Humans are blessed with the creative skill and imagination to transform the most uninteresting image into a vibrant and spirited composition. Since the year 2003, Tagore International School and the Japanese Embassy have been providing students an opportunity to display these skills and also their dexterity in paper folding to present superlative Origami compositions.

Inter School Origami Competition organized by our school is highly reputed competition as it is unique and one of its kind in Delhi NCR. Every year more than 35 Schools from all over Delhi participates in 7 categories.

  • Junior (Solo) – Classes III to V
  • Junior (Group) – Classes III to V
  • Middle ( Solo) Classes VI to VIII 
  • Middle (Group) Classes VI to VIII 
  • Senior (Solo)- Classes IX to XII 
  • Senior (Group)- Classes IX to XII 
  • Teachers (Solo)
Origami Competition 2018
Every year our school organizes the Interschool Origami Competition in collaboration with the Japan Foundation. Origami is the japanese art of folding paper. The word Origami has been derived from  ‘oru’  meaning to fold and ‘kami’ meaning paper. Origami is used for various purposes such as architecture, mathematical learning, decorative purposes and it also helps us to enhance our ability of logical thinking. 
This year it was held on 10 October 2018
The event details are as follows:
Junior(solo)  Theme-- Triumph of Man (Space Travel) 
Junior(group)Theme-Man who saw tomorrow (Futuristic dress & Accessories) 
Middle(solo)Theme-Auto Maton ( Design an Auto Machine) 
Middle(group)Theme-Back to the Future (Time Travel) 
Senior(solo)Theme-The Martian ( 3D Futuristic Being) 
Senior(group)theme-Beyond Horizon (Space City) 
Teacher(solo)Theme-Honoring the Past; Treasuring the Present: Shaping the Future (With reference to Japan) 

Our school participated in all categories