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The school has spacious, modern and beautifully designed Senior and Junior Libraries with open book shelves.  Both the libraries are well stocked with a large collection of books, journals and magazines. There are 12,000 books on various subjects, like science, commerce, literature , language, fiction and reference books. The reference section includes almost all the latest encyclopedia of school level, number of dictionaries, year books, quiz books, art and craft books and project books . Our services for career guidance and admission information is very helpful for the students who are preparing for the various courses after their XII exams. Air conditioners have been installed in the Library so that students can read in comfort.

A well designed theatre meant for story telling sessions is an extension of the Junior Library.

Library pillars painted by school students




  • Library facilities will be available till 3’oclock in the afternoon, on all working days.
  • Students should maintain decorum of the place.
  • No study material will be allowed in the library during library period.
  • Doing homework is not allowed in the library at any point of time.
  • Students are requested to keep the books in good condition.
  • No student shall scribble upon, damage or make any mark on any book, publication, newspaper, periodical, pamphlet or any other printed material in the library.
  • No student shall take out any book/ journal or any other material from the library, without having it properly issued.
  • All reference books in the library have to be returned to the librarian before leaving the library.



  • The students are free to choose any book of their choice.
  • Students are requested to check the books carefully for defects, if any, before getting them issued.
  • All defects should be brought to the notice of the library staff at the counter immediately.
  • The student will be held responsible for the return of the book issued against his/her name.
  • A student may issue one book on the library card for 7 days only and get it re-issued for another week.
  • Apart from the library period, issue and return of books will be done during zero period and recess too.
  • Under special circumstances, certain reference books and magazines can be issued for a day.
  • Rupee one per day will be charged as fine if the book is not returned by the due date.
  • Issue and return of the books will be stopped two weeks prior to examinations and long vacation.




  • If a student loses any book, it is obligatory that he/she replaces it with a new book of the latest available edition or pay double the cost of the book, with fine.
  • In case of books being returned in a damaged condition, appropriate charges will have to be paid.
  • If the library card is lost, it may be replaced by depositing a fine of rupees 100.




  • If required, a student may be asked to return any book or publication before the stipulated period.
  • Voluntary discussion and sharing of views on books read by the students in recent times and on current affairs, should be encouraged.
  • Students can be asked to write the review (handwritten or email) of the books read, once a month. The best one can be chosen to be put on the school website.
  • Suggestions from students and teachers should be taken for acquiring new books. 
  • Instrumental music should be played in the library at all times.