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on Sunday 23 November at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The team participated in the 6 km Great Delhi Run category.

It was an exciting day as over 30,000 people were running the various races. Some enthusiastic parents even joined the run and cheered on the team. The students performed brilliantly; a few of our superstars completed the run in less than 30 minutes!

 Flash mob at Select City Walk, Saket on 23 August 2014

 Flashmob at the DLF Promenade Mall, VasantKunj on 09 August 2014.

Watch our flashmob video:

 Flashmob at the school’s Literature Festival ‘LiFe’ on 07 August 2014