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The Academic Content, Assignments and Quizzes are provided using online platforms for all the classes from Nursery to XII. We thank parents for their continued support. Your words of appreciation keep us motivated during these challenging times.

Respected Nidhi Ma'am, 
I Deepti Mishra, Mother of Aditi Mishra who is studying in class 1D of your school would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers of the school especially Nidhi mam & Preeti mam to start giving online classes at this difficult time of lockdown. We all know it's not possible for children to attend the classes at this time which could result in loss of their studies. But i am really happy by the steps taken by your school to continue providing online classes so that even in this time  children can still learn new things and their time is not completely wasted. Even my daughter is taking lot of interest in assignments given by you and putting a lot of efforts to complete it. 
I would also like to mention that i have received a video in which the teachers explained how to pronounce each and every word of the National Anthem and repeated it several times so that it is easy for children to learn it. It was a very enlightening experience for the kids since the video was made after taking in consideration that it is to educate the kids so extra measures were taken to make it more easy and simple for them to understand and learn. 
So thank u for the efforts taken by you in encouraging children to learn new things even while staying at home and taking measures for their bright future. 
Thanking you, 
Deepti Mishra
With the strain socio-economic situation everyone around is effected and facing their part of stress. Imagining the normal soon seems a dream. Even in these desperate times the involvement for development of child-teacher relation and evolvement in the new methodology is an unprecedented example which displays the dedication and attributes of a teacher.
I would like to mention the extra-ordinary measures taken by Ms Vidhisha Jawa and Ms Neha Sood for designing the activities keeping in mind the capability & psychology of a child where parents can utilize the inoperative energy and time for the betterment and learning of our young ones.
We are happy to associate ourselves with the kind institution who thinks in the overall development of a human beyond the paper pencil education.
Student name - Ivaan Sukh
Class - Nursery A
I would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times.The school has been off but our learning hasn't, all thanks to the teachers. I'm extremely grateful to SONIA MA'AM and thank you so much for being so thoughtful and making the things easy for the parents.Especially the 'LISTENING ACTIVITY' session went so well ,Mannat is quite happy to interact this session so smoothly.
Thank you again to SONIA MA'AM for planning everything in such a thoughtful, mature and wise manner . And I wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time.
Warm regards,
Good morning mam
*Feedback from Arinjay* 
_(written by his father)_
The classes taken by mam are really helpful.
I loved it and enjoyed the online sessions.
Online is a new way of studying.
I was missing your class today and Mam is very nice and should teach us daily. 
Ma'am..very good description of the story you have given and the meanings also u explained in a  very good manner..Children and even I enjoyed it a lot..thank u so much..your voice was very impressive and full of is a good way of teaching the children recitation of the story also.
๐Ÿ™Kind regards meenu
Respected dear Kanchan bala mam and neha mam thank you so much  for excellent session with Dr Roma mam
Reena Handa 
Dear Ma'am,
Greetings for the day!!!
We want  to take a moment to thank both the teachers (Ms Vidhisha & Ms Neha) for the daily worksheets & weekly interactive sessions. The way of online teaching is commendable.
The work assigned is fun-filled and entertaining to which our child enjoys a lot. Ojasvi's knowledge to basic concepts are improving on daily basis. Also, she feels comfortable during the interaction session with the teachers. She is always eager to showcase the work done and waiting to meet her new friends.
We feel very proud that our child got admission in such an innovative & disciplined school under the supervision of knowledgable teachers.
Kudos to the teachers who are managing both their personal & professional life in such a crisis situation. Itโ€™s highly appreciated and a huge applaud to the teachers.
Also, sharing some glimpses of daily activities performed by Ojasvi.
Best regards,
Nikita Jain
(M/o Ojasvi Jain
Class Nursery-A)

I m happy with the maths teacher, the way she's explaining. Pls convey my thanks to her

Parent of Devesh 
Class IV A
Maths video was very good...
The teacher cleared all the concepts of statement sums in that.
Ahaan's Mother
Class IV A

