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Flags of Lesser Known UN Member Countries - Class VI
Students chose one lesser known country which is part of the UN and drew its flag on an A4 sheet. On the reverse side of the same sheet, students wrote some facts about the country like language spoken, cultural practices, geography, festivals, etc.
Cultures of Various Countries - Class VII

Students chose one country which is a member of the United Nations and prepared a dish/performed a dance/sang a song from that country.


The students of class VIII were shown a UN recommended documentary ‘Girl Rising: India chapter’ which was followed by a detailed discussion on gender equality. The students were given the task to write and submit a poem, story, letter or poster, on the theme Girl Rising.

Delhi of My Dreams - Class IX
The students of class IX were engaged in the task of creating a package, which allowed them to ponder upon the topic ‘Delhi of my Dreams’ and how they would wish to alter existing situations in favour of their ideas, which should consist of the following:-

1. Posters and slogans
2. An open letter offering solutions to improve the current situations of Delhi
3. Any other form of creative expression

RolePlay on Sustainable Development Goals- Class X

Students were divided in groups of 4-6 and from the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, each group chose one SDG and performed a mime act/role play showing the importance and implementation of the goal.

Round Table Conference on Mental Health- Classes XI & XII

A Round Table Conference was organized for classes XI and XII on the youthful topic of ‘Mental Health’ and its various causes and solutions.