“ Disabilities are yet another manifestation of global diversity. Let us be committed to the fundamental principles of dignity and equality for all human beings.”


As advocated by Guru Rabindranath Tagore, the school strongly believes in equality in society and dignity of each individual .  In keeping with this belief, a new social project has been initiated this year to sensitise the students regarding individuals with intellectual disabilities and how to enable and empower them to get their due respect and right place in society.

On 10th May ‘2018, a discussion was held in the school by the ten initial members of ‘The Youth Activation Committee’, now called ‘Team Saksham’.  The team Saksham, comprising of students of class IX, not only interacted with the students with intellectual disabilities, but also had a meeting with the members of the Special Olympics Bharat team, under the stewardship of Ms. Uma Chopra (TGT Hindi) and Ms. Ayesha Vij (Project Director). Our school students suggested some unified sports and other activities, to be especially organised by the school .


Team Saksham firmly believes in Supporting, Valuing and Advocating Inclusion.

DISHA- an event organised by students of Team Saksham ,TIS,VV & SOB at Inderpuri on 09 December 2018
Tagoreans with special kids at Thyagraj Sports Complex on Tuesday 20 November 2018 for a friendly football match with Mr. Sachin Tendulkar on the occasion of World Children's Day
Special race for the students was organised on the occasion of Junior Sports Day in school on 16 October 2018
Ms. Uma Chopra, TGT Hindi was invited to parent and sibling workshop organised by Special Olympics at Singapore on 29 and 30 September 2018
Ms. Uma Chopra was invited to the parent and sibling workshop organized in Singapore by Special Olympics on 29 and 30 September 2018.The workshop consisted of people  from the Asia-Pacific region and it was all about encouraging and including the people having intellectual disabilities in the society.
The workshop was fun and interactive with parents and siblings of the athletes and the youth leaders .

Football National Coaching Camp at Bhubaneswar from 01 Sept.-06 Sept.2018
Preparatory Camp for Unified Football at World Summer Games 2019

Mr. Parveen Kumar, HoD (Physical Education Deptt.) attended a Preparatory Camp at Rajasthan from 19 June -24 June 2018 as a coach for Unified Football  for World Summer Games 2019 at Abu Dhabi ,UAE.

An interactive session was organised under Special Olympics Bharat on 17 May 2018

At the outset and as a way of encouragement, Team Saksham organised  a unified sports event on 17th May’2018, where the school’s football team played a match with the special guest students. This was followed by High-tea, for which the snacks were prepared by the students themselves. The programme culminated with a musical event. The students not only enjoyed this mutual enriching interaction, but reiterated their belief that Inclusion works.

First  Preparatory Camp at Bhopal from 05 March-10 March 2018 

Mr.Parveen Kumar ,HoD(Physical Education) & student ,Mathew Malsawmsanga attended the first preparatory camp for World Games 2019 .They attended the camp as probable coach and athlete respectively .