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My dear students, We know it is a weird time in our lives, but we can always make the best of these holidays. 

1)  Spend time with your family than being immersed in technology or gadgets.

2)  Teach your younger siblings/learn from your elders.

3)  Play group games, vocabulary activities, sudoku, mind games, quizzes to keep your creative energy high.

4)  Read a lot of stories, novels, comics and share their stories with your family members during evening time.

5)  Get access to different learning websites, download worksheets and write answers in your rough notebook.(for all subjects)

6)  Listen to your parents,  eat whatever they cook for you...remember they just want your best!

7)  Meditate- put on a relaxing music (recall our meditation class in Amphitheater) and meditate.  Do it with your family.

8)  Enhance your artistic skills /abilities. Try out your hands on sketching, painting, dancing, singing, cooking  etc.

9)  Practice grammar by downloading apps from Play store/ from online resources.(Don't over use mobile).

10) Take care of yourself and your family, and come back with a bang, because We miss teaching you!

Here are a few audio stories to make the most of your time at home!