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 NSS activities for Class 10 A, PROJECT RE
NSS activities were organized throughout the term for the students of class 10th to instill the concept of sustainability in the minds of the youth. Many projects were assigned that helped students transform waste into profitable goods.
In the month of April, students worked in pairs to make a jewelry box out of old newspapers. Students rolled up newspaper cutting, assembled it into a shape of a box, and even decorated it with a variety of colors.
Subsequently, the next month, the project was to create a grocery bag out of an atta or rice bag. Students were eager to change a mundane and unused atta or rice bag into an item of utility. Students were busy designing elegant wall hangings with leftover paper and strings during July and August. The decorative pieces were adorned with flowers and beads, which invited much praise.
In the month of October and November, the NSS projects showcased incredible alchemy, turning old and ragged clothes into floor mats. Since the activity did not require knitting or stitching, students enthusiastically participated, using a myriad of colorful fabrics to make the mats.
These NSS activities were the perfect amalgamation of important steps of waste management and memorable experiences.