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A Session on ' Time Management ' by Ms. Shivanee Sen was held for the students of class XI on 24 June 2020

A session on ‘Time management,concentration and increasing productivity’ was conducted for class XI on 24 June 2020. The facilitator Ms Shivanee Sen, is a well known leadership coach and life skill trainer. 

The topics covered during the session were why COVID makes planning more pertinent , organising time, obstacles to productivity and procrastination. Many solutions were shared with the students. Some off the major take away by the students were mapping your energy,reward technique, to do list and prioritising . Even the question and answer session saw queries coming up which  were addressed individually.
A Session on ' Time Management ' for the students of classes IX & X was held on 27 & 28 May 2020

Ms Shivanee Sen, a well known leadership coach and life skill trainer conducted a session for the students of  classes IX and X  on 27 and 28 May 2020 respectively. 

The topic for the session was time management,maintaing concentration and increasing productivity. Issues like procrastination, uneven distribution of work, the science of distraction were discussed in details . Many solutions were shared with the students. Some off the major take away by the students were chunking, hard work, reward technique , prioritising and mapping energy. Even the question and answer session saw a  lot more queries coming up which  were addressed individually. The session was highly appreciated by all the students.

In the given lockdown situation, time management was something that I think all of us needed to be tutored on. The webinar turned out to be a great a opportunity for students to share their problems and some tips and tricks that they personally use. The way Shivanee ma'am connected all our doubts with how she coped with them in her college life, really helped us to relate to what she was saying. She was sympathetic to our problems a d suggested quite useful ideas for staying organised. I really appreciated the fact that every students query was answered and that the presentation was interactive and not just full of lengthy paragraphs. I am looking forward to attending more such webinars on other issues. My suggestion would be that if you could share your contact details so that if students are too shy to say something on a public platform then they'll be able to contact the teachers personally. Also it would be great if such webinars are held for parents as well because they too need help on various psychological aspects including parenting and how to maintain relationships with children during lockdown situation. 

Sulagna Moitra X A

The time management workshop that was conducted with us on Thursday, 27 May 2020 by Miss Shivanee Sen . It was an  absolutely amazing and enlightening workshop . Our coach , Miss Shivanee shared some  wonderful ,clear and engaging techniques on how to manage day to day tasks and how to avoid procrastination .The thing that i loved the most about the workshop was that it was a great mix of talking and playing which kept me engaged till the end of the session 

Ma’am’s  presentation style was impressive. She  was  clearly an expert at her  craft, the best part was that she shared her personal experiences and how she learned to cope with difficult situations which made it much easier for me to connect with what she was saying .

She stated that, “If it was easy , everyone would have done it. ” and this just  moved me , this phrase keeps resonating in my head all day long and keeps me going I would like to conclude by saying that I totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. The style and the knowledge of the presenter was simply amazing. The techniques personally helped me to get over my habit of wasting time  and helped me develop a sense of how to go about my daily tasks by identifying them as a ‘must-do’ or a ‘shall do’ task . The workshop was an experience in itself, unlike any other sessions / webinar it was easy , enjoyable and deeply powerful. I’m looking forward to many more sessions with you . Thank you !

Divya Sijwali X A

Today’s Webinar by Shivanee Ma’am and Pooja ma’am was wonderful.It was an interactive session as we could get answers of our queries and talk about the issues we are facing.The session held was very informative and the activities done were very interesting.The session helped us to understand how important time management is and what consequences will we face if we leave everything for the last second.Thank you for the wonderful session and I would look forward for many more such informative sessions.

Medha Setia X B