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The Book Week celebrations went virtual this year. Had our students been in real time school, they would have participated in a number of activities like every year. So some may have expressed themselves creatively through interpretation of the book that they read through art, some would have made book jackets and some would have expressed themselves through prose or poetry.
But isn't it amazing how the students mould themselves as per the situation or if we can call it the limitation of a lockdown. So we had all expressions done through the virtual platform. As a run up for the Book Week, the school librarians were sending suggested readings to all classes for the past three weeks. The students were getting the audio as well as the video versions of the books to make it easy for them to access the books during this period of COVID 19 restrictions. And given the spirit of our students and their creative expressions we weren't surprised to see so many coming forward with their unique work. 
Some samples of their creative expression! Also some samples of suggested readings that were given to our students with suggested activities!
Well done students! Keep reading, as Sir Francis Bacon said 'READING MAKETH A FULL MAN'
Let's have some fun friends!
Suggested Reading
 Book Jacket Designing
My Interpretation
Bookmark Craft 

Headgear Craft
Word Wall 
 Author and Book Tree Activity
Collage of Books of Rabindranath Tagore
 Indian authors and their books