Dear Ms. Jotan Ma'am,

Hope you are coping well during COVID -19. Thank you so much for the daily assignments. Sharanya looks forward to the daily assignments and enjoys doing them.
The way you explain everything in each & every assignment is so amazing that I am sure all the children must be understanding it well. The video links shared are self-explanatory and provides us (the parents) too an opportunity to engage better with the kid.
However, am facing challenge with the verbal skills activities provided, she is usually not keen on doing the rhymes and the stories. May be she will catch up on those once she practices it at school with her friends.
Kudos to all the teachers who are spending time on making these assignments so that the studies for students do not stop even in this tough time of COVID-19. Itโ€™s highly appreciated and a big thank you.
Best regards,
Nidhi Gupta
I thank my school for organising such a momentoruous competition on ocassion of 'International Dance Day' which is celebrated globally and so our school did.This day strives to encourage participants and providing them opportunity which i also did.I especially thanks the school principal and an important department of our school .i.e. our Dance and Music Department for providing me this opportunity.I really enjoyed this competition and hoping to get more such opportunities in future.
Thanks and Regards
Yash Madan
Thank You Mam for the session. My daughter is really happy talking to you. She is eager to join the school. Your efforts are commendable and  hats off to you both. ( Vidisha ma'am and Neha Sood) 
Ojasvi Jain
Nursery A
These days I also attend online sessions with my kids.. I found that a single teacher is handling about 40 odd students (all sections combined of a single grade). 
My heart goes out to all those teachers who have learned this way of online teaching in shortest period of time and then handling many many bright and  unruly kids in that session which takes about 2-3 hours. 
Studious students keep asking their doubts or are very eager to answer and backbenchers keep writing absurd answers and what not. I find all students as equally disturbing and how these teachers patiently manage this is really commendable.
Must say I am reliving the school atmosphere digitally and also keep thanking our teachers...
Maira Goyal's mother KG-D
Thank u so much ma'am for your kind effort in coordinating and reviewing the videos sent by the children. Kunaal has scored 3rd position and we are very grateful to the school and all the teachers for organising such a wonderful event while staying indoors. Children have really enjoyed. I have seen all the videos and it has come out extremely well๐Ÿ™‚. Kind regards Meenu Bangia 3
Thank u very much Sir for considering Kunaal's performance. He scored 3rd position. ..we thank all the teachers and the School for organising such a wonderful event while staying indoors. Kind regards Meenu Bangia. 3
Dear Ma'am,
Hope you r coping well during COVID-19.Thank you so much for weekly assignments.It's a true blessing to have your support in this lockdown period.
Hridyansh is enjoying all the activities specially 'LET'S STACK UP'.He definitely has learned a new concept from these activities. The learning material is very easy to understand for kids. I feel very proud that my child studying in such a wonderful school under the supervision of such knowledgeable teachers.
A big applause to you (JOTAN MAM) who are spending so much time on making videos and sparing time along with their household chores in this tough time of COVID-19. It's highly appreciated and a big thanks to you.
Best Regards,

This is regarding feed back from Dhvij Pant parents for day to day activity by school teacher miss jotan arora.
It was a interactive session as both sides were in conversation teacher as well as child.
teacher probing was very good so that child reacts.
activity chart makes child indulge in speech & language.
teacher miss jotan effort is appreciable. 


Mayank Pant( father)

Sunita pant  ( mother)


Letter of appreciation

Hello Mam. 

Through this email of mine I want to appreciate the efforts made by you in sending the learning materials everyday. The combination of speaking, listening and taking part in different activities, hands on learning keeps my child engaged all day. Akriti enjoys doing the activities as much as listening to the Stories or the videos on phonics. 

   She eagerly waits for the interaction session with you to showcase her work and talk to you about what she has done all week. 

   I can well imagine how much she will enjoy when she goes back to school!  

   I have attached a few of her crafts for you to see. Hope you like them.

Thank you for your efforts even in these difficult times. :) 




Akritiโ€™s mother (student of KG-C)


Respected  Rashmi Ma'am,

I am really glad to meet you today on the google meet platform for parents interaction. I am extremely thankful to you and the entire teachers team of 'TIS' for putting so much of effort into compiling the worksheet and planning in such a way that the work becomes easier for the students. The answer key shared with us on the next day is self explanatory and students can understand it very well. My child equally is putting in a lot of effort to complete the task given by you on time. I really look forward to the devised plan given by you. Looking forward to an introduction virtual session for the students as well.๐Ÿ™‚ 3

Commendable efforts!

