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Our salute to the Corona warriors. Please stand in attention as our talented student plays the National Anthem

Vansh Gupta VI D

Our immense talent in action

Sonakshi Saha VI C


The Ongoing Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

As we all know that the spread of coronavirus has led to a lockdown just for safety reasons. Even the people who felt fit as fiddle were not all fine and some even got caught by the disease. The one thing I taught myself is that respect environment and not play with it. COVID19 is a live example which has been declared as a pandemic from an outbreak in China. This is a lesson for humans because of all the irresponsible activities done like eating the non-eatable repositories available on the earth, producing pollution, cutting down trees etc which harmed the environment. In these days the pollution level has decreased and we can even listen to the chirping of birds.  Also, we shouldn’t only take this lockdown period as a boring time as we can make this time interesting by learning new things, helping out our elders with household chores and doing many other things. We should be grateful to the medical staff, policemen and all the other people for their great efforts. We should be thankful to our teachers as well who are helping us gain knowledge in this serious situation. The government is also trying to make this situation better and staying indoors is the least we can do.

Navya (VII C)

मेरी अध्यापिका को मेरा आभार

मैं अक्षय कुमार अपने मन की बातों को आप सब को बताना चाहता हूं । इस समय पर भारत बहुत ही बुरे दौर से गुजर रहा है। मैंने पहली बार ऐसा समय देखा है। भारत में एक महामारी दूसरे देश से आ गई है।  यह महामारी जिसका नाम कोरोना वायरस है,बहुत ही खतरनाक है । इस वायरस की कोई दवाई अभी नहीं है । इसका इलाज अपने आप की सफाई और अपने आप को एक दूसरे से दूर रखना ही है । इसी कारण से हमारे प्रधानमंत्री जी ने पूरे देश में लॉक डाउन कर दिया है जिसके कारण हमारे देश की स्थिति अभी तक काबू में है। इस लॉक डाउन से सभी को परेशानी तो बहुत हो रही है लेकिन इसके सिवा कोई और रास्ता भी नहीं है। ऐसे खतरनाक समय में भी हमारे देश के कुछ लोग ऐसे हैं जो अपनी जान जोखिम में डालकर भी देश की सेवा में लगे हुए हैं जैसे कि डॉक्टर पुलिस और सफाई कर्मचारी आदि। इन्हीं में से एक हैं जो घर में रहकर अपना काम कर रहे हैं । हमारे स्कूल की अध्यापिकाएं इन्हीं लोगों में से एक हैं जो अपना फर्ज घर में रहकर भी नहीं भूले । हमारी अध्यापिका जी हमें ऑनलाइन पढ़ा रही हैं । अध्यापिकाएं इतनी अच्छी तरह पढ़ा रही हैं कि ऐसे लगता है कि हम कक्षा में पढ़ रहे हैं । प्रधानाचार्या जी भी इसमें पूरा योगदान कर रही हैं और हमें और बहुत से कामों के लिए उत्साहित कर रही हैं । पूरे भारत को यह संदेश देना चाहता हूं कि हमें संभलकर भारत सरकार का साथ देना है । ताकि हम सब इस बुरे वक्त का सामना कर सकें । मैं इन सभी का अपने और अपने परिवार की तरफ से पूरे भारत देश की तरफ से सम्मान करता हूं।

 जय हिंद

अक्षय कुमार  (छठी - सी)

Creativity is contagious, pass it on

Hard work always pays off.... 

Parth Rathee VII D

Yug Agg1 Yug VI C

 Yug Aggarwal(VI C)

Raina Wadhera 6c Sonakshi 6c
Raina Wadhera - VI C Sonakshi Saha - VI C


Students express their  gratitude towards the health workers  through the medium of art
We1 We2
Kiaan Dhingra KG A
Painting - Collage





Created by the students of VI – VIII


There will be new hope... a self composed 

फिर से होगा नया सवेरा

Poem by Nayana Bhagat, Class VII D



Teachers play an important role in our life,

They help us face the struggle and strife 

They provide us with values and education 

They are the true backbone of the nation

They reward us and scold us when we need

They show us the difference between bad and good deeds

Be it online classes or be it a lecture period in school

They ensure we pay attention, and do not gather wool

Hustling and bustling through the piles of assignments and work

They give us a memorable rant, whenever they catch us lurk

This is only to make us different from the crowd

I think one day we will make our teacher's proud

There is only one thing left to say

May we always have teachers to light the way! 

                   CORONA VIRUS

Covid-19 is the pandemic hovering over our head

Without any brake or limit, it has rapidly spread  

People dying everyday due to this ruthless disease

Economy has been shut and our usual lives have ceased

Armed with masks, sanitizers and social distancing 

The dread of the situation needs no convincing

Sitting inside our houses, with privilege we have food and water 

But poverty and deprivation has started a raging slaughter

The poor are oppressed and the weaker population is under threat 

The government is trying, but no expectations have been met

We should donate and do our bit to help the society

Stay at home, wash our hands and forbid the anxiety

From letting into our minds and making us feel sick with distress

Listen only selectively to the daily media and press

We don't know if this pandemic shall last longer

But surely out of it, we shall come out stronger

Mankind will win, our courage will grow

With hope and love, only seeds of kindness we shall sow!


Poems by Aayushi (IX D)

'सुनो इनकी भी व्यथा।'

Neer and Neel VII