S.O.C.H--The Society Of Caretakers of Heritage

While a school is an institution wherein the dissemination of education takes place, what sets Tagore International School apart from others in the field, is its constant endeavor to see through the impact of this education by creating opportunities for the young minds to apply the learning gained.

One such step in this direction was taken by ‘Dharohar, the Heritage club of the school that created a separate group of the senior school students and decided to call it  SOCH- The Society Of Caretakers of Heritage . Through this initiative, these students were given a platform to become guides for their juniors, the students of class V and conduct heritage walks for them and their parents.

The volunteers from classes IX –XI became a part of this new initiative and post an extensive research carried out by them, they conducted the first walk for class V C on Friday 5 February 2016 at the Safdarjung’s Tomb. The group was successful in generating a great degree of excitement among the students who took the walk and were greatly praised by their class teacher, Ms. Shivani Sharma who also accompanied them. An annual heritage walk for the parents of the students has also been organised ever since.

Guided tour of Jantar Mantar for the students and parents of classes Nursery - V on  07 December 2019
The Society of Caretakers of Our Heritage (S.O.C.H) held a guided tour of Jantar Mantar for the parents of the students of classes Nursery - V with their children on  07 December 2019. 
This provided a unique opportunity to all participants to unravel, learn and explore the stories, mysteries, unheard tales and contemporary issues associated with the historical treasure of our city, Delhi.
The Heritage walk was led by the enthusiastic members of the S.O.C.H Club who thoroughly enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the parents and kids alike. Their efforts received immense appreciation from the participants.
Heritage Walk to 'Humayun's Tomb'  by students of class IX and X on 02 February 2019

On Saturday 02 February 2019, the Society of Caretakers of Heritage (S.O.C.H) conducted a heritage walk with the parents of our school's students of classes Nursery to IV, to the Humayun's Tomb. The walk was conducted by 14 members of the S.O.C.H initiative, across classes IX to X who were accompanied by 3 teachers. The students acted as guides and covered various parts of the complex which are often not visited or seen by most visitors. The parents got to know fascinating facts about the place and it was definitely a great learning experience for the students as well. The team earned praises from the parents who were impressed with the research and in-depth knowledge of all members. In their words...

"All the students had immense knowledge about Humayun's tomb complex. We are proud of our school where such initiatives are undertaken." - Lt Col Akshay Diane

"The students had researched well." -Vanita Dhingra

"The walk was well organised." -Mahesh Kumar

Guided tour for the parents of classes I-V on 03 February 2018

On 3rd February 2018, the members of the Society led a heritage walk to the Qutb Complex. A one of its kind student driven initiative, this walk was conducted for the parents of students of classes I to V of our school by 11 members of the group, from classes IX and XI accompanied by 2 teachers. The students, acting as guides, introduced the group of parents to various parts of the famed complex, including those aspects which often go unnoticed.From sharing factual data to narrating historical legends, the parents were enlightened with information presented in a manner which coerced them to complement the team for being better than even the professional guides in the field.

All parents wanted more such experiences in the future and some expressed themselves in the following words:

“Research done by the students is commendable! I admire the fact that the teachers encouraged and enabled the kids to lead the walk.Their team spirit was amazing.”

                                                                                                                     - Geetika Gupta

“ Often I have doubts on local guides. This experience was brilliant”           -Manish Gupta

“Description of each spot explained very well by the students.The students have researched on the facts’’                                                                                           -Meenakshi Aggarwal

“Level of information and the confidence of children was admirable’’                       -Deepak

Heritage Walk with the parents of the students of classes I, II and III on 04 February 2017

On Saturday 04 February 2017, the Society of the Caretakers of our Heritage (SOCH), a student- driven initiative of our senior school student body, conducted a Heritage Walk with the parents of the students of classes I, II and III. The endeavour was the first of its kind and was a learning and memorable experience for those who chose to participate in the same. The student guides introduced the parents to the history and varied aspects of Safdarjung’s Tomb, and revealed multiple interesting facts about it while taking them around the complex. The feedback received from the parents was very encouraging for the core team members of the group who are grateful for the support lent by those who joined us on the walk.

Heritage walk for the students of classes V A & B was conducted by students of classes IX-XI at Safdarjung's Tomb on 12 February 2016


Students of classes IX-XI conducted a heritage walk for the students of class V C at the Safdarjung's Tomb on 05 February 2016