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Sincere recognition of efforts is a fantastic reward that provides continued motivation for future tasks. In all our endeavours, we also recognize the importance of positive feedback which we get from various quarters frequently. We graciously express our gratitude for the constant support and motivation from your end.
Letter of gratitude from Madhuban Educational Books
'Thank You' email from parent of Khushi Gupta of class X of batch 2019 

Dear Ma’am,

As we know Khushi Kaushik is a differently abled child studying in TIS since 9 years now, as parents of Khushi we would like to share our experience with TIS with respect to education, care and support received from this school till now.

First of all we would like to thank Ms. Madhulika Sen, Principal of Tagore international school and all the teachers of TIS for their contributions in making Khushi Independent. When she was born, we were worried that how would she commence her studies and what would her future promise due to her visual impairment. But it was her luck that she got admission in TIS. Since beginning, all the teachers of this school have been caring like her mother and they have always been giving special attention to her so that she can compete with normal children of her class.

 We would like to share some of the things which make TIS different from other schools for a differently abled Child.

 1)      The Principal of the school, Ms. Madhulika Sen, she is strict but that strictness makes Khushi a more disciplined and carrier oriented child.

 2)       The coordinator teacher Misha ma’am, who has been constantly worried about her studies and comfort like her mother.

 3)       Her class teachers from class 2nd till class 10th, every teacher taking special care with respect of class work, homework, physical & mental development.

 4)      A special robotics workshop arranged by TIS only for visually impaired children which helped her as well as all other visually impaired students of TIS to know that they are no different. They can use the same tools and create things like any other child.

 5)      All the visually impaired students are constantly made a part of nearly all the activities in school. This helps them to be confident and to believe that they are not different from others.

 6)      The parent workshops, that help us to understand the child in respect of behavior, language, physical & mental development, carrier and all.

 7)      The school bus staff, both driver & helper cares for her and do not start the bus until she is comfortably sitting.

 Some of our friends whose 4 children are studying in schools like Mount Carmel (Anand Niketan) and Spring Dales (Dhaula Kuan) are constantly worried about their child’s education as they are not getting this kind of cooperation and support from their teachers in terms of education, ways to conduct examinations and upcoming board examinations. However, we are the only parents who are not worried for our child’s educational requirements and cooperation from the school staff despite facing almost similar problems.

Finally, we would like to give a special thanks to all the school staff for their support, love and affection towards Khushi.


With Regards,
Shailesh Kaushik
F/o. Khushi Kaushik