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Art Integration with Biology
Class IX


Aadhya Gupta - IX B

GarvSharma IX B

Garv Sharma - IX B

Maulik Gupta 9 D page 001

Maulik Gupta - IX D

Pari Chauhan IX A

Pari Chauhan - IX A

Sahaj JhambIX A

Sahaj Jhamb - IX A

Sharanya Kundu 9C

Sharanya Kundu - IX C

Spandan Panda 9C page 001

Spandan Panda - IX C

Trisha Sharma 9D

Trisha Sharma - IXD

Class X

In the month of May 2020, students of class 10 were given an assignment, "Role Play". In this activity we tried to integrate Art (Performing art) with Biology. Many of our students came up with interesting presentations.