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"Technology is best when it brings people together, whether old or young".
Technology connects us, unites us and amplifies our power.

The main objective of NSS is to develop the personality and character of the young leaders through voluntary community service. It provides 'Education through Service' and creates social responsibility among the students.
In this NSS program ‘TECH BUDDY’, students of class IX-D have volunteered for three levels (primary, medium and advanced) for inculcation of use of technology in our community. They have helped grandparents, parents, siblings, other students in the class, etc for the usage of technological tools and apps in the mobile phones and made them aware about the features and operations of these primary to advanced level apps used in our day-to-day life.

Some of the primary operations are turning on the wifi or mobile data, checking the settings on the phone, clicking the pictures using camera, searching the meanings of words using google, downloading the apps using play store, scanning using google lens, google maps, creating a mail id, etc.      
Some of the medium operations are connecting through video calls, calling through voice and video calls, placing an order on the grocery, zomato, amazon, flipkart, paytm, booking the cab/auto using OLA or UBER app and service from Urban company, etc.
Some of the advanced operations are composing a mail using GMAIL, writing on word doc and attaching it in GMAIL, etc.

Some of the students’ work on the project ‘TECH BUDDY’ along with the photographs:
Group 1:  
Group members: Gurjyot, Hafsa and Eshita
In NSS, we have helped the elder people how to use and take advantage of Technology. Our group made a presentation and tutorials on different topics and we were a part of level 1 (basic level) in which we have taken the following tasks:
● How to call someone 
● How to save someone's number 
● How to add someone in emergency call section 
● How to add someone in favourites 
● And how to save important numbers in the notepad like police stations number, hospitals number etc.
Helping our elders on Technology is very important because it is our present scenario and everyone should know how to operate basic apps as there are many benefits of it like the grandparents can make a video call and connect with their children if they are not living with them, etc. Our tutorial is about the basic level of how to operate a phone and we look forward to helping many other people to figure out how Technology works.