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December 2019 

Students of the primary school were briefed about Swadeshi Movement and the benefits of wearing khadi. To boost their understanding on the same, they were also shown videos on the spinning wheel. Subsequently, students of classes I-V dressed up in cotton, handloom and khadi, perfectly in sync with the theme of the month, ‘Self-sustenance and Swadeshi’..

Students of classes VI-VIII watched the popular movie, ‘Swadesh’ in their respective classes. The movie, screened as a part of Gandhi Utsav, filled their hearts with the spirit of patriotism. It also conveyed the message that the best way to prove yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. The movie set them thinking and they discussed ways to make India a better place, and their contribution to its development in the future.

Swadesh 1

Students demonstrated a deep understanding of the theme of the movie in the collages they made, as a part of the activity.

Make62 copy

Students with collages depicting their idea of “Make in India”