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Inter-section Made for the Stage Competition

Made for the Stage, an inter-section enactment competition was held for the little creative thespians of class IV. The participants were at their creative best as they enacted their favourite character storybook characters.

The competition was held in two rounds. The first round was conducted online on Friday, 22 April ā€™22. Six students were selected from each section for the Final Round of the competition.

The Final Round was held in the auditorium on Friday, 29 April ā€™22 in the zero and first period. Children participated with enthusiasm, donning the costumes of their favourite characters like Elsa, Pied Piper and Willi Wonka.

The competition was a fantastic amalgamation of creativity, confidence and panache. The contestants were judged on their voice modulation and expression, content, costume and props and overall presentation.

The judges for the event were Ms Ayesha Ahmad and Ms Prerna Wahal.

The objectives behind the competition was to generate an interest in reading storybooks and to provide the students a platform to showcase their talent.