Our name is our identity and knowing oneself entails a good knowledge of the true value of our name.

This fact was the reason that encouraged us to initiate a one of its kind campaign this session called The Know Tagore Campaign.
Rabindranath Tagore's name is associated with the very essence of our school and learning about him is only thus justified.
The students of class 9 B have enthusiastically taken upon themselves the responsibility to educate their schoolmates about the legendary figure who
is inadvertently referred to, every time we take our school's name or call ourselves a proud "Tagorean".  
Thus came about -
  • a series of interactive sessions - planned, conducted and evaluated by the campaign members,
  • short quizzes - to learn and reinforce the learning in a fun way, and
  • a 'What we learnt.....' note making exercise.
A continuous cycle of these efforts has already been set into motion and giving encouraging results to the members who in the process are getting an opportunity to learn more themselves. This campaign is also proving to be an excellent way to hone the deliberating, planning, public speaking, and team building skills of all members.