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Once Upon a Time ......Our Junior library

As one walks past the doors of the recently renovated Junior Library, aptly named Once upon a Time, one wanders into child-friendly and stimulating learning environment.  It has recently undergone a facelift.  Since physical factors of space and colour directly affect learning experiences, so the school has taken time to get them right.  Spaces in the library have been sectioned into clearly defined zones, with specific and specialist purposes. Adding style and grace is the carefully designed colour coding of the drapes, the walls and the furniture, in soft hues of blue and green. The book spaces cater to all age groups, are practical, with an organised system of referencing, showcasing the unique and varied collection of books. The amphitheatre, which is the hub of the library, provides an energising environment for a wide range of learning activities. 

To create a physical environment which matches with the identity and ethos of our school is the portrait of Rabindranath Tagore, made in acrylic by the Art teacher Anjon Sir, bearing an unmistakeable resemblance to its subject.

We can boast of the library being simultaneously, a haven for quiet study, a space to get the students engaged in reading for pleasure, a space for small groups to collaborate, as well as a space where they can disconnect from the frenetic technological advancement engulfing them.


Innovations in BALA!

We have innovatively treated the pavements around the atrium as a learning resource. The map of Delhi, the Periodic Table of Elements, the Phases of the Moon, the Globe, the Multiplication Tables have all been spruced up with a fresh coat of paint. A timeline, correlating the history of Delhi, India and the world has been introduced as an outstanding example of our frugal innovation of using the building as a learning aid. (BALA) The students can peer further back in time and further into the future as well, helping them accumulate information through many generations.


Installation of false ceilings in Classrooms

The installation of false ceiling in all the classrooms of IX and X has not only added modernity and sophistication to them, but also provided a feel of space. Since we are a green school, the installation will prove to be energy efficient as the false ceiling aids in reducing heat during summers and cold during winters.  The rectangular light fixtures fitted with LED lights in the ceiling will substantially cut down on energy consumption!


Coinages by "the Bard" – A tribute by the Senior library

The senior library has thanked Shakespeare for the phrases he has coined and popularised over the centuries, by dedicating a wall to the Bard, with some of these common expressions and/or clichés written on it. Many of us English speakers quote Shakespeare, even if we've never read a word of his plays. And we don't even know we're doing it.  While it is ‘neither here nor there,’ nor the ‘be-all and end-all,’ some of his phrases have been woven into everyday English vocabulary. Here are some of the phrases we owe to the bard – break the ice, wild goose chase, love is blind, hair stand on end, laughing stock, heart of gold, wear your heart on your sleeve.... The list is endless. We clearly owe Shakespeare a great debt, don’t we?


The S.P.A.R.K Lab 

The STEAM club, rechristened SPARK (an acronym that stands for Science, Programming, Art, Research and Kreativity) has been relocated to a new venue, the Music room, which in turn has been relocated to the Robotics lab. The lab’s interiors have been redesigned, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for the students of the club to work in. The lab is equipped with new 3D printers, computers with latest configurations and professional CAD & CAM software for design and innovation, new robotics kits, sensors and electronic equipment. The S -like arrangement of the tables   has created workstations that reflect the modern workplace, and will aid in collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.