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A Visit to the Global Millet Exhibition at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa Road, New Delhi

In view of the International Year of Millet 2023, the Global Millets conference was held on 18th March 2023 at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa Road, New Delhi. The conference was inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Students from TIS, EoK visited the onsite exhibition where more than 100 exhibitors displayed millet and millet based products, with the objective of creating awareness about the nutritional value and  the health benefits of millets. It was an enriching experience for the students.

Camp Tickling for classes I to III

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An  Educational Excursion to National Science Centre

Students of class VII were taken to the National Science Centre at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 as a part of their educational excursion. To start with, the children were briefed about the venue by one of the officials there. The museum is one of the largest science centres in the country and was set up to tempt children to explore science by making it fun. It consists of an array of working, science models, which were operated by the students themselves. These working models are intended to make the children comprehend the basic principles of how things work. The visit to the National Science Centre was one of the best ways to arouse curiosity in the minds of children. The practical knowledge gained in these galleries was more than what students could have learnt in the classrooms. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Heritage walk to Humayun’s Tomb

A heritage walk to Humayun’s tomb was organized for class VI students.

The Heritage club students (Class VII-VIII) organized a guided tour for the students. They briefed and explained different aspects of the monument to the students like history of the monument, architecture, Chahar Bagh concept and the need to conserve it. Class VI students were inquisitive and posed several questions to their guides. Various conservation methods were also discussed with students. It was an interactive learning session for both Class VI and the Heritage club students.

Students were given a worksheet based on their learning of the monument.

It was an engaging and learning experience for the students. This heritage walk helped them learn about our history and the importance of conserving historical monuments. 

An Educational Trip to the Gandhi Smriti

The students of class II were taken for an educational trip to “Gandhi Smriti’ on Thursday, December 8, 2022

The students were really excited as they were going for a school outing after the gap of two long years.

We visited the first pavilion entitled My Life is My Message, hundreds of archival photographs have been arranged on the walls, along with brief textual narratives. Some of these images of Gandhiji as a child and young man are rarely seen. There is also a model of the house in which he was born, as well as the actual army vehicle in which his body was transported for cremation to the grounds, now known as Rajghat.

The students were quite amazed to see Gandhiji’s school report cards, newspaper clippings and cartoons that show contemporary reports and reviews of his activities, the letters exchanged between Gandhiji and Leo Tolstoy, portraits of his wife and parents and other fascinating material. One display showcases the many commemorative stamps issued by countries around the world in the years that followed Gandhiji’s assassination, and another displays the letters that were sent to him. There are photographs on the life of Gandhiji from birth till assassination, there are 1600 photographs approximately. There are 75 stamps from different countries, released on the centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi. And there are models of Gandhiji’s house at Porbandar in Gujarat, Sabarmati Ashram and Yervada Jail.

After getting out of the museum, the students were made to sit in the lush green garden in the same premises for having their picnic, the most awaited and exciting part of any trip. They shared their mouth-watering snacks with each other and the helper staff.

It was a fulfilling and enjoyable learning day for the students and the teachers.

An Educational Trip to the National Museum

An Educational trip to the National museum was organized for class VI students on August 25, 2022. A guided tour of one hour was organized by the museum guides for the students. Different galleries were explored by the students. They observed the different sources of the Indus valley period and could relate to the chapter being done.  The students questioned the guide and learned a lot. After the museum they were taken to Lodi garden, where they had their lunch. They were given a worksheet based on their learning of the museum.

It was an engaging and learning experience for the students. It provided hands on learning to the students.

An Educational Trip to the Mother Dairy Plant
Students of class XI visited the Mother dairy plant located in Patparganj, New Delhi-92 on 26.08.22
They saw the entire process of milking, fortification, clarification and homegenisation and how the milk reaches from farmers to consumers.
They also enjoyed a small treat of fresh milk and ice cream offered by the plant personnels.
 An Educational Trip to the Taj Palace Hotel
Home Science students of class XII A, visited the Taj palace hotel, Chankyapuri along with Ms.Vaishali Wadhawan on 24 August, 2022.
They got an opportunity to see the housekeeping, food and beverage department along with the 12 banquet halls, spicy duck restaurant, masala art, tea lounge and enjoyed a very sumptuous meal.
An Adventure Trip to Nainital

The school organised an adventure trip for the students of Class XII in the first week of June. The trip was coordinated by the school management in association with Rocksport Adventures Pvt. Ltd. The students were taken to Pangot, a scenic village, surrounded by alluring hills and greenery, located in Nainital, Uttarakhand. A group of eight teachers accompanied the students for the same.

The excitement and fervour of the students knew no bounds as soon as they boarded the bus and got on the road. They sang and tapped their feet on groovy numbers. Numerous pictures were clicked by them  to preserve the precious memories of their school life. The group reached the camp early morning on 4 June 2022. A briefing session was held to acquaint the students with the camp rules and regulations. The cottages and camps were allocated to the students and soon after they freshened up, breakfast was served. The students were divided in two groups namely, Black Panthers and White Tigers. These groups were then engaged in activities such as Rappelling and Ziplining. The students played games in the evening and also had a Zumba session, which energised them. The day concluded with a short night trek and bonfire.

Day 2 was the most adventurous day for the students as they trekked to Naina Peak. The sweat and tough grind paid them well as they were able to behold the beauty of Nainital from the height. In the evening, games were played between the two teams. It was Black Panthers’ day for they won all the games that evening. After journal writing, students gathered near the bonfire and sang songs. The day ended with a storytelling session, which gave the students a bone-chilling experience as the world of supernatural entities was exposed to them through the folktales.

On the last day of the camp, the students were engaged in High Rope Climbing  and games like Hangman and Guerilla Warfare. The team, White Tigers turned out to be the dark horse as they managed to score more than their opponents, Black Panthers on the final day competitions.  The felicitations took place in the evening and the students, who performed exceptionally well in the games and activities were awarded the Best Camper badges. Before starting the return journey, the students danced to bollywood numbers.

The camping experience proved to be enriching and rejuvenating for the students as they got a chance to push their limits and face their fears by participating in adventurous activities.  It can be said that the three-day adventure trip will be remembered by the students for a lifetime. 

A Heritage Walk To Safdarjung Tomb

Students of Photography Club and Polaroid Club were taken for a heritage walk to Safdarjung Tomb on Tuesday, 10  May 2022.

Some students were carrying the camera. They clicked pictures of Entry to Safdarjung's Tomb, Safdarjung's Sarcophagus, Charbagh in Safdarjung's Tomb, Central Arch, Central Hall in Safdarjung's Tomb and Domes of Safdarjung's Tomb.

They even took pictures of birds, squirrels, and trees.

It was a very fruitful event.