Stay Safe!

Thanks & Regards

Aishwarya Chugh




  • This is regarding feed back from dhvij pant parents for day to day activity by school teacher miss jotan arora.
    It was a interactive session as both sides were in conversation teacher as well as child.
  • teacher probing was very good so that child reacts.
  • activity chart makes child indulge in speech & language.
    teacher miss jotan effort is appreciable. 


Mayank Pant( father)

Sunita pant  ( mother)

Good afternoon Ma'am! 

I ,Trisha Sharma of IX-D , is sharing my feedback  on online classes that are being conducted by our school , recently 

I wholeheartedly appreciate the initiative taken by our school regarding the online classes to enable learning during these hard times for us  .And also at this time we are experiencing a virtual classroom .Various online competitions are also being held by our school that  really  worth appreciation as it is a source to do something productive and spend our time during lockdown. I even want to thank all the teachers who are regularly updating us with everything that is possible during these ongoing conditions and also for making the online classes far more interactive and interesting than my imagination . Overall , my experience has been really great and way better than my expectations .I also want to thank our school for proving that "learning never stops..."

Thank you Ma'am!

Trisha Sharma 
Thank you ma'am for all the efforts  
Dear principal ma'am,
Good afternoon..I really hope you are doing well and thank you for everything.
I know it is a difficult period for everyone in the world. Covid 19 has taken a toll on our lives and disrupted it in many ways. but I would like to stand up and applaud and thank my school, my teachers, our administration and you Malika ma'am to make things easier for us, your students via undue hardwork and efforts.
I am Tayyaba Noor of class of X-C and I am so thankful to you and all my teachers - Dimple ma'am, Mamta ma'am, Amita ma'am, Aisha ma'am, Shweta ma'am, Sophia ma'am, Maya ma'am and Preeti ma'am...for taking classes and making us understand though it is tough and tiring all the way.
I miss my regular school alot, I miss seeing my friends , my teachers , our bhaiyyas and Didi's ( hope I can help them in any way). 
But undoubtedly I am happy that we are not missing on our studies as it is class 10 and a happy big  step for our lives...I don't know how long the lockdown would be but I think, this experience has made me see life from a different perspective -
Like how to value freedom, how to value humanity and how important it is to understand that even the virus doesn't see religion, caste, color or money.
We need peace, prayers and harmony for a better world. A big hug and love to all health workers, doctors, policemen, cleaners and farmers who r working for us amid such horrific situation.
One thing I just wanted to share that is personal, my mama ( mom's brother) in New York has been on ventilator and in coma for 23 days due to COVID, he is very serious and fighting for life, and we all r praying for him. Ttlhat is why I know what this pandemic does; you can't meet , see or hold hands of your loved ones. Just  10 minute update is what you get on phone in 24 hours. I see my mom breaking down everyday, they are very close to each other.
It is so important to be at home and stay safe and keep other people safe by social distancing.
And under such stress my online studies give me much respite and a gateway to do something.
I also have a question, the weekly test that we do, how will it possible for those who do not have laptops, can we do it on the phone also.
Our teachers are trying their best and I am very comfortable using Hangouts meet app though many students are asking for other apps. Also a bit of break between classes would be good 
Ma'am I and my family are thankful  to the entire Tagore school family for all the work and efforts that have been put in for us.
Best regards
Tayyaba Noor
Class X C

Dear Mam,

Thank you so much.

You are a brilliant teacher mam, I have been very poor in Hindi and after attending your classes , Aishani has complimented me that my Hindi is getting better3 

Honestly mam, you explain everything so nicely . It is so good for the kids . This is the first time I have experienced how much you all work so hard for our kids Thank you from bottom of my heart 33

I am sharing the work done by Aishani 33

Warm regards

Chirasree ( Aishaniโ€™s mother )

From: Chirasree Nandi 
Date: Wed, Apr 22, 2020, 9:57 PM
Subject: Online Classes

The Principal

Dear Mam,

I really hope you , your family and all staff is in good health and are safe . 

I am Chirasree , Aishaniโ€™s mother who studies in class 6 D. 

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and all the teachers for the Online classes .

The experience has been great so far and we really look forward to our classes every day .

We have Anu mam, Sumita mam, Kannupriya mam, Astha mam and Suman Tripathi mam and all of them explain the kids so well , with so much of patience and effort .

It is remarkable to see everyday the amount  hard work goes in and how all the teachers work diligently towards each and every child.

This is the first time I have experienced and having the chance to see how much our teachers work towards our kids and their amazing contribution in our kids upbringing. 

I have always admired our teacherโ€™s hard work but this experience has been so enlightening for me . 

It has made our lives so disciplined as well .

Aishani and I really thank you and all our respected teachers for being with us in these tough times and continue to teach us .

Warmest Regards 

Your sincerely 

Chirasree and Aishani  

From: Tia Gupta
Date: 22 April 2020 at 3:49:55 PM IST
To: Jyoti Ma'am , SHILPI BHATTACHARYA MA'AM, Pooja Singh Ma'am , Richa Ma'am , mona ch , anjali wats
Subject: Thank You All Teachers

Respected Teachers,

I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for teaching us in these trying times. You all are putting up so many efforts just to teach all of us. You create an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation and motivation and provide us a room for doing mistakes and then also improve upon them. We all are really grateful to god that he has given us the best teachers like you who work so hard just to make each and every point clear to every student.




With lots of love from yours sincerely ๏ธโฃ๏ธ๏ธ,


Tia Gupta

Class 9- A


From: Tia Gupta 
Date: Wed, Apr 22, 2020, 6:04 PM:
To: anjali wats

Respected ma'am,

Ma'am, aap sabhi teachers ki jo importance hai hum sab students ki life mein uska ehsaas dilane ke liye maine aapko yeh mail bheja. Aap ko bhi yeh pata hona chahiye ki aap hai toh hum sab hai. Aaj hum jo bhi hai sab aap hi ki wajah se hai. Aap log itni mehnat karke hume padhaate hai aur yeh to bas uske liye ek chhota sa appreciation tha. Ek teacher ka ek shishya ki life mein kya mahatva hota hai ye batane ke liye shabd toh bahut kam hai. Ek insaan chaahe jitni tarrakki kar le lekin voh kabhi apne guru se zyaada bada nahi ban sakta kyunki veh aaj jaha khada hai uske peeche ek amaanyatapraapt insaan ki mehnat hai jiska naam hai "GURU"Mein bhi yeh hi aasha karti hoon ki hum aise hi ek doosre ka sahyog karte rahe aur aapka aashirvaad sada hume milta rahe.

Aap ki agyakari,



Parent of Devanya Mehta 
Nursery D
Dear Ma'am 
Good Evening..
I would like to thank you for providing weekly assignments. Devanshi is enjoying a lot in doing these assignments (Activities). I wanted to take a moment to thank all the lovely teachers as all the activities are explained so well by all the teachers . I feel very proud that my child is under supervision of such knowledgeable teachers .The way the teachers explain everything is so amazing that I am sure that all the children must be understanding it well and clearing their basic concepts which is so important at their age.
My daughter Devanshi looks forward to the daily schedule activities each time i go through the activities ( stories, rhymes, art and craft etc) i realize that it not only clears my daughter's basic concepts and it also brushes my concepts too๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚ so thank you.
Kudos to all the teachers who are spending so much time on making these wonderful videos its highly appreciated and a big thank you. 
Best regards
Neena vohra
( Mother of Devanshi vohra)
Good evening Maam ..Further to our weekly interaction me and my son..I would like to highlight that my son has become very comfortable to interact with you and shows lots of interest and eagerness   to do the activities given. The activities are very Interesting and fun to do.It will help my son to develop his overall skills along with his language skills and creativity..I Would like to appreciate your efforts and skills for this new mode of online teaching..I Would need your guidance and help to develop my sons verbal skills ..               
 Kind regards            
 Uzma Jafri
 Parent of Umair Jafri  Nursery B   
Thank you so much Maam Umair and me are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead .. very eager to come to school ..Will meet you once school starts.. will make him do picture reading.. thank you Maam ๐Ÿ™‚
Uzma Jafri 
Parent of Umair Jafri  Nursery B
Thank you mam for sharing activity ideas, its a blessing in disguise. We try to do most of them. Noor loves the stories the most.apart from this I try my best to engage her in most of the household activities in the current senario.
Parent of Noor Sharma Nur B
Good evening ma'am ๐Ÿ˜Š
Today I don't want to clear any doubt, just want to say something. ๐Ÿ™‚
I had my first physics period for class 11 today which was without you ma'am. ๐Ÿ˜”
I missed you alot.
I want to tell you that in last 3 years, I learnt alot from you. You were the one who encouraged me and at the same time made me realise that over confidence is not good. The very first time, when you became our science teacher in class 8, I developed interest in science and the next two years were the best academic years for me, especially in science. Thank you so much ma'am for giving me extra time after class for clearing all my doubts especially in the chapter 'GRAVITATION'๐Ÿ˜‰
I feel, it is because of you that I want to pursue my career in physics. โ˜บ๏ธ
You are a great inspiration in my life and I will never forget a teacher like youโค๏ธ
Keep supporting and encouraging me like you always have been.๐Ÿ™‚
Missing you alot ๐Ÿ’›
Aastha Sharma

Mother of Ivaan Tripathi 
Nursery D

Your suggestion was very useful...I made some cards of "is " "at" etc...

Now she can read these words very well ....

Thank u 3

Parent of Maira Goyal โ€”-KG D

Dear Ma'am,

Good Evening!

We would like to thank you for providing Baby Aarna with the day to day activities as this helps us keeping her engage and she is enjoying and learning new things. Kindly keep on sharing such activities. Thank you for your efforts.

Also, such regular interactive session guides us on how to do better parenting and thus keeps us motivated also. 


Gaurav Handa

(Father of Baby Aarna Handa)



The Principal

Tagore International School

East of Kailash

Subject: Online Classes - Great Job!!

Dear Ma'am,

Hope you are doing well and everyone at your home is also doing great!!

This lockdown situation has taught each one of us a lot of lessons - patience being the greatest one. And in this trying time, when we received a message from the school about the online classes that came as a pleasant surprise :) Learning a new skill in such a short span of time by all the teachers is commendable here. Today when the online classes started for Class IX, it was as exciting for all of us at home as it was for the kids. Even my mother in law sat through the first few classes and was amazed at how the teachers were managing the kids 6  (She is a retired teacher herself).

I salute and appreciate all the Teachers and yourself for taking up this initiative and managing it so well. Handling a class of about 40 students physically is a task in itself and now they are coordinating with them virtually, in some cases 2 sections at a time, this really calls for an applause!! Thanks a lot for not letting the learning stop and giving an absolutely new experience to these kids. They love it!!

I would be more than happy to help in any way that you may find suitable to assist the teachers in being technically stronger or resolve any of their issues that they might face. Let's just hope the situation is better soon and the kids are back to school soon.

Cheers to the entire team!!


Kanika Behl

Parent of a student in class IX


Thank you ma'am for todays's session .  Samrat really enjoyed today's work too.


Parent of Samrat Malik




Today we had fun playing this ball shifting game amongst 3 people. 4

Thank you !!

Parent of Saesha Agrawal..... Nur D


Same here Mam, we are thankful to you teachers too for getting our naughty kids engaged in these activities. And they are even learning a thing or two 3 4

Parent of Saesha Agrawal..... Nur 


Ma'am appreciation message for school website 3

Parent of Saesha Agrawal..... Nur D

Ila Ma'am your effort to connect me for the addition of my ward to google group is highly appreciable even in non working hour. It seem like you and school administration are working round the clock to bring education to our home.

Ma'am we are pleased to inform you that Abdul Ahad has been added to group by You. 


Abdul Ahad Ansari class II C

Farha Naaz Ansari


Shabab Ahmad

Hello mam, this landscape drawing activity was really v good and unique. Palakshi loved doing it as she hadn't  done something like this before. Thank you for introducing such great skills at an early age. I really appreciate your efforts 55